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Thursday, February 21, 2008

lazy bones

This post will be short and sweet. It's about 7:00am on Thursday, I'm in the process of getting ready to head to class. Lately, I have just been SO tired. I don't understand what is up with that. Well, there are a few factors but I'm TOO TIRED to get into that. I just wanted to share with everyone that I HATE waking up early to go to class. Getting up for work, no problem. Brandon calls me lazy what if I am? :)

I am going to venture out to the student world right now 1/2 asleep and not fully aware of my surroundings. I look forward to when I can come home and sleep.....sleep is so good.

This post is pointless, sorry guys. Hope everyone is having a rested day, unlike me:)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

save the date!

I'm a little bias, but isn't that the cutest save the date? :) Brandon and I absolutely love it, it totally fits our personalities to a "T". We will be sending these save the dates out in the next few weeks. We are working on the guest list ( which by the way, is the most horrifying thing to do in the world, really it is). Who to invite? Who to not invite? THAT IS THE QUESTION! Anyway, our wedding plans are Rockin' and Rollin' and we are getting more and more excited! We already have our shower dates set , registered and ready to go! Brandon's parents just booked our honeymoon too. We are going to Los Cabo San Lucas and staying at an all-inclusive resort. I had 2 requests when it came to the honeymoon, NO JAMAICA AND NO CANCUN! I've been to Jamaica and it wasn't all that great, kinda gross actually and well who the heck wants to go to Cancun on their honeymoon? ( Sorry to anyone who went to any of these places for their honeymoon, hope I didn't offend you). I'm sure other parts of Jamaica are pretty and I'm sure Cancun is great on spring break, but not for my honeymoon! : ) Enough about the wedding.... I wanted to share with you all how big of a year 2008 is for Brandon and myself. I'm going to do this by month....

1. March- send the save the dates out
2. April- Brandon's sister and dad's birthday
3. May- Brandon's birthday, our couple shower
4. June- Starting summer school for both Brandon and I, my birthday, Brandon's sisters graduation ( on my birthday), my mom leaves for Germany the day after my birthday for 5 weeks, oh and can't forget my dad's families reunion
5. July- My mom and brothers birthday ( on the same day, cool huh?) My mom gets back from her 5 week vacay in Germany, another wedding shower, and Brandon's mom's birthday.
6. August- my dad's and Brandon's Grandmothers birthday ( the same day) our church shower, start of my LAST semester of college
7. September- OUR WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as you can see, we are busy bee's! Not enough time in the day really! Life seems to get busier the older you get.

Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

i make all things new

I am taking a Christianity class at U of H for one of my advanced electives. I chose this class because I have had prior experience in taking bible classes, like most of you who read my blog have had experience taking the same bible classes. So I thought this would be a smart decision to embark on. I missed this Tuesday's class due to my CRAZY life schedule but I noticed on the syllabus it said " Passion of The Christ" - viewing and commentary. When I read that I was a little shocked that U of H, being a public university would allow teachers to present such a powerful and symbolic movie. So I missed the first 1/2 of the movie because I missed Tuesday's course but of course when I walk into class today I noticed they stopped the movie on possibly the most difficult part to watch.....Jesus being flogged. I have seen this movie before but your feelings while watching Jesus be condemned, scorned, ridiculed, beat, thrashed, whipped, slapped, and hit are the still the same from when the first time you witnessed him be none-the-less attacked.

I'm sitting next to a bunch of guys who seem like the type who are "too cool for school" and it almost makes me wonder why they are taking this class, but who am I to judge? I couldn't help but flinch, turn my head away, or gasp at what we were watching. I sat there today in my class in disbelief almost, looking around the room kind of mysteriously watching everyone react to the movie. I was also shocked when I saw what some people were doing. Checking cell phones, text messaging, SLEEPING....these people for the most part were very disengaged. It almost hurt me or offended me that these people were doing such things. I held back from crying, I mean who wouldn't cry when you are watching something so horrifying? As I sit there and read the subtitles, I couldn't help but think, Jesus did this for me. FOR ME??? Why me? I don't deserve the pain that he went through....I don't deserve his grace or mercy. This man was ridiculed, laughed at, made fun of, betrayed, scorned, beat, flogged, you name it, he went through it. I am no where near worthy of Jesus loving me and yet he still does. It's funny how times like these when you watch a movie, listen to a meaningful song, or just have an "epiphany" everything comes to reality. Today truly made me realize and reevaluate things in life, whats important and whats not.

One last note....the reason why I chose the title " I make all things new" is because we Jesus was being flogged, through his pain and suffering, he mumbles " I make all things new". He gives he second chances, he cleans are hearts clean, he makes all thing new. My God is so amazing and I am so lucky to be one of his children. I pray that all of you have an epiphany so they call it. Sometimes its just what you need.

Friday, February 1, 2008

blah blah blah

Times like this I have nothing relevant to talk about. I wish I could post something fun, interesting, exciting, but no.....I've got nothing. I wish I had a baby to post things about. I love reading about my friends little baby's, watch them grow through pictures and videos. By no means am I saying that I want a baby anytime soon- heck no- but in the future I will be popping some babies out...that's if Brandon allows it, haha. That's a whole other post :) I'm substituting right now, that's why I'm bored. I guess I can fill in you in with some updates in my life, prepare yourself, I'm not that exciting to read about, but since I'm bored here is the latest thats been happening in my life.

1. Got a job with the American Diabetes Association ( previous post) , very excited about what is in store! :)
2. Brandon has 2 huge job interviews coming up in the next week or so .... one interview with Enterprise Car- Rental ( manager in trainging, they make some gooooooood money) and another interview with the Houston Astros working game day operations. Although this job isn't a well paying job, its something he would love to do, he loves sports especially baseball. It would definitely put his foot in the door for a future career with the Astros. Brandon's major is Sports Adminstration so this is a perfect job for him. He has been jobless for about 1-2 weeks now. He loves not working b/c he is taking 18 hours of classes ( he graduates this summer) but he misses the income coming in. He has worked since age 15. So please pray for Brandon that all goes well with both interviews and that the right job will come his way.
3. Brandon and I are stressing out about where we are going to live once we get married. Our wedding is Sept. 20th. I graduate Dec. 2008 ( it's about darn time) . We for sure have to stay in the Houston area b/c I need to finish the semester but housing is definitely an issue right now. The enterprise job would be ideal for our finicial situation and helping with rent, etc. Ideally we want to get into a house right away. We have researched apartments, been to them, looked at prices etc and we just feel that renting an apartment is like throwing money out the window. But having a house is also a huge responsibility. See what I'm talking about now, we are torn! Please pray that we have the right piece of mind about moving, where to go, how to do, etc. If anyone has any tips on moving and location please let me know! We live in Houston so rent/mortage is NOT CHEAP.
4. Wedding plans are starting to surface again. We put the plans on hold for a while but now I am reviewing everything and getting stuff together. Like I said our wedding is Sept. 20th, 2008 @ First Colony Church of Christ Courtyard. The reception is at The Richmond House. I pretty much have all the big things finalized, actually everything is finalized. Now I am down to all the little things. The guest list is in the works and let me tell you, I hate every minute of deciding who is going to be invited and who isn't. This part SUCKS! Anyway, needless to say, everything is looking great! I am getting more and more excited! Pray that everything goes smoothly this time :)

So that's pretty much what's going on in my life. Nothing too exciting. Maybe one of these days I'll something fun to write about and maybe have a picture or 2 to post. Have a great Friday and weekend ya'll!