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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well it's official.

My photographer lost my bridal portraits. She told me to give her a couple days ( which means 2) and she would get back with me. That was over a week ago when she said that..... I emailed 2 times, called 8 times. 2 times Tuesday and 6 times today. Yes, you read that right. I called her that many times because she had never contacted me back.....why? Because she knew she lost them and didn't want to contact me and tell me the news. I called and called today and finally on the last call she answered.

I am beyond belief upset. I feel so bad for my co-worker Leslie, I vent to her everyday about some sort of mis-happening my life. I am sure she is so sick of hearing all the mess. I just want to know how someone can lose bridal portraits? REALLY? My mom, of course, is telling me to get over it and take new ones. I don't want to. Well, some part of me does but the other part doesn't. I don't even want this photographer taking pictures are my wedding. I am so disguisted now. Unfornately, we have already paid her in FULL. No turning back. I wish I could. Just the thought of wearin my 7,000 lb dress in the DEAD HEAT OF AUGUST make me want to cry. No thanks, I'll pass. I totally want to go to another photographer but like I said, we already paid her in full and I don't think I can afford to pay for another photographer. No anyone who will do it for free? :)

So there is my second blog for the day. I hate to sound selfish but say a little prayer for me, I really have been emotional, frustrated, mad, sad, happy, excited, pissed, and many more feelings lately. I really just need a sense of peace and comfort right now. Thanks ya'll.

leaving a legacy....

Two years ago today my Nannie passed away at 86 years old. I was very close with my Nannie. She was the type of woman that everyone wanted to strive to be like. Nannie was that woman who could sit in a room and not say a word at all but you knew what she was thinking. She was softspoken but yet knew when to speak up. She was petite, standing only 4'10, white hair, crooked smile and pale skin. Everyone tells me I am her twin- when I was younger I don't think I took that very well - I always thought, why would someone young like me want to look like an elderly woman? Boy, was I naive. When people tell me that today, I take pride and happiness in hearing those words. It really is an honor to embodie any quality of her. Everyone always knew when Nannie walked into the room. She had a presence about her that calmed and soothed the room. She never complained if she was in pain or not feeling well, she just dealt with it. She was a strong woman. She was gentle and loving and had to hug everyone she saw. I took those hugs for granted sometimes. She really is the most gentle person I know, the most Godly woman I know, the most respected woman I know, the most generous, self-less, patient, sincere, loving, kind-hearted woman I know.

Nannie always made sure her family knew that they were loved by her. Every holiday, and when I say every, I mean every, she would send all of her grandkids a card in the mail. Easter, St. Patricts Day, Valentines Day , etc..... a card was always sitting in your mail box. And inside that card was always $5 dollars with a little note from Nannie. As I was cleaning out my room the other day I found one of the last cards she had given me and it was for Valentines Day. Her note said this..." Kellianne... use this money and treat yourself to a bag for valentine candy." Nannie didn't have a lot of money but she always wanted us to feel loved. For christmas she always had stocking stuffers for EVERYONE in the family. We have a very large family, at least 20 of us, probably more. She would go shopping and hand-pick everything that would go in each of bags. She wanted to make it personal because she wanted us to feel loved by her. Every year, all of us would go to Nannie's house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Day is when we got to open our stocking-stuffer bag. I know this part was everyone's favorite. Forget the stuff we got for Christmas, we wanted our stocking-stuffer goodies from Nannie. She recycled the bags every year and everyone would always get the same one. My bag had a cat on it, I still have that bag. It's those traditions that she has made that have stuck with our family. Holiday season was Nannie's favorite because she got to be with all her kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

Nannie never had any "step" children. Meaning, my mom was always her daughter, she loved her like she was her own. She took in everyone we brought to her house. Brandon was accepted the minute she laid eyes on him. She treated him like he was her grandchild. Nannie always had everyone's favorite food at her house. Sodas, chips, canddy, you name it. It was there for her family. She didn't drink or eat that stuff, it was bought for us. For birthdays she would always make your favorite pie or dessert. For holidays she would do the same. She loved her family and it was very evident.

