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Sunday, November 16, 2008

ode to my precious blackberry

oh how i'll miss you, my friend. i am so sorry that i let a bottle of diet dr. pepper drown you in my purse.

on friday @ 1:30pm , my blackberry was killed by a bottle of diet dr. pepper that was in my coach purse. i thought the cap was screwed on tight enough and threw the bottle in my purse. i felt something cold/wet against my shirt as i was walking into a school. i checked what it was and sure enough, the bottle that was COMPLETELY FULL , had opened and poured out in my purse.

i, of course, was devastated. my purse, wristlet, glasses, sunglasses, checks, passport and phone were just DRENCHED in diet dp. so sad.

everything made it out "ok" other than my pretty much brand spankin' new blackberry. brandon had got it for me for my birthday in june, so it wasn't that old. it had never been dropped, but of course drown in diet dp.

right now i have a make-shift phone that is from the 1970's (Danni, stop laughing!). but hey, at least i have a phone. annnnnnnnnd, i have insurance on it so i will be getting a new one soon.

which reminds me, i need to call the company to mail me a new one.

anyway, i'll miss you pearl, you've been a good friend.

hope everyone had a good weekend.

* next post will have pictures *