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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the itch.....part 2.

It's not what you are thinking, ok? I've got the VACATION itch....DUH! It is summer, right? I am DYING to go on my vacation to the great CHEESEHEAD state! Wisconsin baby! :) We will be leaving July 23 and coming back August 1. Here is just a little bit of what we will be doing...
* Flying in to Chicago and then heading to Milwaukee for SummerFest....the best thing ever!
* Staying with my grandparents at their summer/fall home 
* laying out
* fishing
* floating in the lake
* eating a lot of good food
* Going to Green Bay

Those are just a few things that we will be doing....I'm sure to you, they aren't appealing, but trust me.....if I get a break from work, I'LL BE HAPPY ANYWHERE! :) Plus, Wisconsin is my homeland - I was born there and live there till I was 4. 

What is your itch this summer?

Ok Ok....I might have another itch.....and I'm sure WE BOTH know what it is :) Trust won't be happening anytime soon! At least, not in the plans. 

Hope ya'll are staying COOOOL in this blistering heat!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the itch....

I have the itch. What itch might you ask? I'll explain at a later date.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


.......that is definitely an understatment. I am beyond tired. I am so tired that I don't sleep, literally. My mind is on work All I am asking is for ya'll to pray for me. I am so stressed right now to where I am not sleeping at night and then having to put in a 8 hr day at work. I know this sounds petty, but at this point I think prayer is what I need. 

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am blessed beyond belief with great friends and a great family! I just celebrated my 25th birthday and it might of been one of the best birthdays I have had in years. My mom made sure to make my day EXTRA special. She said she was making up for the past years that she has been gone on my birthdays. My day started out by sleeping in till 10:00am. I couldn't tell you the last time I have gotten to sleep in, and boy, it felt good! I then spent the latter part of my day laying around watching TV. It was quite nice not having to do anything. 
We all then headed out at about 5:30pm to meet everyone for dinner at Taste of Texas, my favorite resturante that I only go to 1 time a year, if that. My dinner was AMAZING. I had my amazing family including my aunt and uncle ( dad's sister ), Brandon's family and one of my best friends and her husband come to dinner. It was perfect company for a perfect birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it special! 

Enjoy the pictures!

My pups and I helping me celebrate my birthday!

My sweet Uncle Doyle and Aunt Rena

My amazing love them!

My lovely husband

2 sets of flowers and ballons that my parents and Brandon got me, it was not planned either.

Our traditional picture...ghettoness
KSizz-Bizz and DFizz-McDizz 
The cake my mom made. I requested a strawberry cake and it was good! It was my nannies recipe which made it even more special, she was definitely with us in spirit.

2 pregnant women and one friend who is not

I am probably going to take some heat about the pictures that I am JUST NOW posting, sorry JD and Danni. Don't ask me why it has taken me till June 7, 2009 to post these photos that were taken like in March or April. Oh well, better late than never right? 
Love ya'll!

My 2 friends with child and me not with child. 

Baby bumping each other

These babies will be 1 month apart from each other

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

once you go MAC you never go BACK

It's true, it really is. I love my macbook, its the best. I also love my iphone. Actually, while I write this, I am listening to Stephen Speaks from my itunes on my iphone. Oh the greatness of itunes built into a phone. Speaking of Stephen Speaks, I seriously love this band and it's sad to think they are no longer. I remember the summer going into my freshman year of college at ACU I used to listen to their first CD "no more doubt" I love the song "Out of My League".
Sorry, I am reliving the past, haha!
So I have a pair of earings that I wear quite often to work and when I talk on the phone ( which is like every 5 mins because people think I have nothing better to do than anwer their phone calls) my right earing ALWAYS falls off. It's kinda annoying, actually it's a lot annoying.
Did anyone watch the womens college softball world series? Wait, who am I kidding....Danni, Val, JD and Kristen, did YA'LL watch the WS? I did, I am quite addicted to softball, its pathetic, as Brandon likes to remind me. I would like to express to you all who actually care, that I am upset that Washington won. I mean, it's cool because they are taking home the title for the first time but they are a PAC 10 school and I am sick of PAC 10 schools taking OVER SOFTBALL. (don't hate me val and kristen) I am glad that Florida did make it to the finals and being an SEC team, it's their first time to the final series of the tournament. I digress...
My birthday is Saturday. I'm turning 25. Now let me tell you something. It was a big deal when you turned 16, 18, 21....but I feel as though this birthday is a little different. I am going to be 25 .... mid 20's. Wow. I remember having my 8th birthday party when I was living in florida, I remember my 13th birthday in Texas, and many of birthdays at Kadesh Camp at ACU. I will be 25 and I will feel more like an adult, don't ask me why. My parent's and I were talking the other day and they mentioned how they couldn't believe their baby will be turning 25. It almost made me cry thinking of how time has flown by so fast from my first birthday till now. There are so many memories that I can look back on and say, wow. This birthday will be filled with fun, family and friends and I am looking forward to it.
Next Saturday will mark 1 month away till my 2nd diabetes camp. I am getting a little nervous and anxious for it to be here. Say some prayers for me in the next month that I stay sane and NOT STRESSED. :)
Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far.