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Thursday, November 6, 2008

new header help!

I just made my new header! I love it, I'm still learning how to do it all and be creative, but it sure is fun! The only thing I have having a hard time with is getting my background colors to match my header colors. Does anyone know how to do it? Wait, I know how to do it, but for some reason it won't change the colors when I select them. Does anyone know about that?

Lauren, I know you mentioned to me how to do it and I did it that way but its not saving the changes. Help!!!!!

I would love to make someone a new header, I'm not a pro of anything but its fun and therapeutic for me :) While Brandon watches sports every night, I fiddle with make new headers!

Let me know if you want one!


The Vann's said...

Hey girl! I have changed my colors before under the set up part of blog - but if you go to cutest blog on the block you can download a free background.

Hope that helps,

Valerie said...

jd was having trouble with it a few weeks ago..

try to completely clear out all color and start anew.. that should work.. i haven't changed my colors in a while... but i think that's what i did last time..

cute header.. i loved your cabo pics..

The Doty's said...

oooo i like clue with the head...val was my savior!

Valerie said...

looks great!!

i see something worked!

Kris n CJ said...

love the header. Way cute. Hey I sent you the pictures from you wedding. I was just checking if you ever got them.