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Sunday, December 21, 2008

he did it!!!!!

Brandon graduated this weekend. Well, actually - he finished school in August and got his diploma 2 months ago but he decided to walk which was on December 20th. I am beyond belief proud of Brandon. He worked his way through school all 5 years. It took him 5 years because he had to work his way through it all. He persevered, he had ups and downs but he seemed to rise above it all. I love him so much and I can't express how much he means to me! I got teary eyed during this graduation just thinking about how hard he had worked to get to this day. I love Brandon with all my heart! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!


The Doty's said...

That a BOY!! We too are soooo proud of you and cant wait to see you guys!

Valerie said...

Congrats Brandon!

Open your Eyes. said...

Congratulations!!! x.