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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

theres no place like home

I have finally gotten around to posting pictures from my wisconsin vacation. It was a blast and I would move back there in a HEARTBEAT! 

My Grandparents cottage in the middle of an indian reservation. My mom grew up going to this house since she was 12 years old. They went every weekend! It's one of the most beautiful places you could be at! 

Isn't this amazing? It's a bald eagle. I borrowed the neighbors zoom lens and put it on my camera and I really did get some GREAT shots of him. He was really calm and let us get up so close to him.

Stephen and I's bounty for the week, AKA - all the fish we caught. We wish we did better but we did what we could, it was a lot of fun! It definitely brought back memories of my childhood.

My Mamie and I her pontoon boat. 

My grandparents live on a lake and the lily pads were definitely in high volume. They were really pretty when they were all clumped up together. The brush in Wisconsin is VERY green and lush, something you don't see very often in Texas, well, Houston.

What is this you ask? Oh, it's a camel! In Wisconsin! On the side of the road! His name is Humphrey. It was a sweet guy.

Our first venture out on the canoe to go catch some fish. 5 mins after this picture was taken, it POURED RAIN. I'm talking hurricane down pour of rain. It was HORRIBLE. It was raining so hard that I couldn't even open my eyes to row, haha! We ended up going back in and when we got to the dock, it stopped raining. It was quite the adventure :)

This zebra was at the same place as the camel...

My family and I's first home! My parents built this house and it was their pride and joy. I love this house! It had a basement, HUGE backyard. We had horses next to us in the pasture, we made snowmen every winter, oh it was the best!

Day Lily from my grandma's flower garden

Disclaimer : No, he did not eat the fish! It was all for the dramatic effect! Did it work?

I caught the very first fish of the week on my MICKEY MOUSE fishing pole. This was my VERY FIRST fishing pole, EVER. I keep it at the lakehouse and when we go their for vacation I ALWAYS fish with it on the dock. It definitely means a lot and I hope one day, my kiddos will be able to use " moms fishing pole" . 

Hope you enjoyed just a TID bit of what my 10 day vacation was all about. I know when you think of Wisconsin you think or beer, brats and maybe fat people? Well, Wisconsin is a beautiful state full of cool weather, down to earth people, green land, good food and pretty scenery. There's no place like home.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

as one door closes

Another one opens, right? 

I quit my job ( this is where your mouth drops to the floor because you are shocked). Actually, I'm sure none of you are shocked. I've been quite transparent about my job and how I have felt lately. So, yeah, I quit my job. Was it the best decision to be made? I am not sure, but I do know that I have a sense of relief that fills my body, so maybe it is a good decision. 

Have you ever quit a job? If you haven't, it's such a catch 22 situation. Well, in my case, it is. I have love hate relationship with my job. I love it, because I have made friends from all walks of life who I consider good friends. I hate my job, well.... just read my previous posts, you'll get the idea. My co-workers are happy for me. They are sad to see me go, but happy that I am finally going to be happy. I'm happy that they are happy for me. 

So as this door closes, another one opens. I did get another job. Is it my dream job? No. Is it going to be stressfree and easy? No. But I can say that I will love this job for what it's worth.IT is  ONE STREET away from the ADA, crazy huh? My skanchy's ( my girls at work ) and I have already made lunch plans :) I am looking forward to what this job has in store and hoping for new opportunities along the way. 

Now....onto to Brandon. My husband has landed a long term sub job at Schiff Elementary in Sienna Plantation. He will start in October and it will end in December. This is a GREAT opportunity for Brandon has he starts his teaching career. We are so thankful for this experience that Brandon is about to embark on. He is very excited annnnnnd also nervous. But I know he will be a GREAT teacher. In the meantime - he will be subbing around FBISD and hoping that he will land a full-time teaching position. Praise God for this!

As Brandon and I's lives are changing, a little more than what we thought, we are thankful and greatful for the oppotunities and experiences that we have had and are going to have in the future. We know and trust that God has a plan for us and we will abide by his word. God is good and he is good all the time. 

