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Monday, December 29, 2008

my new camera!

This is what Brandon got me for Christmas and I ABSOLUTELY love it! I can't wait to start using it and become a better photographer. I just wish I had a baby to take pictures of, taking pictures of my darn dogs gets old - sorry Rocky and Nakona! I probably shouldn't of said the "baby" thing should I? Now, you will probably think I'm preggers. NO.WAY.JOSE! I'll leave that up to my dear friends JD and Danielle! :) Anyway - I'll be posting some pictures soon that I took with my new camera - warning -- the pictures will be a animals, haha. Hey- that's all I have to take pictures of, right now. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

my christmas present to myself - being sick.

I have been sick since Tuesday. It got worse day by day and by Christmas Day, I was in bed all day long until dinner time. I am just now feeling better and it's Sunday. Being sick sucks, especially when you can't breathe through your nose! Anyway, I'm feeling better but wishing I didn't so I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. Gosh I am dreading work!

I don't have any other pictures from Christmas. Brandon's family didn't take any this year, so I didn't bother using my camera to take any. Speaking of my camera.... Brandon got me a new one for Christmas. He got me a Canon Rebel XTI 10.1 megapixels. I.LOVE.IT!!!!!!!!!! It's an amazing camera and I can't wait to use it! I haven't gotten Brandon anything for Christmas yet, isn't that sad? He gives me ideas and then he changes his mind, so I can never shop for him. We are going shopping tonight and maybe we will find something?

We will be celebrated Christmas with my parents here in the next couple of weeks. We decided to wait till December since the wedding was a mere 3 months ago, I'm sure my family is still feeling the pain in the bank account, oops! :)

Anyway, I hope YOU ALL had a GREAT Christmas! I can't believe it's already done and gone! Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

merry christmas - schrock style

For many years - for as long as I've been alive to be exact, we have celebrated Christmas with my daddy's family. Each year we went to my Nannie's house on Christmas Eve and went to church service with her and then came back to her house and opened presents. Imagine 20 + people in a house that is merely 1,000 square feet. It was pure bliss :) Nannie wouldn't have it any other way, and frankly, neither would I. Since my sweet Nannie passed away 2 years ago, we have since then continued the sweet tradition she left behind. The stinky part is, it's not at her house anymore, naturally. But her legacy has left an imprint in my life and I know it has with the rest of my family.

Last night we celebrated the Schrock Family Christmas. All 20 + of us went to my Aunt Janine's house and ate some food, laughed a little, visited a lot and continued the tradition of our precious grandmother, mother, mother-in-law and great-grandmother.

Brittany, Evelyn, Gwen, Kim and me

My sweet husband and me

Just some of the boy cousins - Brandon, Cale, Brandon, Daniel, Matt and Stephen

The girls - Kim, Aunt Janine, Evelyn, Jana, Aunt Rena, Brittany, Susan, Gwen and Destiny

The Schrock Siblings - My Nannies babies :)


Sunday, December 21, 2008

he did it!!!!!

Brandon graduated this weekend. Well, actually - he finished school in August and got his diploma 2 months ago but he decided to walk which was on December 20th. I am beyond belief proud of Brandon. He worked his way through school all 5 years. It took him 5 years because he had to work his way through it all. He persevered, he had ups and downs but he seemed to rise above it all. I love him so much and I can't express how much he means to me! I got teary eyed during this graduation just thinking about how hard he had worked to get to this day. I love Brandon with all my heart! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!

Friday, December 19, 2008

picture post

This post is dedicated to the pictures that I have had on my camera since October but never had a chance to upload them. Now the pictures that are posted here are not from October but from December. This is a recap of my love for my dog Nakona, Brandon at a Rockets game, our puny christmas tree, and my weekend in Amarillo to see my best friend graduate from Nursing School.

Our shadows at Cadillac Ranch - Charlie's Angel Style!

I love this picture because of the burst of color it has!

Just some of the Cadillacs in the ground at Cadillac Ranch

Ashley, Me, Eva and Kim on a rock we climbed.

The Sirman Family - I am an honorary member since 10th grade.

I thought it would be funny to act like I was falling off the rock. It was funny when it happened, not so much while looking at this picture.

