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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the whole kit -n- kaboodle

This post is a mish-mash in pictures. they are long over-due! these pictures are from anywhere and everywhere! here is a little look into what has been happening the past month or so....

so that secret I was telling you about in my previous post, well it might involve a house, building a house that is. but i'm not gonna give away the entire secret :)
Danni and Bryan's sweet dogs, Mally and Layla. I was playing around with my camera this past weekend, trying some new things and I found out you can take pictures in sepia tone format, pretty cool!

Bryan and Brandon, secret boyfriends. They love each other more than they love us wives, right Danni? :)

Right before this picture Bryan was playing in the hay barrells. Notice the hay on his head and shoulder? Cute picture of the McDonald's!

This might be one of my new favorite pictures of B and I. Who would of thought that Dewberry farms would bring good things?

Human hamster ball! Just about the coolest thing ever on this planet! Looks like they are REEEEEEEADDDYYY to go!

Ok, so I am trying to act like a Hamster, apparently Brandon didn't want anything to do with that, ha!

aren't we cute???? (i need to lose some weight!)

Dewberry Farms "mini" roller coaster! I'll tell you what, those little PVC pipes shook the heck out of your butt, not to mention the fat on your legs. It was kinda un-comfortable , but still fun! Danni and I were the only adults doing it.

Oh Danni, you crack me up!

Amazing sunflower at Dewberry Farms. It doesn't even look like a real picture.

We have been waiting for this moment for months! So glad we got to go with the Mcdonald's!

My sweet cubby Rocky! I just love this dog, he keeps me company when Brandon is at work, working late nights.

ROCK BAND! This night was quite loud!

Pretty roses Brandon suprised me with! They were the most beautiful flowers I have ever gotten. They opened so big , they were the size of a softball!

oooooooooooooooo! Scary! Danni was a "nice" witch and well Bryan was some old man who literally was scary!

Of course I would be a softball/baseball player for Halloween. I didn't have to buy the costume, just got it out of my closet.

My white trash husband, isn't hot? hahahahahah
The mullet definitely made the costume!

Thanks Danni and Bryan for always hanging out with us and being partners in crime! We always have the BEST time together, maybe thats why we see each other ALMOST every weekend! Thanks for being such good friends!
Remember Danni, it all started with us :)


Valerie said...

i hate you guys for living so close that you can hang out all the time! bah!!

fun pics!!