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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1 year down...many more to go

I truly cannot believe that Brandon and I have been married for 1 year. We've been together for 4 years and that went by fast but our first married year ZOOMED by. There are so many things that I could say about our first year as a married couple but I really will spare you. Now don't get me wrong, don't think I am a bad wife for not saying how I feel about the past year, but to honest, I just don't feel like typing it all out. I know, I'm bad. My husband knows how I feel about him, us, and our little family ( dogs, not children). I love him more than words can express and I thank God every day for him. 

For our anniversary, we decided to take a road trip to the Texas Hill Country. One word - BEAUTIFUL. We had an amazing time together, shopping, eating, riding in the car, listening and singing to country music for 3 days straight. We definitely shared A LOT of laughs together on this trip too. I love laughing with Brandon. I think it is my favorite thing to do with him. 

So without futher adue, here are the many pictures we took on our trip. 

Whoop! We finished up our Texas Hill Country Anniversary Trip by going to the beloved Texas Aggies Football game. If you have no expierence a home game at Kyle Field, YOU NEED TO GO. Even if you are not an Aggie fan or if you could care less about what team wins, you need to go. The tradition at A&M is unbelievable, and I am ALL ABOUT tradition. ACU really never had tradition....well they did, but nothing like A&M. I wish so badly that Brandon went to A&M for college. He has been a fan since age 2-3. He has been going to games since that young age. He knows every song, every cheer, every players name - past and present. He loves it there. Mark my words, Brandon will go there someday..... :)

He was truly in heaven.

Gruene Hall = amazing! The history in that dance hall is awesome! If you have not gone, GO. Love Love Love it! This was Brandon's first time to go and he was amazed.

We came across this cross on a mountain. We stopped. Parked the car. Trekked up the mountain. Took pictures. It was beautiful. 

Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach, Texas. Such a cute little town. We could barely find the place, but alas, we did.

The famous post office. It's pretty much the only thing in town.

On our way to Fredricksburg, Texas - we saw this HUGE tree. I had to take a picture of it. It's amazingly big and amazingly pretty. Nothing says Hill Country more than this tree.

Other than my trusty i-phone, Brandon was our little navigator for the trip. He solely read this map everyday to get us from point a to point b. He's sooo good!

Here we are. Right before we left on our trip. I had to get a picture of us together. Because as you know, when you go on a trip with just 2 people ( including yourself), its rather hard to get a picture of you together rather than a solo pic infront of your favorite place. Love the self-timer.

One last picture before our trip ended. 

I love you Brandon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

its the nerd in me

Actually, I am quite proud to admit the following statement.......


Ok. so enough of the ALL CAPS thingy.... I'm seriously soooooo stinking excited, stoked ( never used that word before in my life) happy, gleeful ( in conjuction with the new show glee) estatic and, joyful about this movie. You see, I have some friends in my life that kept pushing me to read this stupid book called Twilight. I refused and refused. I hated reading. I kinda still do. And finally, I gave in ( yes, JD, Danni, Val and Kristen - I GAVE in). You guys won and boy am I glad you did. 

If you have not read the Twilight Saga books....YOU.NEED.IT. Go to the store NOW! BUY.THEM.NOW! Yes, I sound PYSHCO and maybe I am, but this isn't about ME. Its about you, missing out on what could change your whole life ( not really, well maybe). So please, do me a favor, help me sleep a little better at night, read the books. When you start Twilight, you will never look back. I started the Twilight movement at my office. See? I am a movment maker, starter...whatever the heck you want to call it. 


Ok, bye! 

PS - if this post freaked you out....I will not apologize. So get over it. :)