Christopher Columbus Style! Looking out into the 2nd largest Canyon in the Nation. Palo - Duro Canyon - Canyon, Texas

Jigga! Best Friends since 10th grade - Known each other since elementary school.

Right after Graduation in front of the white buffalo.

Just one of the MANY poses we did that day!

Our new jackets we bought the night before graduation at Burlington Coat Factory - one of my new favorite places!

My sweet little baby in rocky's old sweatshirt that he can't fit in anymore. Isn't she cute?

The long awaited picture of our Christmas Tree. It's quite puny - my parents let us use it this year. It's a 4footer, haha. In this picture there is only 7-8 ornaments on there but we've added more since then. Please excuse the streoe speaker. Brandon finds the need for his stereo to be on our fireplace?

My studly hubby at the Rockets game. I was so nice enough to go to the game with him, my brother and my brother's fiance Jess. I really didn't watch the game, I was texting the whole time. I don't like basketball.

Our little reindeer! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

dr. appt, new blog header and house update

I went to the Doctor on Wednesday. They did an EKG and they said everything looked fine. I will be going back for a chest x-ray along with blood work. I am not looking forward to the blood work- I do not like needles in any way shape or form! ( funny thing is I have a tattoo and my belly button pierced ? ) Anyway, we are doing a process of elimination right now.

Last night I was have very bad chest pains. I usually get them after I eat which means I probably have acid reflux times 100,000,000. I've never had this bad of chest pains before so its kinda scary. I am very scared to eat food, not any specific food, but food in general. I almost don't even want to eat.... oh wait, that will never happen, I love food too much.

Please continue to pray for me as more tests are being done. I am hoping it's just acid reflux, which can be treated.


In other news, you like my new blog header? I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole " themed" blog headers but I decided to do one and I actually LOVE IT! It is quite addicting to say the least.


I must say, I LOVE THIS COLD WEATHER! I wish it were like this EVERYDAY! I really wanna live somewhere where it has 4 seasons, you know, like -fall, winter, spring and summer. You see, Houston really doesn't have 4 seasons, it sucks. Brandon and I won't be relocating anytime soon since we will be building our house soon. Speaking of our house, we will be picking a mortage company this weekend so we can get the ball rolling with the mortage approval process. We have a "studio" appointment Dec. 9 which is orientation. We will get to start the process of picking things out for our house. We then will pick another date to finalize everything. Once everything is set in stone, they will break ground and start building. I'm going to say that Jan. will be the start month. :)


Well, I'm at my parents house and I need to head back home, Brandon gets off work at 11:00pm tonight. I'll probably be in bed by then.... sorry Brandon!

Night Night everyone!

Monday, December 1, 2008

giving you the down low and the low down of the Barron's

Let me fill you in on what has been happening as of late ....

1. I've been having very bad chest pains lately. The last couple of weeks my chest has been killing me - it feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife ( not like I know what that feels like or anything ) . So I just scheduled an appointment with the Doctor for Wednesday. Please pray that nothing is seriously from with me.

2. Danni and I decoupaged our little hearts away on Saturday. Bryan and Danni came to Sugar Land ( to my parents house ) and we all hung out. Well actually, Bryan was our "Ty Pennington" for the day and cut all of our wood for us while Brandon was at work. Brandon came home around 3:30 and the boys watched football while Danni and I decoupaged - 6 hours to be exact. We made some SUPER cute things - I will have pictures to post later , I gotta charge the camera battery.

3. Remember that secret I was telling you about in the past posts of mine? It had to deal with that picture of that cute little house? Well, Brandon and I just bought our very first lot to build our VERY FIRST HOME on! We have been talking about how much we wanted to movie and need a change and we found a great little neighborhood that we fell in love with and the PRICE WAS RIGHT my friends. We could of never afforded a house like this if the economy was good right now, but thank you Jesus that it's not good- you know what I mean. So we are building our first home. I'm probably jumping the gun here because we haven't gotten our mortage finalized yet and all that but we put money down for the lot, found the home we wanted and so that is just the begining to a LONNNNG process. But needless to say, we are very excited. We met our neighors already! Their names are Bryan and Danni McDonald. You might be thinking, " oh are those the friends you always hang out with?" Why yes they are! Our NEXT DOOR neighbors are Bryan and Danni! We got the lot RIGHT NEXT TO THEM!??!?!? How cool is that? We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Long story short...... the lots that were open by them were all sold. Pretty much all the lots were sold in the front of the neighborhood. They just opened a street in front of the railroad tracks and Brandon and I didn't want to move there. We were kinda bummed that no lots were left that we wanted. While my family and I and Danni were in Old Town Spring, one of the sales guys found Brandon and told him that the lot next to B&D was open!!!! Of course we didnt believe it but he reassured us that it was. Brandon then called me and told me the news and OF COURSE we jumped at the chance! So, we are neighbors next to our good friends and couldn't be happier!!!!! God does good things I tell ya! :)

