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Friday, November 30, 2007

i'm a substitute teacher

Yes, you read the title of this new post correctly, I'm a substitute teacher. Today was my very first day to sub at my old high school Clements. I was subbing for my high school softball coach who teaches math ( pretty much my worst subject). He teaches Algebra to 9th graders,don't worry I didn't teach , I just handed out quizzes and told them to shut their mouths and not cheat! Overall, my first day as a sub went really well! Here are a few little things I'd like to share about my day....

1. I woke up @ 5:15am and boy..... I was feeling it all day.
2. All the 9th grade boys apparently talked about me all day to the other students because every period already knew who I was before I even said my was kinda funny.
3. So today they had a quiz and I was praying to God that during the quiz they wouldn't come up to me and ask for help because I am HORRIBLE at math. I was pretty nervous about that.
4. There were 2 things I told the kids before the quiz, 1. NO TALKING during the quiz and 2. NO CHEATING. ( that was hard for me to say because I mean, who hasn't cheated in their life? I felt like a hypocrite) I don't think these little 9th graders could of made it ANYMORE OBVIOUS that they were cheating. They thought they were sooo sneaky! From knocking your pencil off the desk so you could lean down and take a glance on your neighbors paper to acting like you are popping your neck and during mid pop you swipe your eyes on the girl/boys paper next to you or how bout this one.....the kids checking the clock literally every 4 seconds and during the clock check they can roll their eyes to see someone else's answers. There were a few more they did and as I watched them I thought, "C'mon now kids, can you make it anymore obvious? But then again, was I that obvious? Who knows! I called a few kids out on cheating but being the NICE person I am I let it slide and didn't write them up, oh well.

That's just a few tidbits of my day, I'm still a little out of it due to lack of sleep. I really did enjoy myself because CHS is my high school and I know A LOT of the coaches and teacher and plus my momma and brother work there....keepin' it in the family!

Hope everyone is doing well and again, I love reading everyone's blogs! :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

i love reading my friends blogs!

I'm pretty excited and I'll tell you why! All of my closest friends are getting blogs! I will admit that I might be a little bit stalkerish when it comes to blogs but I can't help it! I love being informed of everyone's life especially when you don't get to talk to them much or you never see them cause they live far away(plus I'm a little nosy...but who isn't?). So I would love to share with you a few pictures of my friends that I love and consider some of my closest friends even though they live far away or we don't talk much.

This is Danielle and I, we played softball together @ ACU. Danni and her husband just got a blog which makes me so happy because even though we live in the same city we don't really see each other, which is my fault because I just am bad about keeping in touch with people. But don't be suprised if you find me on your door step one day :) I love you D-FIZZ!

This is Val, JD, and myself and as you can see we played softball together @ ACU too. I love these girls to death! I am Val's body double, see the resemblance? identical, right? thats what everyone else says too! We could always crack a joke with each other no matter the case and I love that about Val. Val- I am so excited I get to read about your life in San Fran! JD is in the middle and she was like my mom in abilene. I could talk to her about anything! She was also someone you could crack a joke with and no matter what, she always seemed to have my back or take my side and that always made me feel good. JD- I love being able to read about the Doty family and what the new updates are!

I love all 3 of these girls sooo much and like I said before, I am just so excited that we all have blogs and we can all catch up on each others lives. I will be honest, JD has the best blog because I love being able to watch Jaxon grow, but don't worry girls I love you too, haha!

Anyway, I am very blessed to have these girls as my friends and even more excited that I can stalk their lives!


over and out-

K-Sizz/K Luv Schrockstar!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

getting into the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

Hello everyone!

If you want a little Christmas SPIRIT click on the link below and it will get you right into the the holiday season!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

we ARE family

I like to start this blog with showing you a picture of my sweet little Nakona girl. She is just one little mess, but I lover her to death! She is a year old Shih Tzu, I named her after my softball glover brand- clever, I know! :)

So today is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. Just to name a few.......
1. I'm so thankful for my family. I have such an amazing family and I am so lucky that God chose my family just for me!
2. I am so thankful for Brandon. He is so special and I love him so much. He makes me feel like a queen 24/7 and most of all he loves me for me.
3. I am so thankful for just the little things in life such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation. I take SO many things for granted and I sometimes fail to thank my God for the little things in life.
4. I am so thankful for my pups. I love them so much! They truly bring a smile on my face everyday, always when I need it the most.

That is just a FEW things I am thankful and always will be thankful for.

