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Sunday, October 25, 2009

155 and m.i.a

This marks my 155th post.....whooopty do! It's also been over a month since I last posted. You can see where my priorities are. I really never get on the computer anymore. My iphone has everything I, facebook, bank account, internet, itunes, games, google maps, weather, etc. See where I am going?? 

I've definitely been M.I.A ...... missing in action, that is. Maybe not action, but definitely missing. There has been a lot going on for the Barron bunch. I started a new job WHICH I LOVE. I work at an elementary school, its amazing. My hours are great, I get off when the kids get off...its fabulous. Brandon starts his new teaching job this Tuesday. He will be a long term sub for Jan Schiff Elementary in Sienna Plantation. He will be teaching a science lab class, its part of the out classes like music, PE, art, etc. He is VERY nervous. He tells me everyday how nervous he is. This is his first time ever teaching. He wants to make a good impression to the school and principal. Please say a little pray for my sweet husband. I know he is going to do great! 

Brandon and I have been sick the past couple of days. He got sick first. And he had been sleeping on the couch because his cough would keep me up at night. I never asked him to sleep on the couch, he just knew it would keep me up at night if he slept in bed with me coughing all night. He is so thoughtful. A day or two after he was sick, I got sick. I was wondering when that was going to happen since I work at a school with sickly kids all day. I swear, kids are gross. At least the ones at my school. I had a girl sneeze on my hand....G.R.O.S.S. I catch at least 1 kinder picking their nose and eating it everyday.... yuck! So my body finally broke down and I got sick. On Friday I was on duty in the back parking lot and it was 50 degrees outside at 7:30am. Out of all the days that I didn't bring my jacket, Friday had to be the day. I had been bringing my jacket in my car and Friday I was jacketless....freezing while opening the car doors and greeting the students. I was so cold but I acted all tough and told ppl I was fine. I wasn't. I was seriously cold the rest of the day. I then came home and realized I had been running a fever and thought that I probably had it all day. I felt horrible. Saturday rolled around. Brandon still sick, me even more sick. This was the first time B and I had been sick together. He would always get sick first, get better and then I would get sick. Not this time. was about 2pm and I saw some medicine on the kitchen counter and thought...."well isn't this nice...Brandon left me medicine to take" I took it. 30 mins later I started to get reaaaaal sleepy. And then it dawned on me. Oh crap! I took drowsy night time medicine. Needless to say I feel asleep from 2:3opm- 6:00pm. I had a great nap.....hahahha.

So now here I am, it's Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. Oh how I dread Monday's. I hope you all are doing well and looking forward to Halloweenie :) 

Until then.....