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Monday, June 20, 2011


Don't worry, I'm still here. Life has been so busy lately.

I don't have much time to post because I am trying to finish some school work but I thought I would give ya'll a little run down on what's been happening in my life as of late.

Still in school.... blah!
Came back from Abilene June 11 - good week!
Baby shower June 18 - absolutely amazing - Pics to come!
Celebrated fathers day - awesome day!
3d/4d ultrasound today - pics to come!

And that's all I have for now. Sorry it's so short!

Bye friends!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

pacifers, diapers and bottles

Those are the only things I need right?

Goodness gracious! Although I registered quite sometime ago, I feel like I don't have everything I need. Please don't take that wrong, like I'm selfish or whatnot, but I just feel as though, there are many things I am missing, even though I'm probably not.

I mean, this is my first "rodeo" ya know and there are many things I am not sure about - there I said it! You see, I have babysat for many families or the last several years, I'd say at last 10 years. I have babysat for families that have infants to 10 year olds, I've pretty much covered all basis. Not only have I been babysitting for a long time, I also have worked with children for several years, so I feel that I have a good grasp on kids and what it's like being " mom " for the day.

But the more and more I think about, I'm rather scared about the adventure I am about to embark. Of course I am thrilled, excited, happy, overjoyed and anticipating the arrival of Bristol, but of course, human nature is setting in. Do I really know what I am doing? Will I know how to feed her right? Burp her correctly? The list goes on....

So besides the emotions that I am going through right now..... I wanted to ask all of you mama's out there what you recommend that I register for, other than the main items. Of course I need the stroller, carseat, bouncer, swing, pack n play.

What about the little items? What type of bottles and how many do I register for? I did register for 2 different kinds because someone told me she might not like a certain brand so register for more than one brand and don't over register for both brands. Does this make sense? Ah!

So here is what I am asking of you....

Can you send me your top 10 list of MUST HAVES of baby items that you couldn't and can't live without?

You can comment on here or email me at

I really would LOVE to hear from you because I need all the help I can get :)


as of late.

Life is about to be super busy for the Barron Family, or should I just say me?

Here's what's been happening as of late....

* Brandon's 26th Birthday was May 19
* Brandon's school gave us a baby shower May 23
* Last day of work was May 27
* Memorial Day fun with the fam
* Laying out by the pool and exercising in the pool
* Running endless errands
* Still going to school full -time

Upcoming events ....

* Celebrate my birthday Friday June 3 - cheesecake factory - YUM!!
* Leave for Abilene, Texas Sunday June 5 - 11
* My 27th birthday June 6
3d/4d ultrasound June 13
* Monthly Dr. appointment June 16
* Baby shower June 18
* Baby shower June 25
* Maternity photos somewhere in between those days... haha
* Church baby shower July 10
* My mom and brothers birthday July 17
* My dad's birthday August 1
* I will take a break from school on August 1 so I can prepare for baby :)
* And Bristol should arrive sometime around August 22

I know there are other "happenin's" in my life that I'm missing out, but that's all this pregnant brain can think of right now. I just hope I can keep up with everything and everyone in these last few months.

I'm 28 1/2 weeks pregnant. Bristol is a mover and a shaker and loves to put on a show for mommy. BUT, when someone else puts their hand on my stomache, she gets a little shy. It's funny. Brandon, my mom and my dad have felt her move, but this was after many times of
"place hand on belly".

I am feeling great! I have no complaints, really. I mean no major complaints. Right now, my sleep is suffering but that's ok, I have to get used to it, right? I've been swimming laps in my parents pool and doing water aerobics and I LOVE IT. I'm really glad that I am pregnant during the summer because I love a good tan and a good workout where I don't sweat. Can I get an amen? :)

Well, I think that is it for now. I'm hoping I will have a lot of pictures to post in the next few months. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer because I know I am!!!