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Thursday, August 28, 2008

insert title here

Disclaimer: Blogger SUCKS when it comes to putting pictures in a certain order you want! So please excuse the mess, these pictures are clearly not in order!

I am not quite sure what this post will be about, nothing specific. These are pictures that I didn't post yet because they were on my moms camera with 642 pictures. Yes, I downloaded 642 pictures from her camera last night, let's just say it took FOREVER! But, I finally have the pictures I wanted, needless to say. So there huge story for this post, just pictures! :)

Are they cute? Nakona (left) and Sadie(right) are cousins. Sadie is a Chihuahua, weighing in at a WHOPPING 3.6 lbs. She is TEEEEEEEE-TIIIIIIINY, but so cute! This was the girls first time to meet each other and all Nakona wanted to do was play with Sadie and well, Sadie didn't want to play. Nakona had jumped up on the chair to say Hi and Sadie climbed on the arm rest to get away!
I love my pups! They ALWAYS snuggle with me at night, well actually, anytime I am laying on that couch they come snuggle with me. I had to get my mom take a picture of it, it's just too cute! Rocky and Nakona are going to miss this couch when we move out in a couple weeks. They will have a whole new couch to snuggle on :)

I coach softball as most of you know and here is Coach Eddie, my daddy and myself during one of our games in Dallas. My mom came that weekend and so brought her camera so she could take pictures of her hubby and daugther coaching together. Speaking of my dad and I coaching really is something special that my dad and I share together. Not many people get to work with people they love and I have had the privelage to coach with my dad on 2 different teams. It's neat because I have grown up being coached by my dad and if he wasn't my coach, he was coaching and cheering for me from the stands. Now, we both get to coach our favorite sport together, it truly is something special. I charish every moment I get to spend with him on the field. It's always something my daddy and I have will together. Oh! and I love Coach Eddie too! One of the best people I know!

Mom had to get a picture of us two coaching together. I am the pitching and catching coach and I call pitches ( which is by far my FAVORITE thing to do!). While I call pitches my dad sits next to me and charts the pitches I call ( ball, strike..etc).

All the girls think it's funny when I go catch in between innings. I.ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. IT! A lot of the parents say I am coming out of retirement, haha! The girls wish I could catch for our team, they always say I can pull off being 18, which I could :) But seriously, any chance I get to catch in between innings, I'm right there! I actually get kinda mad when one of the girls goes and catches.... I say" You are taking the fun away from me!"

My sweet momma and I on the porch at our hotel room. Long story short........the team mom reserved rooms for the team at a Baymont Inn Hotel ( DON'T EVER GO THERE). I had just came from a business trip staying at the Double Tree Hotel across the street from the Dallas Galleria. Let's just say I almost threw up when I got to the hotel room. I am not a snooty person but I.WILL.NOT. stay in a nasty hotel! So I made some arrangements and switched hotels. My parent came up that next day and we had to take a little photo shoot before we left for the fields.

My amazing parents who are my rock and support in my life. They are tooooo cute and I love them so much! I'm not gonna lie, although I am so excited to move out of my parent's house and start a new chapter in my life, I am a sad that I am moving out. I will miss their company and just the feeling of being "home".

Coach Gary and Coach Kellianne is who we are and its what we do! I am definitely a daddy's girl and always will be!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sneak peek!

Ok, so I know I shouldn't be showing you these pictures but let's just say, I AM SO GLAD I RE-TOOK MY BRIDAL PORTRAITS! I LOVED my hair and makeup so much better than the first go-round. These pictures were taken by my mom so they aren't super amazing but you'll get the picture. Enjoy because I did! :) Thanks Aunt Rena and mom for helping me yesterday!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am needing some help! My co-worker and I are creating my programs for the wedding but we are running into a problem! We cannot find a flourish ( design) for the program that is in high resolution. Everything we are finding is real grainy and jagged to the edge. If anyone of you know someone who has Adobe Illustrator, NOT PHOTOSHOP but ILLUSTRATOR- and are willing to let me use it PLEASE LET ME KNOW! It's crunch time right now and I'm trying to get these darn programs done with!

