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Friday, December 31, 2010

and baby makes 3!

I'm pregnant. :) I announced it on my last post, if you didn't read it, which I don't blame you if you haven't, because quite frankly, my blog isn't all that exciting but the big announcement has been made, only on my blog, not on facebook, per my hubs request. He is not to fond of facebook. That's a whole other post, haha.

So, I am transforming my blog and making it about all things pregnancy, baby and things of that nature. I'm excited to be able to write about my journey being pregnant and for my friends and family far away to follow my journey. First off, I want to say that I am beyond blessed that God is giving this experience and journey to Brandon and I. I've always wanted to be a mom. I love babies, toddlers, kids, teens, etc. I grew up playing " babies" and I was the best mom to those babies. I've dreamed about what my babies will look like, I've tossed around names for years and now, in less than 8 months, my dreams are going to come true. I have prayed for my future children and my future pregnancies. I am lucky enough to have found my soul mate and now I am lucky enough to have the experience that God created for women, being a mom. I am so blessed. Just about 2-3 weeks before I found out I was pregnant, I really dedicated my prayer time to praying about my future children. I wanted God to know how I felt and hear me talk to him about my feelings and emotions about children. Of course, Brandon and I firmly believe that God has chosen us to parent a child according to his will and we will raise our baby in the likeness of the Lord. But also, we firmly understand that this is exactly what God wanted for us in this season of our lives.

Let me kind of give you a run down on how everything happened. Ok - get your mind out of the gutter, I don't mean " how it happened", I mean how we found out, etc.

December 16 - (Found out I am pregnant) Just a normal day at work. Actually, it was a great day because it was Thursday, the day before my last day at work before the christmas break. One of my best friends called me to have dinner with her because she just moved back to Sugar Land. We were going to go to Panera Bread but first I had to go home and change my clothes. While I was home I really had to go to the bathroom, like bad. By this time, I thought to myself, hmm... my period should have come by now. And since I had to go "potty" soooo bad I thought I should just take a pregnancy test. ( I was also having some other symptoms that you can have around "that time of the month" but also during pregnancy) So I took the test, put it casually on the back of the toliet and then went to go change my clothes. At this point, I really was positive that it was going to come back negative. I casually walked back to the toliet, picked up the test and well.... IT WAS POSITIVE. But of course I had to double check! Yep, the stick doesn't lie. It was telling me the truth. At this point, I screamed so loud I scared my dogs and even myself. Brandon was still at work, he had a meeting. I called him 46 times and no answer, which is typical, even if he isn't in a meeeting. I left the house and met up with Lisa and I kept trying to call Brandon, no answer, of course. FINALLY! he called me. I told him I was pregnant, he thought I was kidding, I told him I was pregnant, he thought I was kidding and I told him one more time and he finally believed me. He was in shock but of course happy. After dinner, I ran to the store to get one more test ( i know i know, the stick doesn't lie, I already told you that). I took the 2nd test while Brandon was in the shower and within SECONDS, it came back positive. I was pregnant.

December 17 - (Scheduled my first appointment. )We told both sets of parents. We had made dinner plans with my parents Friday because we were " celebrating" our 2 week christmas vacation. We all sat down and we were just casually talking and I had asked what everyone wanted for Christmas. Of course, everyone said nothing. And thats when I said " well what if we gave you a grandbaby for christmas?" Annnnnd they all freaked out! :) They were so excited and happy and shocked! After dinner, we headed to Brandon's parents house. I asked if Brandon wanted to tell his parents and he said he wanted to. So once again, he asked his parents what they wanted for christmas and they all said nothing but his dad followed with " well it takes 9 months to make" and thats when I thought HOW THE HECK DOES HE KNOW???? Brandon then said well, its going to happen, we are having a baby! Both of his parents flew out of their chairs and ran and gave us hugs!

December 18- 25 - Called other family members and told some friends. Started to experience morning sickness, more like all day sickness. Counting down the days till my first appointment.

December 26 - 28 Left for the hill country with my parents. Pretty much had morning sickness the whole time. I managed to make it through, brought a lot of snacks and what not.