So I am asking you, my faithful readers to keep us in your prayers through the transitions we are about to embark on. 

Next post .... Wisconsin pictures!

Monday, August 10, 2009

god put me in my place

It has been a rough 7 months in my life lately. And I had no problem giving myself a pitty party about it either. When my job changed in Jan 09, my life changed. I went from doing one program/event at the ADA to taking on 4 programs/events. I went from being a part of ZERO committees, to being in charge of THREE. I went from working 9-5 to every month having 2-3 committees meetings lasting till 8 or so. The list goes on. 

And I continued to give myself a pitty party.

My life went from crazy, to UNREAL. I kept telling myself everything will work out and it will get better, and it did....from time to time. I tried to keep a positive attitude. Let's be honest, for not having my degree yet, I am making very good money with full benefits, so in a sense, I couldn't complain. 

I have worked my tail off and for some reason, it never felt like I was doing the right thing. I was overwhelmed, stressed, angry, over worked and underpaid. I am the only person in the office to have multiple events/programs that I am in charge of. 

And I continued to give myself a pitty party.

Last week, I cried at my job. So unprofessional, I know. I cried for a number of reasons and these reasons have been collecting over the past 7 months. I cried pretty much all day. With my door closed. My boss walked in, it was quite embarrassing. Oh well. He works with all women, what does he expect right? I know it made him a little nervous when he saw my crying. I cried that night to Brandon too. I don't ever cry. ever. So this meant business. I cried the same story I have been crying for the past 7 months. I was stressed, overwhelmed, tired, confused, angry and upset. I cried because Brandon doesn't have a teaching job yet and I just want him to get a job. I know he can but right now the market is tough. It really has been a difficult season for Brandon and I. We both feel that our backs have been against the wall for so long and all we just want is one chance. One chance for a break through. And, it hasn't happened yet. We have discussed that we know it's not on our time and we need to be patient. I've questioned God several times. Not because I am unfaithful, but because I feel I have the right to question the God I love. Brandon and I are going to continue to be faithful and patient. 

And I continued to give myself a pitty party.

That same day, I had received a phone call that I never thought I would receive. My friend Ashley called me to tell me that a dear family friend had committed suicide. Some of you who are reading this will know who I am talking about. The minute I heard this, I broke down again, just after breaking down the first time at my job. Just when I thought life was ALL about ME...

....God put me in my place.

He put me in my place. A place I have failed to be in for 7 months. A place where IT'S NOT ABOUT ME. I realized that a dear family friend had taken her life because Satan had gotten a hold of her. This woman was truly amazing. She hosted my church shower, she was in the softball community, which is a family in it's own, she was cheerful, energenic, positive, beautiful inside and out, and she definitely emulated a Christian woman. Her funeral was beautiful, just like she was. It was a celebration of her life, although sad and heartbreaking, it was also beautiful. Sitting at the funeral today, I thought, how selfish am I these past few months. What really matters in life, isn't my job or my anger towards my job. What matters in life is relationships, families and friends. Today, God put me in my place

God put me in my place. 

God knows when to come in at the right time and put you in your place. I am so thankful that I have a God who will put me in my place but yet love me at the same time. I am so thankful for the God I serve who loves me for me. Even though I have questioned him the past few months, he still has faith in me as I do in him. I serve a mighty God who loves through thick and thin and gives love that is everlasting. I serve a God who is gentle yet so powerful. I serve a God who gives and takes away. 

God put me in my place and for that, I am thankful.

To Mrs. Kiser - You were very dear to my family and I and you will be missed so very much. May the peace and love of God be with you always. Rest in Peace.

Monday, August 3, 2009

if you're wondering.....

I'm still here. It's been quite sometime since I last made a post. I haven't felt compelled to write lately. Maybe because I like my posts better when they have pictures and well, to be honest, I haven't really taken any pictures this summer. But, since coming back from the family ( minus dad and brandon) vacay, I do have some pictures to share with you all, but, not right now.

So all three of you who read my blog, sit tight and wait just a little bit longer. I do have A LOT to update you on.

Until then.....