Nannie has left a legacy for our family. A legacy that will continue to go on as years pass. At her funeral I had the privelage to speak and talk about the legacy she has left behind. It was one of the most proud yet sad days of my life.

Today is a sad day but yet you can't help but smile because she is at the place she always wanted to be, heaven. I know they threw a party when she arrived. I miss her beyond belief and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. My cousin Cale told me that she is in heaven making all of our dreams come true. He's right. Nannie was that person who you thought was going to live forever and well even though she isn't in the flesh, she is living in our hearts......forever. We will continue her legacy.

Although Nannie won't be physically present at the wedding she is will be there in spirit. At my last show my Aunt Rena ( Dad's sister) gave me Nannie's wedding rings and hankerchief to use for the wedding. Of course, I broke down and started crying. It meant a lot to me that Aunt Rena would let me use Nannie's rings. So Nannie will be there on the most important day of my life.

That's my story of my Nannie. I apologize for being so gloomy and whatnot. It seems as though ever since Nannie passed away I cry can at the drop of a pin. (My wedding day will be a cry fest, I'm sure.) Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is doing well out in blogger land!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

trying to pass time

Saying I'm a little bored at work right now is an understatement. Like I have said in previous posts, my line of work is NOT busy in the summer. No where near busy.... slow.....extremely slow. Sure, somedays there is quite a bit to do but those days are over shadowed with the nothing-ness ( totally not a word) days, like today. I hate when my days go by slow - i.e. today. We had a conference call today @ 1:00pm with other markets (states) that are also in School Walk for Diabetes. California was one of them and if you are at home right now I'm sure you are watching the news because California just had an earthquake. So in the middle of the conference call one of the ladies from Orange County, CA yelled ..." IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE" (and in the background you could hear the grumbling, shaking, and other noises from the earthquake. The lady then said " I am going under my desk for safety!" All of us were in shock and were quite confused as to what was happening and the lady kept saying things here and there to keep us updated. She then had to get off the call because her building had to evacuate. Crazy huh? My brother lived in CA for 6 years and would tell me about the earthquakes but it was kinda surreal when you are on the phone with someone who is having to get underneath their desk to take cover from an earthquake.

Anyway! I'm supposed to be writing up a document for business donations BUT I don't feel like doing it. I know, I'm bad. I'm just so worn out right now. I work out in the mornings @ 6:30am on Tuesday and Thursdays and it kicks my butt around 2:00-4:00pm. I get so sleepy! I'm ready to go home now! 5:00pm can't come soon enough!

Brandon plays in a slow pitch league on Tuesday nights and I have been going for the past several weeks. I didn't go in the begining because I coach softball and it was on Tuesday nights as well. Brandon had always told me that everyone wanted to meet me on the team because he would always talk about me. He also mentioned how the other " girlfriends" on the team wanted to meet me. I kinda just blew it all off, I know how girls are. They don't want to meet me, they want to see me and then do what girls do best, be bitches ( sorry, had to use that word). You probably know where this is going. The first night I went to watch B I walked up to the bleachers and the other girls that were there - of course, turned around and gave me the girl stare down....not once....not twice.....not three times....but four times! I kid you not! I thought... WOW what a great way to start the night. Soon after I sat down one of the girls (the leader of the pack) whispered to Brandon " is that her" Brandon said yes and she turned around and gave me a 1/2 smile. Of course during this whole situation I am acting like everything is normal, you know, like the girls checking me out 4 times was normal. The first game was over and we moved fields, thinking Brandon would introduce me to some of his team during the break.... well I should of known better, Brandon is the WORST at introducing me to people. The 2nd game started and the leader of the pack kept cheering for Brandon. Over and over again, she went on and on, acting like I wasn't there( she has a boyfriend on the team that she doesn't even cheer for). I was starting to get really annoyed with this chick and wanted to hit her upside the head. All of the girls knew exactly who I was but didn't bother to say Hi or introduce themselves to me so I sat there by myself, which is totally fine with me. The game was over and I told Brandon those girls were about to drive me nuts! We walked to his car and sat down and the leader of the pack came over and was like "OMG BRANDON! I want to meet her!..... Hi my name is (blank)! I didn't know who you were! And I said, Yeah, I could tell. " I thought you were his sister! And I said... I look nothing like his sister. " Oh, well Brandon are you going to hang out with us tonight?" Brandon said, No, I have to study for finals. " Oh, well I'll miss you!" ................ is there something wrong with this girl??? Am I going crazy over something stupid? Is she really talking to my man like this? ..............That was just the FIRST night scenario. Wanna hear more? I will spare you a long paragraph and just give you tid-bits on what she has done each week after the first.

