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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

good friends, good weekend

Warning- a lot of pictures for this post!

This weekend Brandon and I went to Abilene with some good friends to see some good friends. We had such a great time in the short amount of time we were there. Little sleep, lots of laughter, lots of baby time, plenty of food, and a lot of catching up. We love getting to hang out with Danni, Bryan, JD and Mitchell. We truly enjoyed ourselves and wished we didn't live so far away! Thanks JD, Mitchell and Jaxon for letting us crash in on your life this past weekend!

PS- There are a lot of pictures of Jaxon, I swear that I am not a baby stalker/ was just fun being able to take pictures of a sweet baby and write and post them on my blog.

This post will contain a lot of pictures, so enjoy!!!

After a long trip to Abilene, getting in at roughly 2:30am, waking up to see Little Jaxon's face was great! She was wearing her daddy's shirt from when he was little, it says " BEAST". It was too precious and we all got a good laugh out of it.

Jaxon, myself, and Mitchell ( daddy) were hanging out on the couch while momma was at the softball fields, danni was in the shower, and brandon and Bryan were sleeping. She kept messing with daddy's hat and so he put it on her, she is too precious!

Danni, myself, and Ali were at our old stompin grounds, ACU Softball Fields. It was nice going back there and think about the GOOD AND FUN memories that were made there. We had fun watching the game and just catching up and reminiscing about old times!

Jaxon got hungry during the game and I nominated Brandon to help feed her. I'm trying to get him comfortable around babies. Not like I'm trying to drop hints or anything :) babies for a while, promise. I love this picture because Jaxon is looking up at Brandon like, ummm HELLO... I can do this myself.

JD, Danni, Ali, and myself all got together for a picture just like the good ole days. JD had just gotten done with their first game of the day, they won, wahoo! Please excuse me and my shirt, I look pregnant, but I AM NOT!

I love this picture of Jaxon, it's not a real clear picture but Jaxon was eating Chicken Noodle Soup ( gerber baby food) and she was a HOT MESS during the process, but it was too cute! she went to town on her lunch that day at Chicken Express.

Jaxon got so messy at Chicken Express, daddy took her top off. She is trying to cover up her little fluffies so no one would see! I call this picture BABIES GONE WILD! She was a good sport about being 1/2 naked in public.

Mitchell told me that Jaxon's new favorite thing is taking a bath. She doesn't need her little seat anymore so she goes to town in the tub. She was a shaker and a mover during her bath. She has a million toys in there and loved every single one of them.

Mitchell, Bryan, and Brandon all hanging out with their Eskimo hut. These boys are absolutely hilarious when they get together. We figured out that Brandon and Mitchell are long lost twins. I was sitting on the couch and kept looking at each of them and kept noticing similarities. Pretty funny.

It was the girls turn to get a picture, Danni and I with Eskimo hut and JD stuck with water this time around. She was our driver and wanted to be safe around little Jaxon...she is such a good mom!!!
One big happy family! This picture was taken with my auto-timer on the bed of Bryan's truck. We took 3 different shots and this was the best one being normal. Don't ask me what is going on with my hands, I had to run over to my little slot and I guess that's where my hands landed, it definitely looks like the prom pose, haha.

Now this picture describes all of us quite well, I think. I love this picture because we are all doing something different. Brandon was yelling at me to tell me not to do a thumbs up cause he thought everyone else was being normal, boy was he wrong.

Thanks for such a great weekend Danni, Bryan, JD, and Mitchell. Love you guys!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

abilene? yes, please.

Brandon and I are taking a road trip to Abilene this weekend with our dear friends Danni and Bryan. Why Abilene? Well, Brandon and I have decided to relocate there after we get married. NOT! No offense to all you Abilenians....but we won't be moving there anytime soon, although I do miss that town. We are heading up there Friday around 7:00pm and staying till Sunday. ACU's softball team will be playing this weekend so that gives Danni and I something to do and probably wish we were still playing there. We get to see JD, Mitchell, and Jaxon which we are SUPER excited about! ( Plus a little Eskimo hut int here, I'm slightly obsessed) It's going to be great to get away for a weekend, I need some R&R, friend time, and well just away time. Anyway, I'll leave you with a few pictures from the past with some of my favorite girls that I will be seeing this weekend!

