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Monday, December 29, 2008

my new camera!

This is what Brandon got me for Christmas and I ABSOLUTELY love it! I can't wait to start using it and become a better photographer. I just wish I had a baby to take pictures of, taking pictures of my darn dogs gets old - sorry Rocky and Nakona! I probably shouldn't of said the "baby" thing should I? Now, you will probably think I'm preggers. NO.WAY.JOSE! I'll leave that up to my dear friends JD and Danielle! :) Anyway - I'll be posting some pictures soon that I took with my new camera - warning -- the pictures will be a animals, haha. Hey- that's all I have to take pictures of, right now. :)


The Doty's said...

that's a sweet camera you got there.

Valerie said...

oohh... that's fun! kc's mom is a camera nut! she's got at least 8.. she's got the canon rebel xsi.. close to the one that you got!

can't wait to see the pics of your "babies"

Open your Eyes. said...

very sexy!

Valerie said...

sexy new layout homie!

you know i'll love anything with a shade of blu-ish on it!!