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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fun!

Bristol and I had a fun friday! Every other Friday we meet up with other momma's and babies to have some fun. All the babies are within months of each other, which is nice because they will grow up together at church. It was great to have some girl talk along with baby talk ( you know, talking about sleep, pooping, eating, napping --- the important things for our sweet children).

I took a few pictures towards the end of the play group. I couldn't squeeze everyone in my camera because my lens doesn't have a zoom ( too hard to explain). So I captured a few different shots from one end of the couch to the other.

Jake and Bristol. I would like to say that Jake is one of the cutest little boys ever! He is so sweet and loved chewing on his toys all afternoon! Jake's mom, Wendi and I worked at Cornerstone Christian Academy last year. She is so sweet and hosted today's playgroup. Thanks for a fun afternoon! Let me know when we can go on a chick-fil-a ( get me out of the house) diet dr. pepper date! :)

Aedan, Landon and Jake. Landon sure is checking out Aedan! Aedan is one silly boy and I would also like to add that is super cute! He likes to flirt with me, which I don't mind at all. And how cute is Landon? His hair is precious! He has the cute little Justin Bieber bangs. I asked if he could give Bristol some hair, his mom said there is a wait list :) I am so glad Katie and Landon joined us today! So good meeting you Katie! Trying to get all the little people to "sit" on the couch and stay still is quite the task. At one point, Bristol completely fell forward and it was quite funny.

Aedan decided that he wanted to rest his head on Landon's leg. It was very exhausting for Aedan, too much working trying to sit still and smile for the mommies. I think Landon likes his new friends! These 3 boys are just so cute I can't stand it!

Here are some more little friends. From the far left we have Hannah, Aedan, Maddie, Landon, Jake and Bristol. Maddie was a mover and a shaker, she didn't want sit still, she is such a big girl. Look at Landon, he is thinking about when he should take a nap for his mom :) ( hopefully he took a nice long nap for ya Katie!)

And on the far left we have little Parker. I believe he is 8 weeks old. I said we have 2 little peanuts on each end of the couch ( Parker and Bristol). He was so sweet the whole afternoon. He slept pretty much the whole time. He is so tiny and precious. Moms always told me that when Bristol was a newborn they said " wow, I never remember when my baby was that little" and I always thought, ok whatever, I will remember Bristol when she was that little. Well guess what? I don't. Insert foot in mouth. I really can't remember when she was so tiny. I mean I do to an extent but they grow up so fast and time passes by. I'm sure all the moms agree that time does not stand still when you have a little one. In fact, it passes so quickly you wonder where it went. I'm still trying to figure out how Bristol is 5 months old already.

Sweet babies. They all 3 were quite tired. Bristol had been awak since 7:15 am, no nap. She held up like a champ too. I always worry about taking her in public with no morning/afternoon nap. I always anticipate a meltdown. She has been proving me wrong lately, which is a nice surprise. Now, if she could start sleeping through the night again, I'd be ohhh so happy. :) But I must remind myself that it could be worse. I could have a baby that doesn't sleep at night. I count my blessings everyday.

Bristol and I are completely wiped out. She took a nice long nap once we got home. I took a little snooze too. Tomorrow is another action packed day for my little sidekick and I. I have to do my final tomorrow for my accounting class and my parents will be babysitting Bristol. After that, we are headed to our first family. Say a prayer that she will get at least 1 good nap in.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


(collage made in picnik)

Have you ever heard of the FREE PROGRAM called picnik? If not, it's pretty much awesome. And by the way, I didn't spell picnik wrong, that is how "they" spell it.

It's a free photo editing program that lets you edit your photos, make collages, print photos, add text to photos....etc. Like I said, it's pretty much awesome. I've used this program on and off since 2009. It's quick, easy and FREE.

But I have some sad news. Picnik is closing. I just got an email saying that they will be closing their services April 19, 2012. My mouth dropped when I read that because I know how many people use this program and LOVE IT, myself included. Since they are closing, they are offering their "premium" services and regular services for FREE ( love that word ) to EVERYONE. I would suggest you go sign up and start using their stuff.

Right now I am in the process of making fun collages of Bristol and all the fun things she has learned, saw, people she has met, milestones etc so I can display them for her 1st birthday party in August.

So go now, hurry!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bibs and drool

Bristol is about to get some teeth. When? I don't know. I hope soon though. I say that because she has been teething for about a month now. She drools like crazy ( has to wear a bib EVERY SECONE OF THE DAY - expect when she takes a nap and goes to bed for the night), fussy, swollen gums, irrability and anything else associated with teething. Which by the way, I want to talk about bibs for a minute. Bristol has a crazy amount of bibs, some good and some bad. We prefer the ones with the plastic backing so her drool doesn't soak through her clothes. Since she has to wear them ALL the time I really wish that they had clear bibs. I am really crazy about Bristol matching from head to toe and when she is wearing a cute outfit I tried to get a big that matches but that is VERY RARE. Like for instance, she had on the CUTEST outfit on at church on Sunday. It was light pink with a tutu around the whole onesie, socks matched, bow matched and she wore a little white knit cardigan. And then there was the ugly bib. Seriously, they need clear bibs.

