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Monday, December 1, 2008

giving you the down low and the low down of the Barron's

Let me fill you in on what has been happening as of late ....

1. I've been having very bad chest pains lately. The last couple of weeks my chest has been killing me - it feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife ( not like I know what that feels like or anything ) . So I just scheduled an appointment with the Doctor for Wednesday. Please pray that nothing is seriously from with me.

2. Danni and I decoupaged our little hearts away on Saturday. Bryan and Danni came to Sugar Land ( to my parents house ) and we all hung out. Well actually, Bryan was our "Ty Pennington" for the day and cut all of our wood for us while Brandon was at work. Brandon came home around 3:30 and the boys watched football while Danni and I decoupaged - 6 hours to be exact. We made some SUPER cute things - I will have pictures to post later , I gotta charge the camera battery.

3. Remember that secret I was telling you about in the past posts of mine? It had to deal with that picture of that cute little house? Well, Brandon and I just bought our very first lot to build our VERY FIRST HOME on! We have been talking about how much we wanted to movie and need a change and we found a great little neighborhood that we fell in love with and the PRICE WAS RIGHT my friends. We could of never afforded a house like this if the economy was good right now, but thank you Jesus that it's not good- you know what I mean. So we are building our first home. I'm probably jumping the gun here because we haven't gotten our mortage finalized yet and all that but we put money down for the lot, found the home we wanted and so that is just the begining to a LONNNNG process. But needless to say, we are very excited. We met our neighors already! Their names are Bryan and Danni McDonald. You might be thinking, " oh are those the friends you always hang out with?" Why yes they are! Our NEXT DOOR neighbors are Bryan and Danni! We got the lot RIGHT NEXT TO THEM!??!?!? How cool is that? We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Long story short...... the lots that were open by them were all sold. Pretty much all the lots were sold in the front of the neighborhood. They just opened a street in front of the railroad tracks and Brandon and I didn't want to move there. We were kinda bummed that no lots were left that we wanted. While my family and I and Danni were in Old Town Spring, one of the sales guys found Brandon and told him that the lot next to B&D was open!!!! Of course we didnt believe it but he reassured us that it was. Brandon then called me and told me the news and OF COURSE we jumped at the chance! So, we are neighbors next to our good friends and couldn't be happier!!!!! God does good things I tell ya! :)

Anyway... that is our life as of late. SO many more good things to come!


The Doty's said...

OMIGOSH!!! that is just about amazing...and i am 100% jealous...maybe i can just move in with y'all. that is so cool, i'm so happy for the newlywed couple. congrats!

Valerie said...

congratulations Kluv.. this is huge!

i'm so jealous you guys are going to be living next door to each other! i'd love to have close friends living nearby!

Lauren said...

hey K! ummm, I'm definitely NOT the "blog pro" but what kind of button are you talking about? If I know how to help you I will, but honestly, I'm pretty me

oh and congrats on the house! wayyyyyyyyy cool!!!

Valerie said...

btw.. good luck on your doctor's appointment tomorrow..

jd is always bothering me about making appointments so it's good you're taking initiative..

take care!

Susan Schrock said...

That is very exciting! Be patient through the long mortgage process!

Susan Schrock said...

Oh, and I hope everything goes well for you at the doctor's office and you get some relief and peace of mind soon.

Lynn said...

How very fun will that be! I can imagine the pranks on that street all the time. You'll have so many sweet memories to make. GOOD LUCK! Enjoy this part of your life.

Lynn said...

And most importantly .... your doctor's appointment. I hope all goes well. Be brave if there are needle sticks! I am sure that with all you have going on it's going to be STRESS! You take of yourself though. KEep us posted for sure!