1. She cheers and cheers for Brandon and BRANDON ONLY at the games.
2. Her and her friends talk about me while I sit at the top of the stands thinking that I can't hear or read lips.
3. Stood up in the middle of the game and asked Brandon why he didn't hang out with them on July 4th. Brandon said- oh I was busy... and she said " Well I sure did miss you!"
4. Continuely looks back at me like I don't see her with the 2 eyes God gave me.
5. Gets her friends to look back and see what I am doing.
6. Brandon and I were leaving his last games and as we were walking off this is what happened..... " Brandon.. wait! ( he stops and so do I) I won't be there next week, don't miss me too much!" ( leans over and gives Brandon a huge around his waist from the side). Then she walks over to me and says this..." I'm sorry, I can't rememeber your name, I've heard it like 3 times but I keep forgetting and I don't want to call you Brandon's fiance" I say this, Oh- it's Kellianne I've already told you my name. " Oh, that's right, I remember now, Kellianne."

Brandon says I'm being stupid and over-reacting. But any person with a brain would realize what this girl is doing. She is trying to make me jealous and go after Brandon. Brandon can't stand her, she is annoying, etc. But the fact that she delibrately does this stuff in front of me is getting old and ticking me off. It's totally wrong what she is doing. I mean she has a flipping boyfriend on the team and is still doing this!

PS--Am I acting irrational? Please give me some feedback!

Monday, July 28, 2008

sibling love

My sweet babies sleeping next to each other :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

say a little prayer ......

As I type, Brandon is in the middle of his 3rd interview with Mazda Corporate. He called me yesterday to tell me they called him to have a 3rd interview on the phone. All of his interviews have been on the phone, kinda weird if you ask me but hey... we'll take what we can get at this point. Finding a job now a days is rather hard, would you agree? Brandon has applied several places but he REALLY wants this job at Mazda working in the business office. So PLEASE PRAY that Brandon will get this job. Once we get married the financial side of life is going to kick in hard core, most of you can atest to that, I'm sure. Although I make pretty decent money, we need another pay check coming in. It's really been weighing on my heart a lot lately about Brandon finding a job. He is VERY capable of getting one, it's just finding the right one is hard. Say a little prayer for my love today!


Everyone have a gggggggrrrrrrreat Friday and an even better weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

59 days

These pictures would not go to the bottom of my post. They are connected with # 11 .... later in the post. ( I swear, I hate blogger sometimes, they make it so difficult)

These flowers are very similar to the colors of the bridesmaids bouqets along with the flowers at the reception. I really like the 2 big arrangements on the altar, we are looking into those for our ceremony.
In this picture are the same white resin chairs were rented and I want the same effect with the flowers on the medium height candle operas down the aisle ( not in these colors of course)

This picture as the "arch" that I like and want for our ceremony if we do not go with the 2 big arrangements. I like how the branches form an arch but not a distinctive arch.

Only 59 days till I'm a married woman! I seriously can't believe it! It feels like yesterday that I just looked at the countdown (courtesy of facebook) and it said 130 days. Where has the time gone? I feel prepared but yet not prepared at all. I have been trying to get all my ducks in a row the past couple of weeks. Here is a little low down on what's been going on with wedding planning.....

