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Friday, December 19, 2008

picture post

This post is dedicated to the pictures that I have had on my camera since October but never had a chance to upload them. Now the pictures that are posted here are not from October but from December. This is a recap of my love for my dog Nakona, Brandon at a Rockets game, our puny christmas tree, and my weekend in Amarillo to see my best friend graduate from Nursing School.

Our shadows at Cadillac Ranch - Charlie's Angel Style!

I love this picture because of the burst of color it has!

Just some of the Cadillacs in the ground at Cadillac Ranch

Ashley, Me, Eva and Kim on a rock we climbed.

The Sirman Family - I am an honorary member since 10th grade.

I thought it would be funny to act like I was falling off the rock. It was funny when it happened, not so much while looking at this picture.

Christopher Columbus Style! Looking out into the 2nd largest Canyon in the Nation. Palo - Duro Canyon - Canyon, Texas

Jigga! Best Friends since 10th grade - Known each other since elementary school.

Right after Graduation in front of the white buffalo.

Just one of the MANY poses we did that day!

Our new jackets we bought the night before graduation at Burlington Coat Factory - one of my new favorite places!

My sweet little baby in rocky's old sweatshirt that he can't fit in anymore. Isn't she cute?

The long awaited picture of our Christmas Tree. It's quite puny - my parents let us use it this year. It's a 4footer, haha. In this picture there is only 7-8 ornaments on there but we've added more since then. Please excuse the streoe speaker. Brandon finds the need for his stereo to be on our fireplace?

My studly hubby at the Rockets game. I was so nice enough to go to the game with him, my brother and my brother's fiance Jess. I really didn't watch the game, I was texting the whole time. I don't like basketball.

Our little reindeer! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


The Doty's said...

i love pictures that have been stored away for months!! they make me remember everything! merry christmas...hopefully we can get down to houston for a day and see you guys...i'll bring jaxon this time i swear!

Valerie said...

fun pictures!!

that's great that you're still friends with ashley after all these years.. i have kc.. and then i have you guys! i wouldn't trade it for the world!

btw.. the pictures of your docs make me smile!! i love our shih tzus!!!