Thanks ya'll!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

boston market, wedding, and softball

I went to get lunch today at Boston Market (they have some tasty food!- I was real sketchy of it at first but OMG its good!). As I was pulling into my parking spot I saw a man and a woman standing in front of Boston Market. I looked to the right and there was a girl taking a picture of the man and woman in front of Boston Market. Is it just me, or is that weird? Yes, Boston Market is good, but is it that good or monumental to take a picture in front of it?

I'm telling you, when you work off of Westheimer in Houston ... YOU. WILL. SEE. ANYTHING. AND. EVERYTHING! It's one of the craziest, busiest streets in Houston. I.HATE.IT! Anyway............ I just thought that scenaro was a little weird, but hey, it's houston and westheimer, I just have to expect to see those things I guess.

On to other things......... I'M.SO.TIRED! My life has been go go go go go go go go go go go for the past - well FOREVER. I find myself getting 8hours of sleep but yet when I wake up in the morning I feel like I have been hit by an 18 wheeler! I am looking forward to this time to come and go so I can get on a regular schedule with my life. But wedding planning is going well. Everything is becoming more surreal. Just to think I will be getting married in 38 days? YEAH, I'M IN THE 30'S NOW!!!!!! :) I am re-taking my bridals either Aug. 26th or Sept 6th. I'm crossing my fingers for Aug. 26th- I want to get them over with. The programs are really the only thing that is holding me up on getting everything done for the wedding. Leslie and I are still working hard on finalizing them. I have to put together the order of the ceremony which I am highly confused about. I don't know where to put what, who sings where, who says what scripture at what time, etc. Things like this is where I just want someone to do for it me ya know? :)

One last thing for this post......... I'M SO SORE! I train with a trainer @ 6:00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He didn't kick my butt, I'm use to training by now. What kicked my butt was............... playing slowpitch softball last night with Brandon's ALL BOY TEAM! They needed some fill-in players and HECK I will jump in at any chance and so I did. Ok- I'm gonna brag for a minute ( which is totally un-like me but....) I went 6 for 6 last night with a couple RBI's. Played outfield and second base and played a MEAN second base might I add. I believe that last night was the first time for that league to have a girl fill in for them. All the guys were like WHOA ( of course when they first see a girl out there on the field they think she is gonna be horrible) its kinda fun to prove them wrong :) Ok, I'm done! :) So back to being sore. Waking up this morning was torture. I hadn't run, thrown or fielded in a REALLY long time. So needless to say, I'm sore, can't move and tired :)

Hope ya'll are having a good Wednesday!

Monday, August 11, 2008

cabo cabo cabo!

Cabo San Lucas is where it's at! The glorious honeymoon will be at this amazing All-Inclusive Resort and Hotel, The Royal Solaris! I can't wait for September 21, 2008 when Brandon and I take off in an airplane on our first rendevous together to this beautiful place! It's going to be AAAAMAZING!

This is Cabo's famous arch. It's called El Archo I believe. B and I will be taking a boat out here with a guide to go snorkeling together. He doesn't think I can hack it but what he doesn't know is that I grew up in Florida snorkeling 24/7. Although, the last time I went snorkeling was in Cozumel I had to get out of the water because I was on the verge of getting hypo-thermia.... the water was FREEZING! Needless to say this little excursion will be fun!
And here is one of Cabo's beauitful beaches! B and I will be laying out here sipping on some pina coladas! :) We will also be going horseback riding on the beach together. This has always been a dream of mine and it's going to come true :)

We will be doing plenty of other activities while in Cabo like zip lining through the forest! I am WAY excited about this! I rememeber going to summer camp and doing the zip line, super fun! We'll also be shopping and just relaxin, enjoying out newly wed life and being happy together! I can't wait for the honeymoon! ( I know Brandon can't wait!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


*There is nothing better than walking outside of your office and hearing loud loud loud rap music being played from a DHL truck. Hahaha.... I'm still laughing from seeing and hearing that today. The truck was parked outside our office building and the man was inside delivering packages. The DHL guys has to have fun too, right?