1. My first dress fitting is this saturday @ 4:30pm.....say a little prayer that it fits because I will be one embarrassed bride if it doesn't.
2. Invitations are being addressed and will be sent out Monday or Tuesday of next week...... cross your fingers!
3. I ordered our white resin wooden chairs for the ceremony.
4. My mom, her sister, and I are going mother-of-the-bride dress shopping this Saturday before my dress fitting.
5. I'm almost done picking out the music for the wedding along with scriputres to be read during the ceremony ( Brandon wanted to pick the scriptures, isn't that cute? It totally suprised me when he said that)
6. I have my last shower this Sunday hosted by sweet ladies from my church, I am super excited about it!
7. I had an appointment with my photographer Monday , finally ordered some engagements ( I know.... looooong overdue) and picked out a picture for the tent cards for the reception and picked out a picture for our sign-in picture frame, instead of a guest book we are having the guests sign a matte board with our picture framed... they can write a little message, etc.
8. This next sentence will shock you just as much as it did me........... are you sitting down , if not, I suggest that you might. MY PHOTOGRAPHER LOST MY BRIDAL PORTRAITS! Yeah, you read that write. She lost ALL of my bridal pictures. How? She had some story as to why they might be missing. She then proceeded to tell me that it has NEVER happened before( while she is saying this I thought, Oh! I'm the lucky canidate for pictures to be lost) She has the low resolution pictures that are posted online but she can't print any of them b/c they are in low resolution. She said to give her a few days to look in all of hard drives, files, etc to see if she can find them. She offered to pay for my make-up, hair, and flowers if we have to re-take them. My mom and I sat their quiet- didn't say a word, totally shocked. The whole point of our appointment was to see my bridals. My photographer asked if I had anything to say. (OH DID I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY...YOU BET I DID! - apparently she doesn't know my personality) Instead of going crazy and yelling, I cried... lol. By no means did I wheep with sorrow, but I was upset. I had every right to cry, I mean HELLO... you lost my f-ing(totally necessary to put that word in this situation) pictures. I just told her how I was upset and it's 2 months before my wedding and I'm emotional and stressed and this is something that I DIDN'T need on my plate. ( more was said, but I will spare you) Now I am waiting to hear back from her with either a yes, I have them or no, I don't. Those bridal portraits are important to me but more important to my mom and dad. She was very sorry about what happened, as she should be, and offered those things above along with extras if we have to re-take them. We'll see.... it just might not be the same? Anyway... that's my story about that.
9. Everything is pretty much set for the rehearsal dinner, Brandon's mom is taking care of that. I think I would go nuts with ONE MORE thing on my plate.
10. I am still trying to decide on the song for the father-daughter dance. Any suggestions?
11. Brandon and I are in the middle of making a decision of whether or not we should move the ceremony from being outside to inside. The ceremony is @ 2pm on a Saturday, it's going to be H-O-T and the chance of rain is high since it will still be hurricane season. If we move it inside, our worship center at the church will need some vast improvements which will be done with beautiful flowers.
12. Food, drinks, cake, favors, decorations, DJ, videographer, and photographer are booked and picked out.
13. All the bridesmaids have their dresses and hopefully shoes....flower girls will be getting their dresses soon.
14. Honeymoon is booked (has been for a lonnnng time). We are going to an all-inclusive resort in Cabo!!!!
15. Our slideshow for the rehearsal dinner is being made as we speak. My cousin is making it, she is so talented at stuff like this. We are not sure if we can show the slideshow at the reception because of how the Richmond House is set up.
16. Brandon and I have a townhouse and we get to start moving stuff in August 22nd.....super excited about that!!!!! We now have to start packing our things up at our parents house.... not looking forward to that.

I think I've gone overboard with this post, sorry! I keep trying to think of everything that has already been done, booked, completed, etc. and to be honest, it's hard to think of everything! There is more I know, but can't think right now. Yeah, I'm on brain overload. So there is some inside scoop on the wedding. I wish I had more pictures to post but they are all on my personal laptop, not work laptop. If any of ya'll have suggestions, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT and let me know! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 years.......already?