December 29 - 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant, First appointment! I was soo nervous alllllllll day! I text my mom and told her I was so nervous. I had no idea what was going to happen, well I had a clue, but you never fully know until you get there. Brandon went with me and he was nervous too. We got into the room and there was the ultrasound machine and I think thats when it became real. I saw my name on the screen and really couldn't believe my eyes. We left out appointment with a picture of our little itty bitty baby/alien and a due date. Our baby is due August 22, 2011, the same day as my Grampies birthday :)

Now onto some signs and symptoms I've been having ...

morning sickness - all day
boobs extremely sore
rollercoaster of emotions
sensitive to almost every smell - i told brandon we can't burn any candles in our house
sleeping horrible
breaking out in weird places
frequent urination
craving salads and water - weird huh?
no energy at all

So there you have it. The run down of days since we found out the big news along with some pregnancy woes. I still can't believe this is happening, but of course I am so happy and so thankful for everything that has happened and is going to happen in the months to come.

I ask you to join me and prayer as the next 8 months are going to be life changing, exciting and unknown. Please pray for the health of the baby and all things go according to planned.

Als0, for my family that is reading this, please feel free to leave comments that you have read my blog! I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

love ya'll!

To comes ... first sonogram picture!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


A lot has happened lately. Phew! Brandon and I have been on our 17 day Christmas Vacation ( of course you have to count the weekends). It's been great spending time together, getting things done around the house, sleeping in together and most of all just being lazy. We are definitely trying to soak up the last few days of the vacation. It seems like the spring semester goes by a lot slower than the fall semester, so prayers are already being sent up to the big man.

In other Barron news.......Brandon and I were shocked to find out that I'M PREGNANT! Yep, it's true. I'M PREGGO!!!!! We found out December 16 that we are going to be parents. I had my first appointment December 29 and my expected due date is August 22. I'm just 6 1/2 weeks a long and feeling every sign and symptom possible. Disclaimer: This is the first time I have made it public, of course we have told our family and close friends, but "social media" has not been exposed to the news, per Brandon's request. I begged him to let me share my journey on my blog and he said that was totally ok, just not facebook. He is not a fan of facebook. So, if we are friends on facebook, please don't post anything on my wall. kthanks! So back to the signs and symptoms. Holy Moly, for all you mama's out there who have experienced morning sickness, or shall I say, ALL DAY SICKNESS, I can definitely feel your pain. Although I have not had to throw up, I feel queasy and sick to my stomache almost all day. My dr. gave me some meds for it and Brandon is actually picking them up as I type this. I'm hoping they work. I've also been extremely tired, which I know is completely normal. I'm just very thankful that I've had these 2 weeks to just rest ( well, I with the holidays, it's hard to rest).

But I just wanted to share the exciting news with all of you! I'm hoping to do a huge blog makeover in the next couple weeks. I want to share my journey on my blog for my friends and family, near and far. So, if you know of anyone still in the "giving" spirit, send them my way to help me transform my blog! I need all the help I can get!

I'm off to go get some rest!

Until then....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

schools out for summer , i mean christmas break!

This post won't be long but I just wanted to say that SCHOOLS OUT FOR CHRISTMAS VACATION! Can I get an Amen????? AMEN! Brandon and I both have 18 days of pure relaxation, bliss and more! We are so happy to be home together for this break. We are going to get some stuff done around the house! WAHOO! I just LOVE being a teacher, of course to be around my sweet babies, but also having the perks of long vacations :)

So that is it for now. A lot has happened since I last posted so I will fill you in later but until then..... enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

save save save!

In the past 2 days, I have saved over $300.00 on products that I have bought by using! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!

I scored this watch ( white and black). I got the white for 24.99 and 4.99. You read that right folks! What a deal!!!!!!! I bought the white watch a couple days ago from another website and it retailed for 124.99 and I just bought the black one today which retailed for $99.00.

Geneva Platinum Collection CZ Accented Bezel Ladies Watch

A Tanga Image

Last night, I scored a 1 year subscription to ESPN magazine for $3.99 for 1 years worth of magazines. The retail price was $104.00. Can you say DEAL? Of course, this is for Brandon :)

I am not addicted to and I swear by it! I look forward to what deals and coupons she post everyday!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my mama taught me right

My mama taught me right. Although, I feel that statement isn't using good grammar, I still wrote it anyway and since it's my blog, I can use bad grammar if I want to, right? You see, growing up my mom was the coupon cutter, money saver, penny pincher of the family. I remember sitting at the kitchen table watching her cut out coupons. 9 times out of 10, she wouldn't buy something unless it was on sale. I used to get embarrassed when we'd be in public and she would use a coupon to purchase something. Don't ask me why I was embarrassed, but I was. My dad on the other hand, didn't need a coupon or a sale to make a purchase. I loved that about him, haha. If he wanted it, he bought it. He didn't make irrational purchases either, he just bit the bullet and bought the item.

