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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

short and sweet

this post is going to be super short. as i type this, my sweet little baby girl is screaming and crying in her crib. why? because we are doing the cry it out method.

my dr. said i need to break her from swaddling ( completely agree ) and break her from her swing
( which i also agree). She said this " it's ok to let her cry for 1-2 hours" and I responded with " like 1-2 hours consecutively???? of course she looked at me like i was an idiot and said " yeah, it's not hurting them".

ok ok.... i get it. i need to bow up and realize that she can't be swaddled forever and certainly can't sleep in her swing forever. it pains me to hear her cry. i want to run up there so fast to get her and calm her down. buuuuuuut, bristol my dear, you gotta learn to fall asleep on your own sans swaddle and swing. i love you my little one but we gotta do this.

the end.


Brooke said...

Hey there! Go with your instinct. She wont be swaddled forever and wont sleep in a swing forever. MOMMY knows what is best and you (not the dr or anyone else) has to live with your decisions. Every dr. is different because my dr. said not to worry about the swing and Max grew out of the swaddle and the swing on his own. Oh, he was swaddled until 6.5/7 months too. Every baby is different and so don't feel guilty for what you are doing. You are a WONDERFUL mom. And, contrary to what the dr. says, I just read a study published by psychology today that says crying does have long-term effects. Just sayin, just like vaccines, it's so personal and there is no right answer, except your mommy's instinct. I have been challenged on this SO much and have felt so uneasy when I go against the norm, but ultimately everything works out. She is BEAUTIFUL and you are doing such a good job with her.

Wendi said...

Great picture of y'all. Jake cried it out and learned in 3 nights. Hope it goes well! Go take a bubble bath.. that's what I did so I couldn't hear him crying. :)