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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

before i forget

Nowadays, it's so easy for me to forget something. My memory has gotten better since being pregnant, but I will say this, my memory is on a whole new level with a newborn at home. ha! I'm sure all you momma's can agree about that. It's kinda funny, I can be sitting in bed about to get on the computer to look something up and by the time I click on mozilla to open the internet, I completely forget what I am on the computer for. Oh, the joys of mommy hood :) Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

So yeah, before I forget, I wanted to document a few things about miss Bristol. I'm a much faster typer than I am "writer" and so I will transfer all this later to her baby book. But for now, it's on the good ole' bloggy blog.

Here's what's going on with my little monkey...

*Bristol is 6 weeks and 2 days old. Time flies my friends, time flies.
*She has discovered her hands and LOVES to suck on them. Probably the CUTEST thing ever.
*She has attempted to roll over 2 times. I kid you not. I'm sure you are rolling your eyes at me thinking, " yeah right kellianne, she is only 6 weeks, she can't do that". I swear that she almost did. She gets all the way on her side and is one "leg kick" away from rolling over.
*Her sleeping habits have remarkably changed over the last week or 2.
* She loves to be swaddled in her miracle blanket. God bless who ever invented that blanket, totally saved my life.
* Loves her paci or "bink bink". Can't keep it in her mouth very long, she always needs help to keep it in.
* Bri loves her bath. She gets a bath every night. She is so happy in the bath, it's so cute to see her so relaxed.
* We started putting her in her crib after bath time to lay in there to get used to it, and she loves it. Just stares at her crib bumper and coos, kicks and talks to us.
* Loves gettiong lotion on after her bath
* Finally will take a nap in her swing. She went from liking her swing to not liking her swing to now liking it again. typical female, can't decide what she likes.
* She is starting to smile more and it melts this momma's heart. It's precious in every sense of the word.
* Bristol loves to be rocked in my amazing glider. We brought it down from her room and put it in the corner of our bedroom ( perfect fit by the way) matches too :)
* She has had some gas problems lately, but we have gas medicine ( mylicon) and she will eat that stuff like it's going out of style. Of course I give her the recommended amount. That stuff with soothe her so fast.
* She loves to be held on your shoulder so she can see what's going on behind you. She is noisy like her momma and Omi and there is nothing wrong with that :)
* Her head mobility is getting better and better, loves to whip her head back and forth. Her neck muscles are getting stronger.
* Loves tummy time and back time on her play mat.
* She eats about every 2-3 hours during the day and eats about every 4-6 at night :)
* Bristol loves stroller rides, car rides and walks at night. She could be fussy and once we get going in the car or her stroller, she stops crying
* She is starting to "talk" more and more and it's so cute!

Our routine at night....

- bath around 9:45 pm
- feed her after bath
- swaddle her in her miracle blanket around 10:30pm
- rock her in the recliner/glider
- she likes to be on her side ( i'll have to get brandon to take a picture of it so you can see what I'm talking about)
- Once she is asleep, she might wake up around 12:30 to eat and then she is back to bed till around 4:30-5:00.
- we are getting long stretches of sleep which is AWESOME.

Ok that is it for now. I have much more to update you on like my "new job", well kind of, part 2 of the birth story, family happenings and pictures! She is in her swing and probably will wake up any time now...


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Being a full time mom is WORK. Good work of course. But with being a full time mom, means that I don't get a lot done during the day because miss Bristol wants to be held 24/7 :)

I have been wanting to post for days now but haven't had the time to do so. I want to post Part 2 of Bristol's Birth Day but again, no time. I've wanted to post pictures of my sweet angel baby, but once again, no time.

But I wanted to let you know, all 2 of you who read my blog, that I am alive and well. I'm hoping this weekend I will set a record for the most amount of posts in one weekend. :)

My hopes is that this blog will be a journal for all things Bristol and with that said, I need to catch up real fast!

Hope all of you are doing well!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

She's a celebrity

Bristol had her newborn photo shoot a couple weeks ago. I have been waiting patiently to see just a sneak peek of our sweet little one and boy, did our photographer not disappoint. Gabby is trying to build her portfolio to start a photography business. I personally, think she is wonderful and I hope that her business flourish's in the future. She also took our maternity photos, which we also loved.

Gabby posted one picture of Bristol today on facebook and I wanted to share it with all of you. I so can't wait to see the other photos!

We love this little baby girl more and more everyday. Still can't believe she is here and she belongs to us!

In other news, I will try my hardest to write part 2 of Bristol's birth day. It's been hard lately to sit in front of the computer. My phone has replaced the computer for all things internet, facebook, etc. I'm actually on my computer now writing this but time is limited with a newborn, so this might be short lived.

I also have A LOT of pictures to share with you that include a lot of "firsts" for Bristol. I've been going crazy with pictures, but hey, I'm a mom, isn't that part of the job title? :)

Ok - like I said, this would be short lived. This momma is tired and has a breast infection
( YUCK!). I'm taking 2 meds that make me very sleepy. So I'm off to take a nap! I'm hoping to post again soon.