Anyway... that is our life as of late. SO many more good things to come!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008



This is our website....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

check us out!!!!

Please check out Danielle and I's new business called Sugar Spring Creations! Our website is

We are super excited about out products and can't wait to start taking orders!

so check it out!!!!!!!!!

the whole kit -n- kaboodle

This post is a mish-mash in pictures. they are long over-due! these pictures are from anywhere and everywhere! here is a little look into what has been happening the past month or so....

so that secret I was telling you about in my previous post, well it might involve a house, building a house that is. but i'm not gonna give away the entire secret :)
Danni and Bryan's sweet dogs, Mally and Layla. I was playing around with my camera this past weekend, trying some new things and I found out you can take pictures in sepia tone format, pretty cool!

Bryan and Brandon, secret boyfriends. They love each other more than they love us wives, right Danni? :)

Right before this picture Bryan was playing in the hay barrells. Notice the hay on his head and shoulder? Cute picture of the McDonald's!

This might be one of my new favorite pictures of B and I. Who would of thought that Dewberry farms would bring good things?

Human hamster ball! Just about the coolest thing ever on this planet! Looks like they are REEEEEEEADDDYYY to go!

Ok, so I am trying to act like a Hamster, apparently Brandon didn't want anything to do with that, ha!

aren't we cute???? (i need to lose some weight!)

Dewberry Farms "mini" roller coaster! I'll tell you what, those little PVC pipes shook the heck out of your butt, not to mention the fat on your legs. It was kinda un-comfortable , but still fun! Danni and I were the only adults doing it.

Oh Danni, you crack me up!

Amazing sunflower at Dewberry Farms. It doesn't even look like a real picture.

We have been waiting for this moment for months! So glad we got to go with the Mcdonald's!

My sweet cubby Rocky! I just love this dog, he keeps me company when Brandon is at work, working late nights.

ROCK BAND! This night was quite loud!

Pretty roses Brandon suprised me with! They were the most beautiful flowers I have ever gotten. They opened so big , they were the size of a softball!

oooooooooooooooo! Scary! Danni was a "nice" witch and well Bryan was some old man who literally was scary!

Of course I would be a softball/baseball player for Halloween. I didn't have to buy the costume, just got it out of my closet.

My white trash husband, isn't hot? hahahahahah
The mullet definitely made the costume!

Thanks Danni and Bryan for always hanging out with us and being partners in crime! We always have the BEST time together, maybe thats why we see each other ALMOST every weekend! Thanks for being such good friends!
Remember Danni, it all started with us :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

i'm happy to admit....

that I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!! OMG! I am obsessed. Thank you to my dear dear friends Danni, Val, JD and Kristin for getting me addicted!

I resisted for quite sometime to read Twilight and the other books that follow it. I thought it was stupid. Reading has NEVER been my thing. I'd prefer biography's or non-fiction. Boy, did Twilight change my mind. It's a GREAT book and I can't wait to finish New Moon and start Eclipse and then finish up with Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, onto the best part of my weekend. I went and saw the movie Twilight with my friend Danni. IT .WAS .AMAZING. While our husbands hung out together we went to the movies to see the BEST MOVIE EVER. Sidenote: You need to read the book before watching the movie, it will make more sense and it's just better all around. I had heard mixed reviews about the movie - good and bad. I really didn't care because I knew it was going to be good. Honestly, the movie was awesome. I just finished the book so everything was still fresh to me when I saw the movie. There were some parts they left out that I thought they should of put in the movie. There wasn't a lot of kissing in the movie like in the book and they NEVER said I love you in the movie like they did in the book. I was kinda disapointed about that.