Brandon and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary July 16th. Well, it really wasn't much of a celebration to be honest. I had to go to Dallas for business July 16-17th and then continue my trip through the 20th for softball. I also missed my brother and mom's birthday today, they have the exact same birthday.... cool huh? I can't believe it's been 3 years for Brandon and I. Time has flown by SOOOOOOOOOO fast! Now the next big venture is getting married September 20th! I so can't wait for that day! :) Since it's our anniversary I wanted to share some pictures through out the past 3 years. Some are old and some are new. So here's to 3 years with the most amazing man ever! I LOVE YOU BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!

At our couple shower....most recent picture of us!
At the beautiful beach of Galveston.....haha!

The Late Show!!!

Sitting on the Brooklyn Bridge

Our very first picture taken in New York City!

Snow, Snow, Snow all around....Cooperstown!

Brandon's first time in Snow! Cooperstown, NY

One of my fav. engagement pictures!

Annual trip to Lake Somerville

At my cousins wedding last June

He gave me the "final rose" at the rose ceremony! This was my 23rd birthday last year at Wild West!
Brandon's 22nd birthday -last year

July 4th 2007 at Lake Livingston

At the good ole' Astro's game together

In Chicago at our good family friends wedding....we went to grab a drink before the reception.

In Sears Tower in Chicago.... the most amazing view!
We were in Dallas visiting Lisa and Brandon Gililung. We went bowling that night...gotta love bowling!:)

This is Brandon and I's very first picture taken together. We went to our first Astro's game together and of course had to get a picture! I was pretty happy that day:)

This picture was taken in Dallas at a softball tournament. We had just gotten Rocky, he was still a lil baby then. Brandon was REALLY skinny then, not like he is fat now, but its kinda funny to see how little he was :)

Our first Christmas together at my house.

At Brandon's little sisters birthday dinner with our families.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

got pictures?

I do! I have finally some pictures to share with you all..... I know I know..... it's been a long time without personal pictures. So here they are.........

Some of these pictures are from my dad's side of the family's annual reunion in Baytown, Texas. We have this reunion every year and sometimes I wonder why we have it every year because we see the family members quite often, more than one would think. My Nannie was the last "Albright" living until 2 years ago. So we no longer have any " original " Albrights in the family, just kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. But we keep the legacy going.....that's what family is all about, isn't it?

Every family reunion we always get family pictures together. In this case..... this picture is of some, not all , of my dad's family ( ie, brother, sister, kids,, neices, nephews, etc) This is Nannie's family picture that gets taken every year. This year's theme was Baseball. My cousin Jana did a great job of decorating the hall and making it very baseball-like.

My sweet daddy and me standing next to Nannie's name, Elaine. We were the only ones from my immediate family that could come to the reunion. Hey, I just noticed, we are matching :)

Sweet little cousin Owen was getting in on all the candy from the baseball pinata. He went crazy after all the candy that flew everywhere. He kept saying..." candy, candy, candy", it was too cute! All the the little kids got to have 2 swings at the baseball, Owen wanted nothing to do with swinging the big bat, he just wanted candy!!!

My daddy with his older sister Rena and his younger brother Bill. My dad and Aunt Rena are 13 years apart while my dad and Uncle Bill are 13 MONTHS apart. Quite the gap eh? Besides my cousin Jana who is years older than me, lets say 20 something, I am the only girl in the Schrock immediate/extended family. I grew up with all guys cousins and I was quite the tomboy at one point in my life. I have a happy balance now :)

Now, on to my most recent shower hosted by my Aunt's and cousins in Baytown. We didn't have a big turn out due to one of my family members being in the hospital. But we had fun , got some good stuff, and enjoyed being around my family.
Kim - one of the hostess and I at the shower. She is married to my cousin Brandon, so that makes her my cousin! Love her to death! She's my sweetness!

Lisa - Brandon's mom, me, and my momma. This is my first picture to have with both of my mom's. Love them both dearly!

All the hostesses and myself. Aunt Janine, Jana, Kim, Aunt Rena, and Susan. They did a great job with decorations, food, and making it a simple shower, which is what I wanted. I am so grateful for them doing this for me. I have the best family ever!

I opened my first gift from my momma. She gave me a napkin holder with a monogrammed "B" on top with matching monogrammed napkins. I absolutely LOVE monogrammed stuff, I don't care what it is.... I just love monograms!