Back to teething. Any momma's out there have anything they used to help their little one with teething?

it's all fun and games

Until Bristol is upset.

This girl sure does know how to put on the water works when she wants attention. She is famous for her big ole' crocodile tears. For people who aren't around her often and they see her cry those big ole tears they feel so sorry for her. But this chick isn't fooling me. Nope, not this momma. Now, don't take what I am saying the wrong way. I love my beautiful baby girl TO DEATH. But she just knows how to "work it".

These pictures were taken a day or so ago and RIGHT BEFORE I took the pictures, she was happy as a pig rolling in mud. The minute I turned away to go wash some bottles ( which by the way, I should start my own bottle washing business, goodness gracious) she started to fuss and then cry. Of course I had to document her dramatic little self by taking some pictures.

On a sidenote : Bristol is teething. BAD. Her poor little bottom gums were so red and swollen today, broke this momma's heart. I've been giving her oralgel, highlands all natural teething tablets, highlands teething gel, teething rings/toys and the love and comfort from her momma.

ANNNNNNNND one other sidenote: I am off facebook. Yep, you read that right. I will have a whole other post about this but I just wanted to say that I will be posting more on my blog since I am off the book of face.

Well my friends, it's almost midnight and my sweet girl will be waking up in a few hours ( yes, she loves to sleep through the night then go back to the newborn days of waking up in the middle of the night).


Sunday, January 22, 2012

she did it!

Bristol FINALLY rolled over. ALL.BY.HERSELF. No help, no pillow propping her up. I am one proud momma! She has rolled over before but it's been with help of a pillow. She rolled over from her tummy to her back.

My sweet girl is growing up!

Monday, January 16, 2012

jerimiah was a bullfrog


Blogger is just about on my very last nerve ( other than my dog rocky, but that's a whole other post in it's own). It seems as though I can't upload pictures and write something without the words being underlined. I don't get it? It's very annoying and I want it to stop.

A lot has gone in the Barron house the past month and a 1/2. We've had family come into town for the holidays, we celebrated Bristol's first Christmas and our first christmas as a family of 3, started our first family( in non first colony church of christ terms, it can also be called a small group), I'm finishing up my bachelors degree ( holy cow, i can't believe it) and lots more.

We have been little busy bees running from one party to the next or someone's house. Bristol's sleep schedule has been off and when i say off, I MEAN WAYYYY OFF. She started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old. Boy was i lucky. In fact, i loved when people asked me if she was a good sleeper because i was so quick to answer and say YES SHE IS, she has slept through the night since 10 weeks old. Of course they would be in shock. I was told that should would be a great sleeper if she was already sleeping through the night. I got used to getting some good shut eye too. We were both getting great sleep. And then, all of a sudden, one night, she woke up in the middle of the night. I, myself, thought it was a bad dream. Oh no, no dream was happening. She woke up, in real life. Annd, it hasn't stopped. She goes to bed between 9-10 and will wake up between 2-5. A couple nights, she woke up every hour. Yeah, that wasn't a good night for me. We are also trying to get her to sleep in her crib. Some nights she will and other nights she won't. Well, she will always start out in her crib and then a couple hours into it, she wakes up and i will try everything in my power to soothe and nothing works. So off to her swing she goes. She loves her swing. Prayers are def appreciated for sweet Bristol and her transition to her crib.

Bristol loves her hands. She loves to look at them. I wonder what she thinks when she looks at them. I get the biggest laugh when she looks at them because it's like she discovers them everyday, almost like she has never seen them before.

Fingers are yummy, don't you think? :) If she isn't looking at her hands, she is sucking or chewing them. She has fit up to 4 fingers in her mouth at one time, now thats talent.
smiling at daddy!

watching mickey mouse before going to her first wedding shower.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Blogger is really making me mad with the uploading picture process. And now, it underlines everything I type....grrr!

Anyway.... Bristol has started to really enjoy play time. I'm going to be honest, she hasn't had much interest in it. She doesn't like tummy time- usually cries about 1 min into it and then when she is on her back, about 10 mins later she wants nothing to do with it. But, she is getting better, as long as I put toys and books in front of her.

It's been fun to play with her and watch her grab things. I love watching her use her hands and grab things, pick up toys, touch her books, pull her paci out and put it back in. She is right on track with all that - which makes me very happy! I am working on her sitting up by herself, she can do a good job with some help from me. But I really don't have to hold her tight. She is getting strong!

