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Friday, February 3, 2012

a boog sucker and sleep.

Bristol is sick for the second time in her short 5 1/2 month life. It's a cold and it breaks my heart. She has been very congested with a side of runny nose. Oh yeah and a little cough. So pitiful. This cold has also caused her to spit up A LOT. She usually NEVER spits up so I have had to be careful after feeding her because she could spew at any time. The congestion is causing her to spit up and I am ready for that to be gone.

I went to Whole Foods today to buy one of those NoseFrida things. It's a weird way to suck the boogs out of noses. I've been using the blue bulb sucker thingy from the hospital along with saline solution to help with her congestion. I find it to be pretty "harsh" when sucking the boogs out. I sure has heck wouldn't want something shoved up my nose so that's when I decided to try the NoseFrida. It has a tube and one end you put against the baby's nose and the other end you suck. Sounds gross right? It's not. I promise. Nothing is put in the baby's nose which I like and the boogs will never hit your mouth. There is a filter in there that will stop the boogs from getting in your mouth. Ok, I think I'm making this sound 10 times worse than what it really is. I've already tried it with Bristol and I really like it. It was worth the $16.99. Shh, don't tell Brandon.

Along with being sick, she is also teething which has caused her a lot of pain lately. The dr. said her gums aren't swollen nor can she see any teeth but that doesn't mean she isn't in pain. Bristol has been chewing on everything in sight and I'm sure thats how she got sick. Oh well, gotta get sick to build up your immune system right? I'm definitely not one of those moms who goes crazy when her child is sick. It's gonna happen.
Funny story --- Last year, when I was a preschool teacher, I had this one parent who would freak out when ANY of the kids in my class was sick. If she was dropping off her child and she heard another child cough, sneeze or see a runny nose - the mom would literally say " OH GOSH! COVER YOUR MOUTH, WIPE YOUR NOSE! WASH YOUR HANDS! " And then immediately tell her child to steer clear from the sick kids. I always got a good laugh out of that. She would keep your child home if the child only had "the sniffles". Yeah, I'm so not that mom. BTW- not that that mom is crazy or weird..... I just know that getting sick is a part of life and sometimes you can't prevent it.

Now I'm rambling, yeah that's nothing new.

I started this post earlier this afternoon and it's now 10:22pm. I don't want to jinx it but Bristol is sleeping IN HER CRIB. We are doing the Dr. Ferber method.

I.WILL.STAY.STRONG. This is on replay in my head. Send prayers Bristol's way, so that her little body can get some much needed rest. Also, that this is a smooth transition for her.

Blessings to you all!
Enjoy your weekend!