Brandon and I's dishes!!!!!!!! I am obsessed with my dishes from Southern Hospitality. My mom and grandma in Florida both gave me a set of dishes, minus the salad bowl, they didn't have them for some reason?

OK- I'm pictured out. I have a lot more but it's pointless to post them, they are all pretty much the same pictures. I have one more shower July 27th, it's the church shower. I am looking forward to that one a lot! I have been so busy the past 2 days with wedding stuff I am about to pull my hair out! We are fine tuning the guest list- invites will be sent out next Monday. I am reserving chairs for the ceremony, working on programs, and always writing things down " not to forget" before the BIG DAY. :)

Hope everyday is having a great day! I'll be in Dallas starting tomorrow till Sunday. 2 days for work and the rest for softball. I'm looking forward to a little getaway!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

f-i-n-a-l-l-y !!!!!!!!!

I thought this day would never come! It's been 5 weeks without my sweet momma in my life on a daily basis. I'm happy my mom went on her little rendevous to Germany because she needs a vacation too, ya know? She loves going to her "homeland" if you will and experiencing all the German stuff. She is in her own element when she is there. (I'll probably be blogging here in the next couple days about how she is getting on my nerves with speaking German and using a ridiculous accent, haha!) You never realize how much you need a mom in your life until they are gone. I'm 24 and I still need my mom like I needed her back in my childhood. My mom is the backbone of our family, the silly one who always makes us laugh at any given moment, she is so much fun to be around and not having her here for 5 weeks was miserable. With her being out of the country, in Germany, I couldn't just call her anytime I wanted, although I could email anytime, it's just not the same. But I can't complain, communication between her, myself, and my dad was a lot better this time around than her trip 2 summers ago. It seems like she has been gone forever, but at the same time, the time went by so fast! Maybe the communication on a daily basis made the time go by fast. Not to mention I've been so busy with planning the wedding, throw work in there, babysitting, and spending time with my sweet Brandon. Needless to say my friends, I am so happy that my mom is coming home today! Her flight gets in @ 1:35pm which my clock says it's 1:28pm right now. My brother is picking her up at the airport. I will be counting down the hours and minutes till I get off work to go home and see her!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to spend a lot of time with her tonight when she gets back. I coach softball and we have practice tonight. I wouldn't be going if my dad was going to practice but he just left for 4 days on a fishing trip with my cousins. Yeah, my dad doesn't get to see my mom for another 4 days......he is sad about that, he reaaaaaaaaaally missed my mom while she was gone. But what's another 4 days right? :)

Like I said before, now that my momma is back, its FULL SPEED ahead for wedding planning! Monday we are meeting at the church where I am getting married ( First Colony Church of Christ) to walk through details and whatnot. We will also be shopping for my mom's dress here shortly once she gets settled back home and gets back on Texas time. We are going to be ordering my bridal portrait soon, super excited about that! Wedding planning is much stressful than it seems, so for all you soon-to-be-brides, have fun, don't stress too much, and pick what YOU want. Don't settle for the first thing you see because there are sooooooooo many ideas, dresses, colors, flowers, gifts, favors, linens, rings, cakes, etc out there to choose from.

I want to make a shout out to my good ole' friend from California... Valerie Gale! Val and I played softball together at ACU and became friends instantly! I sent her an email for an updated home address and asked her if she would be coming to my wedding. She told me she IS COMING!!!!!!! I was shocked, stunned, suprised, and excited to hear that she was coming! Then she told me she had already bought her ticket, which confirms and seals the deal! I totally didn't think she would be able to make the wedding because of everything being so exspensive now-a-days ( i.e. plane tickets). This definitely made my day and makes me even more excited about my wedding! It's going to be a mini- ACU softball reunion with Danielle, JD, Val, and possibly some other softball girlies. WAHOO!

That's all I have for now... wish I had some pictures to post to spice things up but I haven't used my camera AT ALL this summer. Super strange for me because I am a picture freak! Oh wait, it was used at B and I's couple shower but that doesn't really count, I guess.