Me, Danni, JD, Alli, and Kristin at Katie's Wedding in September..ACU softball love right there!

That night was crazy, needless to say! I love these girls!
This one is for you Val, although we don't see you often, we miss ya girl!

Friday, April 11, 2008

busy beeeeeeeeee

Nothing exciting here....just a little update.

This weekend is JAMMED packed, but when is it not? I won't have time to write for the next 4 days or so, so I decided to get a post in before I head to work. I am babysitting Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon , Tue-school, Wed- work in Baytown, Thur-school, Fri-work! My life certainly has been more busy than it ever has been! Hopefully next weekend myself and Brandon will be heading up to good ole Abilene with Danni and Bryan to see JD , Mitchell, and Jaxon. The ACU softball team will be wearing all pink in support of Breast Cancer while they play their series against a team in conference. Kinda cool huh? U of H softball did the same thing. Anyway, we are super excited to head to Abilene and spend some time with good friends. Save the dates are locked and loaded and ready to be sent out. I spent 5 hours working on them 2 nights ago , gathering addresses, writing out the save the date, stuffing them, and putting the return address label on them. I apologize in advance for the handwriting on them, it's not the best, but hey, you are going to throw it away anyway! haha. Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! ENJOY THE WEATHER!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

wedding blues

This whole guest list for the wedding is killing me. Save the dates are killing me....when is this stuff going to be fun? haha- just kidding, it has been fun. While trying to juggle working M/W/F and going to school T/TR and planning a wedding, I'd say it's a little difficult. My mom has been busy herself so it's not like I could just shove this stuff to her and it would get done. Anyway, the save the dates should of been sent out MARCH 20TH, but that has been delayed. I've been having people ask me, " have you sent the save the dates yet, if so, I haven't gotten mine". See- I have people breathing down my back. I'm trying my best to get the save the dates out and the guest list done and finished, so bare with me people.

That's all I got :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

steaks, eskimo hut, catch phrase, and friends

Brandon and I went to Spring today where our good friends Danielle and Bryan McDonald live. I played softball with Danni at ACU. We did a little BBQ today at their house and it was so yummy! We all clearly ate WAY TOO MUCH food and were definitely feeling it afterwards. We had steaks, potatoes, rolls, beans, sausage, cantaloupe, rocky road ice cream, and blackberry cobbler, also thrown in there, a couple beers for the boys and eskimo hut for the girls ( more about eskimo hut in a minute). Needless to say, there was too much food but you couldn't not eat it cause it was just tooooooooooooo yummy! After dinner we all got super tired and Danni and I layed inside the house and watch a Batman movie and realized how weird it was and slowly drifted off to sleep, the boys were outside drinking some beers and listening to music. We then decided to all play catch phrase, good times. Brandon and I love hanging out with Danni and Bryan- they are super fun....and pretty much Brandon and Bryan have a secret crush on each other, hahaha. Anyway, we had a great weekend!

Below are pictures from tonight, not in any specific order.

Hopefully this will be Brandon and I's house in about 6-9 months!

Ok Danni- don't get mad I put this on here, it was truly an accident... I SWEAR! We were playing catch phrase!
Danni and Bryan's sweet dog Laya.
Yummy blackberry cobbler....pretty much, we are all fatties!
I'm pretty sure the blackberry cobbler didn't make it to the right spot, Bryan- such a jokester!
This is Bryan being normal, I swear!
My eskimo hut, LONG OVER-DUE! I have missed this place since it is only in Abilene but now Danni and Bryan told me there is one next to their house! I knew I wanted to move to Spring for a reason! :) This 20 oz eskimo hut made my night! sad, i know.
Kind of pathetic , I know. But, I had to! It had been a long time since I had one, I had to celebrate!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

like the new look?

I am border-line obsessed with my new layout! I can't stop looking at it, does that make me vain? hahaha Penny Lane Designs made it for me! Marina is her name and she is absolutely amazing! She told me it would take a few weeks b/c of all the requests she had but she literally finished it in 2 days! She did a great job and I am so happy that I have a new design!

Nothing real new here other than school finishing up and summer school will begin shortly! Ew! Hope everyone is doing well!