I feel like lately I have been slacking on taking pictures of her. So the past couple days I have snapped a few shots of her playing with her stuff.

Really mom, you're just going to leave me here?

Love her cute little feet! She still doesn't fit into any shoes she has.

i absolutely love her baby blues.

i love my new purse, it tastes so good. she is teething by the way!

oh hey mom.

of course i can suck on my paci and put my lollipop in my mouth!

Friday, January 6, 2012

4 months

I'm a little late on this post. But here it is....
Decemeber 15, Bristol turned 4 months old. Here are her stats and what she is up to lately.

Weight - 12lbs 6 ounces 18% for her age
Height 24 inches, 44% for her age
Clothing size - 0-3 month, 3 month ( can fit into some newborn stuff)
Size diaper - size 1

What she loves.....
* chewing/sucking on her fingers
*watching the mickey mouse clubhouse show
* sleeping in her swing
* talking and cooing
* loves her mommy, has a little seperation anxiety if she isn't with me
* loves to be outside, although we don't go often because the sun is so bright and she doesn't have sunglasses
* being held! this girl wants to be held 95% of the time, makes this momma tired!
* loves loves loves bath time! since the day we brought her home she has loved taking a bath
* loves lotion massages after bathtime
* getting her ears cleaned, sounds silly, i know. but she could be screaming and the minute i clean her ears with a q-tip she stops what she is doing.
* her changing pad in her bedroom. she will kick and talk all day long laying on it
* reading books. she loves to hold the books, turn the pages ( at least tries to, haha)
* being held in the baby bjorn.

what she doesn't like so much.....
* her car seat, although, she is getting MUCH MUCH MUCH better with going in it. I don't stress out in the car when i drive anymore. I would dread putting her in the car because she would cry and cry.
* sometimes she doesn't like diaper changes, but i understand that
* when you take the bottle out of her mouth to wipe her mouth. she will squeal so loud!
* strangers. She is very weary of people she doesn't know. she has cried on several occasions when someone is holding her that she doesn't know
* tummy time. she does not like to be on her tummy
* rolling over - she really isn't interested

Bristol's milestones and tricks....
* teething - can you believe that? i can't!
* grabs her cute little feet while laying down
* has rolled over only a few times
* squeals for attention
* sucking her fingers and hands
* can grab for things in front of her or out of peoples hands
* holds her bottle
* sleeping in her crib ( HUGE MILESTONE!)
* laughing - the cutest.thing.ever!

Ok- so that's all i can think of right now. I really need to write down stuff when it happens. I always tell myself that I am going to do it and then I rarely do. oooops! Hey, I'm a full time mom, full time student.... trying to find a balance is hard :)

Bristol will be 5 months old January, 15 and I can't believe! She is almost a 1/2 year old!! Time has flown by and it's unbelievable how much they change. I want time to stand still! Brandon always says that he doesn't want her to grow up. I feel the same way but at the same time I love seeing her discover new things!

That's all for now.... have a fun weekend!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

this my friends, is what you call ....

a massive picture dump.
ok - i realize that sounds gross, but it totally made me laugh. i'm not gonna lie, i like to be gross sometimes and say weird things like that. oh whoa... did i just admit that? back to what i was saying. this post will be nothing but pictures. in fact, this might be part 1 of the massive picture dump, i might have a second installment tomorrow. that's if you lucky.

Bristol was one happy girl playing with her great mamie.

out cold.

this rarely happens. bristol falling asleep without being rocked, swaddled or being held.

Bristol with her 2 grandma's and 2 great grandma's. very special picture!

I am reading to my little cousin Shayn. I am 23 years older than him :)

all of us being silly!

sweet pea hanging out on the kitchen table.

much needed bottle. she's a princess, spoiled little princess.

uncle ste-ste hanging out with bristol. pretty sure they were watching football or basketball?

4 generations. we are looking a little rough but that's ok.

i love to chew on my hands. i'm teething!

see, i told you i was teething! grandaddy is giving me something to chew on.

hmmmm, let me think. yes, yes, i was on the nice list this year, thank you very much!

how can you not kiss those cheeks?? she looks so much bigger in pictures, she is only 12.6 lbs - 18th percentile

i love mickey mouse clubhouse!

i'm only 4 1/2 months old but i know how to old a present and open it!

christmas eve with grandaddy at church

love my little family!

grandaddy and his favorite christmas present ever!

Great Grampie and Great Mamie with their first great grandbaby!

Great Grampie made Bristol a toy box from scratch, it's so pretty! more pics later

love these 2 people so much!

i love this picture so so much! everyone adores bristol!

rollercoaster ride! :)

Ok - so blogger is being very weird so i apologize for the lowercase and uppercase craziness, random underlined words, etc.