Since my post was and ode to my momma, I encourage everyone to call your mommas and tell them how much you love them! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

work and going private

I've been blogging a lot lately because I've been terrbily bored at work. See, my job is D-E-A-D during the summer. Why? Because I deal with schools and school districts, and well, school is out for the summer. I try my hardest to find things to do and when I do, they are short little projects so when I'm done, I blog, or get on facebook, or shop online..... you know, all the stuff you aren't supposed to be doing while at work. Come August, my job is going to be OFF- THE-WALL busy! I will be in my car 90% of my time and doing some PR and trying to sign more schools to do School Walk For Diabetes. I am actually really looking forward to it. I found something out about myself while working with the American Diabetes Association, I am definitely NOT an office person. I have the hardest time sitting in front of a desk , looking at a computer all day long, trying to find things to do while trying not to fall asleep. Anytime I can run an errand outside of the office while on the clock -I JUMP for joy! I possibly work with the best 2 people in the world. My boss is amazing, probably the best boss out there (seriously). My co-worker, Leslie, is pretty much the coolest person ever. We are both the same age and we have the best time together. Our offices are right next to each other which means trouble. We are constantly laughing, saying stupid things, and pretty much act crazy all day. We are definitely partners in crime at the work place. People at the office probably think we can't live without each other, well which is true, JUST KIDDING! It really is nice working with people you enjoy and having a boss you love. It's rare to find, especially being my first real world job, I am definitely blessed.

With some thought, I believe I am going to make my blog private. There are some reasons why I am doing this, which I am not going to diclose until I make this private. So, for all 3 of you who read my blog ( hoping more than 3 just read it) please send me your email address so I can add you to the list. Plus for those of you who I don't know who read my blog please feel free to comment and let me know who you are! I know I don't have and interesting life to blog about but I'd love to know who is actually reading my garbage :)

74 days till I become a wife!
Tomorrow my momma comes home from a 5 week trip to Germany, words cannot express how excited I am!

Hope ya'll are having a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TV shows and wedding tid-bits

From my last post I shared with you all I told you about a show that I am in love with, " Tori and Dean- Home Sweet Hollywood". I was suprised to see anyone comment on that post because well, I talked about a TV show that I didn't think anyone really watched. ANYWAY..... I wanted to share with you all another show that I am much more in love with than Tori and Dean. I am suprised that I have never shared this with ya'll because I am border-lined obsessed with this family and their show. Brandon makes fun of me for it, but that's a whole other story in itself :) Now, on to the show I L-O-V-E.....Jon and Kate PLUS 8 !!!! I can't be the only one in blogger world who watches this show. I absolutely love this family, their kids, their parenting, their sense of humors- just everything about them. I can't fathom how they go through a day with 8 children, let alone 6 of them being the same age! Kate is a go getter, organized freak - not to mention a control freak, and Jon is laid back, dry sense of humor guy who gets bullied around by his own wife, Kate. I seriously don't know how he deals with Kate sometimes, but you can't help but laugh at him as he sits there and takes it, but hey, he loves her I guess, haha. When Brandon and I had our couple shower back in May we played the Engaged game, kinda like the newlywed game. They asked us questions about each other and we had to answer truthfully. Well, one of the questions was.... " If your fiance could be anyone famous who would they be?" When they asked Brandon this question about me, I really had no idea who I would want to be that's famous, everyone I could think of is messed up in some sort of way, so I went with a default answer and I think I said Oprah ( even though I don't like her anymore). Brandon gave his answer and this is what he said... " If Kellianne could be a famous person she would want to be Kate from Jon and Kate PLUS 8"......I laughed and laughed when I heard what he said. It was actually cute that he said that because truthfully, I can't wait to be a mom, now to 8 kids? maybe not.... but being a mommy is something I look forward to. :)