The older I get, I realized how my mother made an impact in my life. Why not save a buck or two? My goodness, who doesn't LOVE to say money? In my book, it is NOW cool to use coupons at the grocery store, resturants, etc. :) When I get a great deal on something, I am more likely to "brag" about the good deal than saying I bought it full price. Who doesn't like a love a good deal?

Well, the past 2 years I have really embraced coupons and look for them on the internet, papers and receive emails with coupons. I came across this website that is AMAZING. It lets you know about EVERY HOT DEAL going on.... from groceries, to clothing, to toys, etc. It's AMAZING. Did I say that already? I actually just purchased my mom's christmas gift after looking at this website and finding this AMAZING deal.

I am going to be a good blogger friend and share the website with you, in hopes that you too, will find some use out of this AMAZING website.

Once you enter the site, just continue to scroll down. There can be up to 10 posts in one day about different money saving deals. I hope you find this website helpful and money saving for your family! I just love it!!!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

what does a turkey say?

It's 12:54 am. I'm exhausted. I've had very little sleep over my Thanksgiving holiday. I've been so busy cleaning and getting the house in order that sleep has been on the back burner.

I'm dying to share with you some pictures of our Thanksgiving feast we had with my kids last Friday at school. They got to pick if they wanted to be a Native American Indian or a Pilgrim. We had yummy chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a, fruit, juice and spiced pumpkin pecan icecream. We also played pin the feathers on the turkey. Oh annnnnnd we had a lot of outside time to burn off all the sugar that had been consumed all week. Gotta love the holidays :) But let me say this. My babies are just the most precious things ever. I love them. I can't wait to see them on Monday!!!!! So with no further ado, here are my spunky little hummingbirds!

Here are my babies and I with our class pet. ( it's the pumpkin turkey). His name is Henry. It's the first name that came into my head, I know I could of picked a much better name, oh well. They loved Henry. I would see them out of the corner of my eye walk over to him and start talking to him or wave to him. Cutest.thing.ever.

Are they not the cutest boys ever? The 3 musketeers! Love each of them!

Yep, these are my cutie patooties! I get to love on these precious girls every week!

Let the festivities begin! My little pilgrims and indians!

Pin the feathers on the turkey! It was so cute!

And to end the day... a slumber party! Not really, it was nap time. Since the schedule of the day was so thrown off to due the Thanksgiving feast, we started nap time late so we popped in veggie tales and we had a "slumber party". They loved it.

I really could go on and on about my hummingbirds. I really can't wait to see them Monday. I can't wait to get hugs and kisses!

welcome to our home

First things first. I will be posting a few more posts after this one
because a lot has happened since I last posted. I need to catch all of you ( you know, my 100 readers, haha) up on what's been going on. Most importantly, I have pictures! Let's be honest, a blog post is so much better with pictures and quite frankly, I've been lacking pictures lately. I'm a picture queen. I love taking pictures, but for some reason this past year or so, I have been M.I.A when it comes to whipping the camera out to snap a memory or two or three or ten. I digress.....

Most of you know that Brandon and I have moved into our first home. We moved in September and we are just getting things put away, hung and organized. Since I have had a week off, more like 9-10 offs including the weekends, I have busted my tail to get things put away, hung on the walls and organized. We've painted the game room, bathroom up stairs and hallway. We have put some serious work in this place.... minus our bedroom and bathroom. That's a whole other story. Brandon keeps bugging me about it. See, I'd rather get all the rooms that are visible to the eye when you walk in the house decorated, cleaned up and ready for visitors. Our bedroom and bathroom are last on my list. We had our first family party last night with my parents, brother and my extended family ( aunt, uncle, cousins, etc). It went great! They played poker up in the gameroom. Playing poker the Friday after Thanksgiving is a tradition that we set when my moms sister Kathy moved to Texas about 4-5 years ago. It's a good time of fun, fellowship and winning some money, haha. Not me of course. I don't play poker.

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures with you of our house. We are still in the progress of painting and decorating.