But all in all, it was so good. I told Danni I wanted to go see the next showing after we got out of our movie, haha. I can't wait to watch it again, seriously. I'm a dork, I know. Of course the husbands make fun of us, but who cares!

PS- I have a crush on Edward ( Robert Pattison ) shhhhh! don't tell Brandon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prayers and confessions

Please say a prayer for Brandon and I as we might embark on a new journey in our life......NO I AM NOT PREGGERS!

We are VERY excited for this opportunity that might be ahead of us but we also have some doubts/speculation about it as well. So friends, please say a prayer for my hubby and I.

I'll let you know what is going on if everything works out.

Thanks ya'll!

PS- i'm not gonna lie, I LOVE TWILIGHT! I can't wait to see the movie this weekend!

PPS- My friend Danni and I are in the process of creating our own little business. Our business is called Sugar Spring Creations. Our creations ( if you will ) will be posted this weekend on our website so you can take a look at them. They are super cute and we will be selling our designs to anyone who wants to buy them. Anyway... I could go on and on about our business but once the website is all set up I will let you know!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

ode to my precious blackberry

oh how i'll miss you, my friend. i am so sorry that i let a bottle of diet dr. pepper drown you in my purse.

on friday @ 1:30pm , my blackberry was killed by a bottle of diet dr. pepper that was in my coach purse. i thought the cap was screwed on tight enough and threw the bottle in my purse. i felt something cold/wet against my shirt as i was walking into a school. i checked what it was and sure enough, the bottle that was COMPLETELY FULL , had opened and poured out in my purse.

i, of course, was devastated. my purse, wristlet, glasses, sunglasses, checks, passport and phone were just DRENCHED in diet dp. so sad.

everything made it out "ok" other than my pretty much brand spankin' new blackberry. brandon had got it for me for my birthday in june, so it wasn't that old. it had never been dropped, but of course drown in diet dp.

right now i have a make-shift phone that is from the 1970's (Danni, stop laughing!). but hey, at least i have a phone. annnnnnnnnd, i have insurance on it so i will be getting a new one soon.

which reminds me, i need to call the company to mail me a new one.

anyway, i'll miss you pearl, you've been a good friend.

hope everyone had a good weekend.

* next post will have pictures *

Thursday, November 13, 2008

for jd, val, kristin and danni

i did it.
i bought the book.
i'm on chapter 4 and so far, so good.
you guys were right...... :)

twilight forever.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Brandon got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danni passed her test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JD is having another baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

new header help!

I just made my new header! I love it, I'm still learning how to do it all and be creative, but it sure is fun! The only thing I have having a hard time with is getting my background colors to match my header colors. Does anyone know how to do it? Wait, I know how to do it, but for some reason it won't change the colors when I select them. Does anyone know about that?

Lauren, I know you mentioned to me how to do it and I did it that way but its not saving the changes. Help!!!!!

I would love to make someone a new header, I'm not a pro of anything but its fun and therapeutic for me :) While Brandon watches sports every night, I fiddle with make new headers!

Let me know if you want one!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Click on this link and watch the video.

An amazing story.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Currently, Brandon still doesn't have a job. I'm frustrated, pissed, mad, upset, angry, irritated and confused. Brandon has been on interviews, but not lately. He says he is applying for jobs, and I'm sure he is. I am just so confused as to why he doesn't have a job yet? He needs a job bad. For us, for him, for me. We can live off of my pay check every month but we are just making it. Please pray for us. Pray for me. I am struggling a lot lately with taking things out on him because I come home SO.TIRED. I don't think he gets it? I'm tired, worn out, exhausted. I don't mean to be a "you know what" to him but man, I just want him to have a job. Please pray for patience and guidance. I think right now I am pleading with God to give Brandon a job. I'm pleading. I shouldn't be pleading with God. God, just help us, please. I know that there is something in store and it's not on our time, it's on his.

I probably told you more than I should but at this point I need all the prayers I can get.

Thanks ya'll

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

wordless wednesday ...... with some words

What a great picture, don't you agree? I know all my softball girls would agree, that's for sure. I really didn't hit him, I promise. Brandon's cake was so cute! I'll add more pictures later of it. But it has all his favorite sports teams items on it and that bat in my hand was on his cake. I took it upon myself to take the bat and well ..... the picture says it all.