*The bridesmaids gifts are ordered and in.... super excited about that! I will be picking them up today after work. I am also about to get the programs made too..... probably one of my favorite parts about the ceremony :) The programs are so pretty! My co-worker Leslie and I designed them, I'll give her most of the credit :)

* I'm so broke right now. I just spent $550 on new tires for my car. My old tires we just that, old. They were bald like an old mans head. So I had to get new ones and boy, did my bank account feel the pain. I felt the pain too.

* My brother just got a new job! He was the ISS teacher at Clements High School. (Jacci, he and your brother Wes got to be buddies, he loves your brother! .... hope you aren't taking that the wrong way when I mention ISS). Stephen has now moved on to being a Special Education teacher for Lantern Lane Elementary. I am so excited for him! He loves working in Special ED. He has been a special ed teacher for summer school two years now and he absolutely loves it. It's a good fit for him.

* Brandon had his 4th interview with Mazda Corporate. He interviewed with 4 different people yesterday- yep 4 different people. B was there for 2 hours. He said it went well and that they will be letting him know in a couple weeks their decision. I am hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that he gets this job. Say a little prayer!

* Ashley Sirman, my bff for many years comes home today! Wahoo! I am so excited to have some girl time! All my friends are either married, off at school, living in Arizona or living else where. So I am glad to be getting Ashley home for a couple weeks before she heads off for her last semester in Nursing school.

* My job is about to pick up to full speed in a week or so. I am really excited that I am getting out of the office and out into the field. Although, gas is going to be exspensive -I am still happy about getting out of this mug! Speakin of gas, has anyone noticed that the prices are going down? I got gas the other day for $3.63 a gallon.....pretty good eh?

* I L-O-V-E getting RSVP cards in the mail from the wedding invitations. It's exciting to see who's card was sent and the anticpation while opening the card is fun. Who can come and who can't.... how many will be attending, etc!

So there was a lot of randomness... hope you enjoyed my tidbits. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I just went to the restroom at my office and yet again I was grossed out. Day in and day out I am having to whipe off the toilet seat because some woman before me peed on the seat! How? How do women pee on the toliet seats? Now, I know I am walking into the correct restroom does say

I just don't understand the whole women and pee on the seat thing. It's gross. And........... if you know you peed on the seat, WHIPE IT OFF!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

hi friends!

For all you who have inquired about my photography blues and whether or not my photog would refund me any money, I have an update. I had emailed her to let her know that I don't want to do pictures during the week....1. I can't get off b/c I need my days for the wedding and honeymoon and 2. its going to be 690 degrees outside, HELLO ITS AUGUST! To cut to the chase, the email I wrote her wasn't overly friendly like I usually am. I pretty much told her " I am dreading taking pictures in the heat".

She then emailed me back apologizing- yadda yadda yadda and gave me a few choices to choose from with the bridal session. So a refund isn't in order BUT she is offering to gives us some deals depending on my pick of choice. Here are the choices.....

* Schedule bridal session and she will pay for hair, makeup and flowers and any additional fee that The Richmond House will charge do have pictures on the weekend ( they don't allow pictures on the weekends due to events). She will also give me all the images in electronic format( digital negatives) for compensation of the inconvenience.
*Allocate extra time on my wedding day to shoot bridals at The Richmond House when my hair, makeup and flowers are already in place. And give me an additional credit of $200 on a portrait which would be ordered after the wedding and of course get digital negatives as well.
*Forego the bridal session and receive a refund of $200, the fee for a location session.

As of right now I am leaning towards the 1st option. We really want my pictures taken before the wedding so we can display my portrait at the reception.

Ya'll let me know what you think...........

Hope everything stays dry today, well for the Houston area at least!

Monday, August 4, 2008

let the countdown begin!

18 days till we start to move into our townhouse!!! ............

47 days till we get married!