Disclaimer:please excuse any random paint splotches on the walls, random shoes, jackets, dog toys/bones laying around. :)

This is our foyer area. We will be painting the downstairs, hopefully soon. It really adds so much when there is paint on the walls. I'm hoping to replace that table with an older piece that I can re-finish. But this will do for now :) We also want to rip out all of carpet and add wood flooring. Hopefully that will happen soon.

My cross wall. Can't wait to add more crosses!

I present to you.... the gameroom! We just painted this last weekend. We just added the new 50 inch plasma to the wall, Brandon is spoiled, that's all I'm saying :)

The Man Cave. This was the first room we painted in the house. It has been updated since I posted a pic on facebook a while ago. This room is filled with all sports stuff that Brandon and collected over the years. It really is a cute room! Of course you need a man cave christmas tree :) It's a cowboys tree. I know, they suck this season, haha.

Here is the desk with his diplomas. I'd like to introduce you to our good friend, Bucky. Brandon shot him when he was 12 years old. Poor deer.

Guest bathroom upstairs. LOVE THIS bathroom. Sometimes I just walk upstairs to go look at it. I'm not kidding.

Another shot of the bathroom. I think what I love the most is that everything in the bathroom, (minus to the 2 wall hangings above the towels) I already had. The two wall hangings above the towels we a clearance purchase at Hobby Lobby. They were brown and I spray painted them black.
How did she get in this post? This little dog is my shadow. Wherever I go, she goes. She actually is scared to climb up the stairs herself, so I carry her. Pathetic, I know. Spoiled, I know. She had followed me upstairs when I took these pictures so I had to snap a shot of my baby.

I will show you more pictures later like the outside of our home, the kitchen, dining room, living room BUT NOT the master bedroom and bathroom :)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Be back soon with more posts!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm a hummingbird, my preschool class that is. It's ironic my class is called the hummingbirds because my mamie ( grandma : my mom's mom) LOVES hummingbirds. She is actually obsessed with them. So, naturally, when I heard my class was called the hummingbirds, I immediately thought of my mamie's love for them. I'm going to be honest though, I was kind of disapointed when I found out the name. I thought, why can't we be the Zebras, Leopards, Giraffes or Monkeys. It's easy to find all things zebra, leopard, giraffe or monkey. Not so easy finding hummingbird things. For the record, I'm over it now, haha. I am glad we are called the hummingbirds, after all, that is what God chose us to be. The class name suites my babies perfect.

I get a good laugh when I look at this picture. You can't make everyone happy, right? I love this kids. I pray for them everyday and thank God that I am getting to be a part of their little lives. I love taking pictures of them. Capturing the fun things they do at school, the time they spend with their friends and to document this year of their life that they won't remember when they are probably, oh..... 26 years of age, like me.

Dear God,
Thank you for choosing me to be a part of these little angels lives. I am truly blessed by them everyday. Although I might get upset or seem short tempered from time to time, I am constantly reminded that you love these little children and you have made them to be the little people they are. May you continue to live in the hummingbirds hearts and may your spirit flourish in our classroom daily. I love you and thank you for all you do.


Monday, November 15, 2010

you reap what you sow

I believe in consequences. I believe if someone isn't doing something right, their should be an appropriate punishment. Ok, that sounded harsh. I believe in right and wrong. I believe in telling the truth. I believe in being honest and loyal. Get my drift here? Let me explain.

The photographer for our engagement photos, bridal portraits and wedding photos has been on the news last Friday and today for scamming people in the Houston area. I am one of those people. You see, she "lost" my bridal portraits so I had to re-take them. The day of the wedding, she had "corrupted data" on her photo card and about 50 photos ( immediate and extended family photos) were "ruined" .... could not retrieve them from the camera. So Brandon and I had no photos of our extended family like cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. It took 1 year to get our wedding album. We had to hire an attorney for the whole situation. She avoided us, never returned our calls. I think I called her 50 times in 1 week and never got a call back. Her home phone number was a fax number, her cell phone voicemail box was full. She didnt return emails. I'm telling you, I was running around in circles. So we hired an attorney like I said earlier. We finally settled with a monetary refund and a year later we got our album. We are still not happy about the situation.