This is sad, but I know each kid by name and I can identify who is who. They kids are so funny and all so different! I absolutely LOVE this show and recommend watching it to anyone, especially you baby momma's out there! You need a little Jon and Kate PLUS 8 in your life, yes you do! :) OH! by the way, it comes on TLC @ 8pm, I believe.
On to other things........ wedding planning is full speed ahead. I am in the stages of getting all the little things done. Right now I am picking out music for the ceremony, tougher than it looks. You have like 25,744,788 songs to choose from and little time to do it in - this has definitely given me a headache! Without music, I can't start the programs which has become another headache. I have my first dress fitting July 26th, KINDA NERVOUS about that, I am really worried my dress won't fit! EEEEEEEEEEK! WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS? Say a Prayer! I have another shower this weekend on Saturday, my dads side of the family is hosting it, I am super excited about that!Invitations will be sent out in a week or so...... REALLY excited about that! Everything is set up at the reception venue, gotta talk with the wedding coordinator at church, and like I said before, finish little things.
Yep, I'M BUSY! Anyway.... that's it in my world. Hope everything is doing well!
I want to make a little SHOUT OUT TO......JAXON DOTY who turned 1 years old July 6th! Uncle Brandon and Aunt Kellianne wish you a very happy birthday!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

my favorite holiday turned into the lamest holiday

I'll be the first to admit (before Brandon does), I was totally lame yesterday, especially on my favorite holiday. Quite pathetic to be honest. Let me give you a run down of my 4th of July.....

1. Slept in till ...... I'd rather not say the time....haha.
2. Went to lunch with Brandon and Brandon's dad to Salt Grass........yuuuuum!
3. Went shopping with Brandon for furniture for our Townhourse - we will be moving into August 22nd.
4. Went to every furniture store in the city of Houston!
5. Brandon and I purchased a sofa, love seat, kitchen table and 6 chairs!
6. Came back home and took a shower then sat on the couch all night long.

Let's just say that my favorite holiday turned out to be the lamest holiday. My mom is STILL in Germany ( gets back this coming Thursday) and my daddy-o is in Colorado coaching softball, which I couldn't go and then realized I totally could of gone........ really bummed out about that. The reason why July 4th is my favorite holiday is because its a time for everyone to come together, BBQ, swim, lay out, drink a little, laugh a lot, and see some good ole' fireworks!!! But NONE of that happened what so ever for my 4th of July. Yeah, maybe I'm throwing myself a pitty party right now, SO WHAT! I'm just a little sad I didn't have my family here with me to celebrate, even Brandon's family is out of town too.

Moving on to other things............ my wedding is 77 days away.......WOW! Everything is coming together except for the little things that are about to drive me up the wall. Since my mom has been gone for 5 weeks I have been trying to get things done and I am so used to having my mom by my side either agreeing or disagreeing with the choice being made. When she gets back we are going FULL-SPEED ahead come September 20th.

Brandon and I got a townhouse in Pecan Grove and will be living there for a year while we save money for a house. Like I said earlier, we just bought some super nice furniture for our place. So all we need is a coffee table and end table and our house will be fully furnished! I have been shopping around for tid-bits for the house to decorate with. HOBBY LOBBY is my BFF :) Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Max are also great places to get stuff. Brandon and I are really excited to be on our own and have a place to call "HOME".

Well, I am going to enjoy the rest of my 4 day weekend, next week, back to the salt mines. :( Hope everyone had a great 4th with your family and friends!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

never thought i'd say this.....

But I am highly obsessed with Tori Spelling and her show on Oxygen called Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Has anybody watched it before? If not, WATCH IT! I have been watching it for the past 2 seasons and have fallen in love with Tori Spelling and her husband Dean. If you want some good laughs, hear some good jokes, and see a cute marriage, this is definitely the show to watch. I watched the latest episode last night and realized how much I LOVE THIS SHOW! I laugh out loud all the time at Tori and her sense of humor along with the way Dean reacts to Tori. They really do have a sweet marriage, not to mention their son Liam is presh!
I'm a reality TV show JUNKIE! .... can't get enough drama of reality TV! :)
Hope everyone is doing well and staying cool in this hot hot hot hot summer! 80 days till I'm a married woman!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

counting the days....



I'll post something exciting later. I thought of what to post on the to work but now I can't was gonna be a good one too :(