When I started to think about a new post I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. A little over a year ago my Nannie died at the age of 86. She was the backbone of my family, the hero, the grandmother that everyone wanted, the Godly Christian women that everyone wanted to be like, she was the best person I have ever known. Thanksgiving and Christmas were her favorite times of the year because of the emphasis of family. She LOVED her family and when I mean LOVED, she L-O-V-E-D them. She started a tradition in our family and that was every year we gathered at her house in Baytown, Texas ( where my daddy grew up) for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone looked forward to those 2 days of the year because it was that time of the year where we all got together and most of all it was that time of the year that Nannie got to see all of her kids and grandkids. I am 1 out of 2 granddaughters she had so I had a special place in my Nannies heart and she had an even more special place in my heart. Nannie was stubborn, she wouldn't let you do anything for her even at the age of 86 she in fact, would still cook some of the food for the holidays. She was an all-star cook, to this day I think she should of had a cookbook published and a restaurant's of her own. She clearly was in a league of her own when it came to cooking. Thanksgiving and Christmas was a time for fellowship, laughter, story telling, eating so much that you hurt, it was a time for family. Like I said before Nannie loved family. Nannie has been gone for 2 Thanksgivings now and although we try to keep the family tradition going, it just isn't the same without my Nannie there. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Nannie in some way, shape, or form. She is the reason why this family is together, she is the reason why we have this family tradition. I need to correct myself when I said Nannie was in a league of her own when it came to cooking, I was wrong. Nannie was in a league of her own when it came to being a grandmother. So as this Thanksgiving draws to a close and Christmas starts to begin may every family out there start a family tradition. There is nothing better than family and nothing better than legacy's. Nannie left a legacy and I hope to continue that legacy and family tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

This is Nannie and I at her 85th Birthday Party.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

being mommy

Brandon came over for a bit and this is what I found when I walked into the living room, Gracie loving on Brandon....just too cute!

Gracie was OBSESSED with Brandon! She wanted to be near him 24/7, it was precious!

Gracie age 3 watching "sister" play "occer"

Here is Madison age 7 at her soccer games

So I know I posted already today but I forgot to tell you about my weekend. I was a mommy from Thursday-Monday. I babysat 2 girls, Madison and Grayson( Gracie). I have been babysitting for them for about a year now and I L-O-V-E them! They are possibly the best 2 girls that anyone could babysit for. They are so sweet and respectful. It was definitely an action packed weekend. I played "soccer mom" for Madison who is the 7 year old. 2 soccer games Sat. and 2 games Sunday. Gracie was such a sweet girl and tagged a long just like a champ! I'll attach some pictures below so you can see how sweet and precious these girls are. As much as I love kids ( which is A LOT) definitely being a "mom" for other children is a lot of work. It is no longer about me but about these girls. Brandon knows how much I want children 4 to be exact but I know that we will be waiting a while for children because it is so time demanding and you must become self-less. To all you moms out there who are my friends ( which everyone is having babies now) I have much respect for you all. Being a mom is a hard thing, but a rewarding thing. I can't wait to be a mommy! :)

it's been a while

So, it's been a lonnnnng time since I last posted. I'm not even sure if anyone reads my blog, haha. Oh well. Anyway, I have been so busy and I didn't really feel that I had anything "juicy" to write about to be honest. But, here I am, sitting in my bed bored and thought I would write a little something.

So my life has been so busy! Between going to school full-time, having an internship full time with the American Diabetes Association, coaching a softball team, and babysitting almost EVERY week.... I have barely had time to have some R & R. Speaking of some R&R, as most you know, my wedding was supposed to be this weekend but it is no longer and I am VERY thankful for that. You're probably thinking, what? I am so thankful that we changed the date because there would be NOOOOO WAY that I could do all the things listed above plus planning a wedding and getting ready for a wedding. There is NO WAY! I think Brandon feels the same, life is just tooo busy right now for a wedding. Plus, we love being engaged...haha!

I do know that I am ready for this semester to be O-V-E-R! I'm ready to graduate which now, might not be till next Decemeber. I just found that out and I was almost in tears because I was banking on gradauting this Summer. Transferring from ACU to U of H was a bitter/sweet thing. I miss ACU soooooo much, I miss abilene, I miss my friends, I miss everything that I missed out on when I left. I sometimes think about going back there to finish up but then I think that it might pro-long my graduation. Whats a few more years right? haha..NO! I do like U of H though, believe it or not. I have grown to like it. I didn't go to U of H to make friends like I did ACU, but I have made a few friends and they are great. There are definitely some cons to U of H which I feel that I will NEVER get over, haha.

1. I HATE the drive to school, hate it hate it hate it!!! ( I miss being 2 mins away from campus from the dorms or my house)
2. I HATE THE TRAFFIC that comes with the driving!!!! ( Traffic.... in Abilene? DOUBT IT! )
3. I HATE the parking @ U of H
4. You need to leave at least an hour before your class starts to find a parking spot, its horrible.
5. I hate that you have to drive from one building to the next b/c everything is so far away

You get the drift, right? Don't get me wrong, it really is a great school, underestimated in fact. I just wish I lived closer to campus so I would be more motivated to go to class, which is where I am supposed to be now.

Anyway, I guess thats it for now, see, nothing juicy was said, sorry!

Have a great Tuesday ya'll!