We thought we were the only ones who were getting scammed by this woman. Well, we were wrong. She has been all over the news the past couple of days. Couples who got married in 2006 still haven't received their wedding album. They took her to small claims court and they won, but it didn't matter, she didn't follow through with her promises. She's lied, she's be sneaky, she's been untrustworthy, she's been a horrible communicator, etc. I really could go on.

I actually was contacted by the BBB about this situation. The media wanted to contact me but I was fishy about the whole situation so I didn't respond. Well, I emailed the lady back today. We'll see what will come of it.

You reap what you sow. And boy, did she deserve what is coming to her. Her business needs to be shut down. If you are interested in seeing the story, go to channel 11 news and type in photographer.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS - one week from today I will be snuggled in my bed sleeping in till 11:00am :)


Thursday, November 11, 2010

out of the mouth of babes

I love my job. I see and hear some of the cutest, funniest, hysterical things on a daily basis. I could walk into work with little sleep or in a bad mood, but the minute I see my babies, they cheer me up and put a smile on my face. I love their hugs, their kisses, their laughs, their smiles and sense of humors. Preschoolers, really are, the most precious thing and I am so lucky to be a part of their lives. I'm the lucky one, that's for sure. Here is a quick list of a few of my favorite things that I love about my little hummingbirds.

1. listening to them pray everyday.
2. getting hugs and kisses 150,000 times a day.
3. when i hear " i love you ms. kellianne".
4. i have given nicknames to some of my kids and hearing the other kids call them by their nicknames like its their first name.
5. hearing the kids have conversations between each other. hilarious.
6. watching them have a BLAST in P.E. on Tuesdays and Fridays.
7. having one of my babies say they prayed for me last night
8. receiving pictures and drawings and that child coming up with the best story as to what that picture is
9. hearing them sing songs like "in my fathers house" or "my god is to big"
10. seeing them walk into class with a BIG smile on their face.

Those, by the way, were put in no particular order. Although, hearing them pray everyday would be my all-time fave.

Lately, my kids sure have been saying some very funny things. Here's a sneak peak.
This happened last week...

Me : Aaron, go tell Ms. Rhonda that I am going to ride the elevator upstairs.
Aaron: (running and screaming) Ms. Rhonda!!!! Ms. Kellianne is going to take the elevator.
Me: Thanks Aaron!
( i get upstairs)
Tyler - Ms. Kellianne - you just ride in the alligator?
Me: Yes, Tyler, I just rode the alligator. He spit me out.

This happened a couple weeks ago...

(waking kids up from rest time) Me: Aaron - roll your mat up and go put your mat in the tub. You rested nicely today, I'm proud of you. Did you want to be the "tub monitor"? ( help the other kids put their napmats in the plastic tubs)
Aaron: Sure, I'll be the thermometer.

This happened in carpool line

(sitting with the kids waiting to hear their carpool number called)
Daniel - Ms. Kellianne - are those your fast shoes? ( I wore my tennis shoes because of my back, I needed more support)
Me: Yes Daniel, these are my fast shoes.
Daniel: Wow! I want those shoes, can I have them?

I apologize if none of those stories were funny, but they had me cracking up. I'm sure as the school year progresses I'll have more stories and I'll be happy to share.

By the way, I am on a roll with posting on my blog! wahoo!

Everyone have a blessed night!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Loyal Friend

I must say, Shutterfly has been a loyal friend to over the past 5 or so years. What's that you say? Shutterfly-who? Let me explain. You see, Shutterfly has to be one of the BEST websites for any photography need. Whether you need prints made, photobooks created, englargements of your most favorite picture or best yet- the classic holiday card - Shutterfly has it all!

I'm serious when I say this.....I truly love Shutterfly! I created my first photobook about 5 years ago and I haven't looked back since. I have created 2 books for friends, 1 book for my brother, 3 books for Brandon and I - and 1 in the making. They have great deals, user friendly and most of all FUN!

Christmas is right around the corner - can you believe it? I sure can't. How did it get here so fast? When you're a pre-school teacher, days, weeks and months just start to merge together after awhile and you lose track of what day it is. Anywho - In August my family and I had pictures taken for the first time in over 15 plus years. We made sure to get them taken before my dad underwent surgery for his cancer on his ear. Needless to say, they turned out fantastic and I can't wait to use one of the lovely pictures for Brandon and I's 2010 Christmas card! I love sending and recieving Christmas cards - especially if there is a picture within that card. I've been looking at the shutterfly website and I have come across a few cards that I am loving this year.