Halloweiner is coming up!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i'm going to screeeeeeeeam!

Disclaimer - I, by no means am I trying to offend anyone with this post.


You see, I work with all women with the exception of my head boss, Ralston. Poor guy works with all women and well, we know how women are don't we? I hate going to the office. I get cabin fever if I am at the office for one day. I'm at the office today, go fig. The office sucks, it's boring and pointless. I can be doing the same thing at home, seriously.

With that said, every time I am in the office which is rare (I am out in the field 9 times out of 10 during the week) the ladies during lunch talk about politics and the current presidential nominees. My office is directly across the way from the lunch room. Anyway, back to why I am going to scream. Like I said, they talk about Obama For all you Obama fans, sorry if I offend you, but hey it's my blog and I can write about anything right?

Obama this, Obama that, Democrats this, Democrats that. I am SO sick of hearing about Obama and the democratic party. Everyone I work with minus 2-3 people LOVE Obama ( let me go throw up , hold on). I don't love Obama nor do I want to HEAR AND LISTEN to people who LOVE Obama. I, however like McCain. I do not flaunt my likings of McCain and shove it in their face that I like him. These ladies at my office don't know when to stop talking about Obama. I don't eat lunch here in the office for the soul purpose of not wanting to hear about Obama (seriously).


Now, again, I apologize that it had to come down to this. I hate talking politics but I am at my whit-end with hearing about stupid Obama.

Thank you and good - bye!

Monday, October 20, 2008

just another manic monday

Oh what I would do for just one good night of sleep! I know all you mom's out there have said that a time or two but what is funny is that I am not a mom nor do I have anything remotely close to a mom like life and I am saying that I need some sleep. I'm T.I.R.E.D - plain and simple.

It's when I go to bed at night and soon after wake up in the morning, I some how didn't get "enough" sleep. I really didn't. I'm not lying. I probably wake up 3 plus times EVERY night. Every time I wake up I HAVE TO LOOK AT A CLOCK. My clock is on my nightstand and for some reason only a few buttons light up in the dark. The time doesn't light up so that means I have to sit up and lean over to see Brandon's clock and check the time. See, I have to do those things. I believe I have sleep anxiety. Who knows? All I want is sleep. The end.

Now, onto my manic Monday where I wish it was Sunday. I went to Hodges Bend Middle School today, for all you Sugar Landers out there, I'm sure you know of Hodges Bend. Let's just say, it isn't the BEST middle school nor is it the nicest middle school. I was up and at 'em early this morning. Some how I find myself doing all the morning kick-offs , how I get stuck with that, I have no idea??? Anyway, I was there from 8:40-12:00pm. I gave 4 diabetes education lessons to some very interesting kids. For those of you who don't know what I do for a living, well here is a tid-bit of what I do. I educate school aged children about diabetes and they fund-raise for a cure. So picture me talking to ghetto middle schoolers who tamper with drugs, sex and any other promiscuous activity. My first session went great. A LOT BETTER than I thought it would. You see, I throw out the statistics and some "horror" stories about diabetes and maaaaaaaaaaaaan, that sets the stage for them to listen. So my first session went well and now comes the second.

I first start out talking about Type 1 Diabetes and then go into Type 2 Diabetes. After I finish with the diabetes lesson I always ask if the kids have any questions about Type 1 or Type 2.

This kid raised his hand. I called on him and he proceeded to ask me this..... " So if I have a girlfriend that has diabetes and well, you know..... can I get diabetes? " In my full year of interning and working for the ADA have I never had someone ask me what that kid just asked me. My first thought was... did he just ask me that? and how am I supposed to re-word and answer his question? So here I go... " So are you asking if you have a girlfriend that has diabetes and you have intercourse ( yes , I said intercourse) will you get diabetes?" I knew that was what he was asking. Oh how I love and hate my job all at the same time!

If you have sex with someone who has diabetes, can you get it?

There never is a dumb or stupid question right?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Finally! Here are just a few of my bridal portraits. I have waited and waited. Now remember, this is round 2 of the bridal portraits. The other ones were "lost". Oh how I'm tired of hearing that pictures are lost. they are and I hope you enjoy!