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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i forgot!

In my earlier post I forgot to ask for some prayers. While Brandon and I were gone on our honeymoon, my dog Rocky was taken to the vet and was told he had glaucoma in his eyes. At first, when my mom told me I kinda blew it off ( to be honest, I really didn't know what it was). After seeing and hearing my mom say those words and the look on her face I then become worried. Of course, I went to google and googled glaucoma and in a nut shell.... it can lead to blindness. That scares me. My dog is only 3 years old, he can't be sick or have any problems. I already dealt with a eye issue with Nakona and her almost losing her eye. I just don't get it? So right now this issue has been weighing heavily on my heart. I know its just a dog, but these dogs our my babies, my kids and i would do everything to keep them healthy.

Tomorrow he has an appointment with the eye doctor for animals. I am happy he is going because we want a for sure answer, but Brandon and myself are very weary of the dr.'s bill. For those of you who have pets and had a vet bill, you know what I am talking about. Money is just an object and Rocky is most important, but it still worries me. I haven't slept in 3-4 days now with everything on my mind from work, life, dogs, money, etc. Please say a prayer for Rocky tomorrow while going to the dr. I hope its just either an infection or irritated. I don't know how I will handle if he goes blind, it will just tear me apart. I know that God is in control and he has a plan but please pray for Brandon and I to have a peaceful feeling about this whole thing.

Another prayer request....Brandon is still without a job. He has a lot of prospects BUT still no job. Please pray for us as this time can be tough with bills and whatnot coming from one pay check.

Ok- one more prayer request. Rememeber how i posted about the family who i babysit for and the dad was hit by a tree and broke his back, etc? Well, I have been updated everyday with his progress and things are getting better everyday. Its going to be a long journey for him and his family but things are looking better everyday :) Just pray for the Jarvis family for their journey, Tate's recovery, Jennifer's sweet heart and strength and Madison and Gracies little's hearts.

Thanks ya'll!

pictures coming soon

i know i know... you are all dying to see pictures from the wedding and honeymoon. Well....... you are just going to have wait a little longer. I am barely functioning now a days since the wedding and honeymoon. I am back to work and had my first "kick-off" for work today and boy was I rusty.

Anyway.... I'll post pictures soon. If you have facebook and are dying to see some pictures, check out my profile!

Monday, September 15, 2008

prayers needed

hi friends,

this will be a quick post as i am trying to gather things together from hurricane ike and well, my soon to be wedding. as my friend jd's mother-in-law said....thank goodness ike showed up for my wedding a week earlier. such a blessing, really, it is. my parents are still without power but brandon's family has power along with brandon and i's townhouse. i haven't been to work since thursday and we have no work again tomorrow. things are still trying to get up and running around here. its definitely been a mess, but we are thankful everyone is alive and well.

now, on to the reason why i am posting today. i babysit for a family, going on 2 years now and a horrible accident happened. i do not know the whole details , only from what i have read on his care page. i recived an email from the mom of the girls i babysit for telling me about tate's ( the dad) carepage. i was quite confused and immediately went and checked it all out. from the little details that were said on his page that i read, it said that tate was having back surgery due to falling in the storm? that's pretty much all the details i got from it. he just got out of emergency surgery and is doing ok. the doctors are not hopeful that he will be able to ever walk again. please please please say a prayer for tate and the jarvis family. they are very dear to my heart as i have gotten very close to them and their daughters over the past 2 years. i know god is in control and he will work through this tough time. so again, please say a prayer of healing for this family.

thanks ya'll!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


hi friends! Guess what?.....................


the end.