Although Brandon and I don't have kids yet to fill all those pictures slots, I love the monogram in the middle of the card which makes it more personalized!

Love this clean and simple look. The black/white picture really makes the card.

Jesus is the reason for the season and that's why I love this card so much. How many cards do you receive that says " Have a Christ Filled Christmas!" Love it!

If I had a sweet precious baby like this one on this card (I'm asking Santa for a baby for Christmas), I would totally go with this card. How could you not be joyous and blessed with this sweet baby?

Well - those are just SOME of the cards I love this year from shutterfly. They have a FANTASTIC collection this year. I am very impressed! So whether you are needing christmas cards , photobooks or prints .... make shutterfly your "go-to" friend for all your needs!

Also - one last thing. Shutterfly is giving 50 free holiday cards to ANY and ALL BLOGGERS! So if you are a blogger and want 50 FREE holiday cards click here.

Now go look at Shutterfly and "oooo and ahhh" at the christmas card collection!!!

remember me? :)

Hi. My name is Kellianne Barron and I have been MIA for the past 7-8 months in the blogging world. I can't give you a really good reason as to why I haven't posted in such a long time ( well, actually, I do have 1 or 2 reasons why, but I won't explain those now, maybe some other time).
But in all honesty, I've just kind of been "blah" about blogging. I've wanted to blog, but couldn't think of anything to blog about. Even though I haven't been blogging, I do still keep up with other peoples blogs. I'm pretty sure that's called " blog stalking".... yeah... that's what it is called. I love keeping up with people lives. Seeing pictures, reading stories, being noisy. It's what I do.
A lot has happened since I last posted in March. The past 7-8 months has consisted of .... loss of job, get a new job, lose that job, go to 2 summer camps as a camp counselor, get a new job, Brandon starts his first year of teaching, purchase our first home, find out dad has melanoma cancer on his ear, serious car problems and now serious back problems.

Let me catch you up to speed and give you a little more detail on what's been happening in the Barron Household....

1. I was "let go" from my job in Fort Bend ISD due to budget cuts. My position was completely eliminated in ALL elementary schools in FBISD. I was soooooo sad at the same time. I LOVED working at Sugar Mill Elementary and loved my kids.
2. I immediately found a new job, but not in education. I was hired as an admin assistant. I worked there for a month and a half. Pretty short huh? I was called into the office at about 2:30 on a Thursday and said "it wasn't working out". I was given no details as to what went wrong. I was never talked to previous to this about anything I was doing. This was quite a surprise. I wasn't devastated that I was "let go" or "fired" whatever you want to call it. I was devasted because I have never been "fired" for something before. It really takes a toll on your ego and emotions.
3. During that time, Brandon and I were trying to buy our first home.
4. I got a job at Cornerstone Christian Academy - the private christian school that is at my church. I know that this is EXACTLY where God wants me. I am teaching pre-school.
5. Brandon and I closed on our first home September 4, 2010. It's been crazy since that day. Boxes, unpacking, boxes - you know how it goes.
6. Brandon started his first year of teaching 4th grade Math/Science at Jan Schiff Elementary. He really enjoys teaching. I know he is a great teacher and is making a huge impact at Schiff. Oh, he also coached 7th grade football at Baines Middle School. He loved it.
7. I coached volleyball at Cornerstone. It was CCA's first year to have sports. Although we didn't win 1 game ( god bless my girls hearts) I really learned about myself through the process. The girls were precious.
8. I have gone through some serious car issues ( some of you know if I am friends with you on facebook). Long story short, the wrong oil filter was put on my car - all the oil drained out. I drove my car but did not know that the oil drained out. Ruined my engine. Played phone tag and did some investigation and had to get a new engine. I didn't pay for it. I am waiting on my $800.00 check to come my way.
9. I hurt my back coaching volleyball. Thought it was a pinched nerve. Over 2 weeks it got better. Went back to playing softball and then I re-injured it. HORRIBLE. I have 2 bulging and herniated discs.
10. My dad was diagnost with stage 2 melanoma cancer on his ear. He has been through 3 surgeries in the last 2 months. His cancer was just shy of spreading to the lymph nodes. It had became invasive and was border line of spreading to the lymph. Praise God. He just had another surgery and he is recovering.

Ok- if you are still reading this.... GOD BLESS YOU. I am not the most exciting person. I'm just a married pre-school teacher who loves her dogs like they are her children and enjoy eating chips and icecream for dinner on occasion.

I am hoping I can get back into blogging. But first.... I AM IN DESPERATE NEED FOR A BLOG MAKEOVER. My design has been there since Christmas 2009! Know anyone who can help a sista out who has no money to buy a new design? Hey- i'm a pre-school teacher. No need to explain.

Well my friends, I hope you stick around because I definitely want to give this blogging journey a face-life and another go around.

bye for now!


Monday, March 29, 2010

paradise? i think so.

If this isn't paradise, I don't know what is ( well, other than heaven, of course)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

it's 5 o'clock somewhere

Wasting away again in margaritaville.....looking for my lost shaker of salt. Oh sorry, I was just singing the Jimmy Buffet tune that was the theme to my WONDERFUL, AMAZING, FANTASTIC spring break. My amazing parents treated my brother, brandon and I to another tremendous family vacation. I really do have the best parents in the world. They love to travel. And when they travel it's a MUST that they tote their amazing children and son-in-law with them. It's only natural. Since Brandon and I have been together ( it will be 5 years this July ) we have vacationed to several places as a family. In no particular order, we have all ventured to the Texas Hill Country, Chicago, New York and Florida. Like I said, I have the most amazing parents in the world. They are so generous to us and we are very thankful for that.

This spring break we ALL set flight ( haha ) to Florida. Every year my dad as a big convention in Orlando and my mom and dad usually make a little vacay out of it together. This year, they invited the kids ( that'd be my brother, brandon and myself ). We had 4 destinations to go to, so needless to say, this was going to be a very busy trip.

My parents flew out Thursday and us kids flew out Friday. Funny story - our original flight wit Airtran was CANCELLED! There was bad weather in Atlanta which was where our stop was before we got into Orlando. So Airtran said they would refund our money or get us on the next flight which was TUESDAY of spring break. Mind you, we were flying out Friday the 12th of March. All the other airlines were booked due to spring break. We started to panic. I whipped out my laptop, Brandon was on my iphone and my brother was running from airline to airline checking to see if they could get us on a flight ANYWHERE to Florida. Luckily, jetblue let us know that where was a flight on continental airlines heading to Orlanda at 7:30pm on Friday. So my brother called the airline, booked our flight ( there were only 5 seats left when we called and we needed about God looking out for us). Sidenote : For the airlines that were not booked, tickets were going for $1,500 or more.
We only needed a one way flight b/c we were coming back on Southwest. So needless to say, Continental airlines ADDED the flight we were on due to booked flights and cancelled flights. We were at hobby airport and then found ourselves at Bush Int'l airport. Our one way tickets were $500 a piece. CRAZY! Like I said above...... my parents are amazing and they were determined to get their kids to Florida ( plus we would of missed visiting with my grandparents if we didn't leave till Tuesday). There is a moral to the story...

So our flight to orlando was delayed several times and we ended up not getting in till 1am, BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Now our first leg of the trip was in Orlando where my dad's company were on their last leg of the convention. Brandon, my brother and I just hung out and bummed around town from Saturday - Sunday. We stayed at the Gaylord Palms hotel which is AMAZING. I'll be posting pictures of it. From there we headed to Summerfield, Fla which is where my grandparents live. We stayed there from Monday - Tuesday. We just relaxed and visited with my g-parents and my aunt and her baby Shayn. It was a good time of catching up and relaxing. After Summerfield we ventured down to Jupiter, Fla, where I grew up in my early childhood. We visited several places like the softball fields ( which was a must ), the beaches we grew up going to, our condo we used to live in, my FAVORITE icecream shop, and my aunt chrissy. We did a lot more but that was the jist of that destination. Once we wrapped up our activities in Jupiter we were now on the last leg of our trip which was to KEY WEST, FLORIDA!

We drove to Key West, which any native Key Westerner would recommend driving to the Keys. We went through 29 islands and over 42 bridges which one of those bridges was 7 miles long. The drive was breath taking. We were surrounded by water on both sides. Not just water, but mesmerizing water. The bluest of blues. Let's just say that galveston has NOTHING on these beaches, haha. The first keys we went through was Key Largo and the last keys we went through as Key West, our final destination.

Key West is amazing. I don't know how else to explain it. It's like no other island I have been to. You don't feel like you are in Florida anymore. Key West is about 4 miles long. So all you have to do is make one loop around the perimeter and everything is at your finger tips. It's clean, sunny, beautiful and relaxing. We were there from Wednesday- late Friday night. I really could go into detail about KW but I will let the pictures tell the story.

This trip was definitely what everyone needed. We all came back more relaxed and sun kissed.
Tomorrow we are all back to the grind. I am excited to see my kids and get back into a routine. 6:30 am will definitely be a struggle to get used to, but getting back to work is one step closer to summer, wahoo!

I will post pictures on my next post :)

So if you read all of this.... YOU ARE A CHAMP! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm so selfish. Quite frankly, I've been overly selfish lately, wait, all the time. While I keep thinking about me I am doing no good for myself and the people around me. I find myself saying
"why me" . My life struggles right now are mere shadows compared to the giant struggles people around me are suffering through. So instead of saying "why me" .... I want to say " I'll pray for you".

It's so not about me.

I want to dedicate this post to all and anyone who is suffering with pain, hurt, trials and tribulations, anger, hate, the loss of a loved one, the diagnoses of an illness, missing a loved one who has passed or anything that needs praying for.

I will pray for you. Because quite frankly, it's not about me.

My heart goes out to each of you who I know and those I don't. Although I might not know the pain or suffering you are enduring right now, I do know that we serve a mighty God. I pray that through this time that you latch onto the Lord and never let go.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Monday, February 1, 2010

the mystery meat.....spam.

Have you ever had spam? like the real thing that comes in a metal can? I have. Let me tell you something.....I was desperate, ok? I just didn't decide one day that I wanted to TRY let a lone EAT spam. What the heck is spam anyway? I digress.....

I was in colorado on a camping trip for 9 days. We had all of our belongings in a backpack. 50-70lbs trapped to your back, including parts of your tent, cook ware, clothes, food, and you guessed it.... spam. Space is limited people. I can't just juggle around a bag a lays chips, lunch meat and bread. It's gotta be compact food. So spam was included. We had it for breakfast one morning. Quite frankly, I don't remember what it taste like, but I know it wasn't pleasant. Let's just say, I will not be eating spam in the near future.

This post really isn't about the mystery meat we have known to love, spam. It's about the spam that isn't a meat. Email spam.

Gosh darn-it people, I have had MORE people, companies, whatever you wanna call it, spam me on my previous posts leaving me comments in chinese? I mean really, CHINESE?????? ( i kinda want to get an interpreter to read it to me so i know what it says). This weekend I was sent 8 emails of people spamming my blog and leaving comments. All in chinese, go figure.

With that said, I am going PRIVATE. I really hate to do this but I really don't want anymore chinese written on my previous or future posts. So for all of you ( which is not many ) who read my blog and want to continue to have a sneak peak into my spam-free life, PLEASE send me an email at or leave a comment on this post.

This will be effective this Friday Feb. 5th, 2010.

Please don't be shy.

It's ok, I'm a blog stalker too. I realized that I LOVE peering into other peoples lives who are just a click away on my macbook.

Whether I know you really well, just met or have NEVER met, I would love for you to continue to get to know me on this wonderful journey I am on. :)

Email me or leave a comment with your email address!

Thanks ya'll!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I know. I just posted about an hour ago. But.... my friend Kelsey in the blogging world came to my rescue. She told me to go to her blog and check out the giveaway that she is I guess, co-hosting with Munchin Land Designs. It's a free blog makeover. You better believe that I have entered 3 times to win :) I hope I DO!


I totally need a facelift. Don't you think?

Ok ok...... I personally don't need a facelift, well not yet anyway. My blog needs a facelift. Can someone help me? Either for free or for very little money. I am totally broke after the holidays.



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

how bout them boys.....

Brandon and I went to the last Dallas Cowboys game of the season at the new stadium. One word. UNREAL. Our seats were in the endzone on the cowboys side 20 rows up, pretty much amazing. Here are some pictures to share with you the amazingness of this place. Pictures seriously don't do it justice but it gives you can idea.

PS - Brandon and I left the game at 1/2 time because we had a girl throw up behind us, I was hit in the head 3 times by a drunk man behind me, Brandon got beer poured all over him and his new cowboys jersey and everyone around us was wasted. 3 sheets to the wind. Our experience was slightly ruined.....Wouldn't you leave?