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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fun!

Bristol and I had a fun friday! Every other Friday we meet up with other momma's and babies to have some fun. All the babies are within months of each other, which is nice because they will grow up together at church. It was great to have some girl talk along with baby talk ( you know, talking about sleep, pooping, eating, napping --- the important things for our sweet children).

I took a few pictures towards the end of the play group. I couldn't squeeze everyone in my camera because my lens doesn't have a zoom ( too hard to explain). So I captured a few different shots from one end of the couch to the other.

Jake and Bristol. I would like to say that Jake is one of the cutest little boys ever! He is so sweet and loved chewing on his toys all afternoon! Jake's mom, Wendi and I worked at Cornerstone Christian Academy last year. She is so sweet and hosted today's playgroup. Thanks for a fun afternoon! Let me know when we can go on a chick-fil-a ( get me out of the house) diet dr. pepper date! :)

Aedan, Landon and Jake. Landon sure is checking out Aedan! Aedan is one silly boy and I would also like to add that is super cute! He likes to flirt with me, which I don't mind at all. And how cute is Landon? His hair is precious! He has the cute little Justin Bieber bangs. I asked if he could give Bristol some hair, his mom said there is a wait list :) I am so glad Katie and Landon joined us today! So good meeting you Katie! Trying to get all the little people to "sit" on the couch and stay still is quite the task. At one point, Bristol completely fell forward and it was quite funny.

Aedan decided that he wanted to rest his head on Landon's leg. It was very exhausting for Aedan, too much working trying to sit still and smile for the mommies. I think Landon likes his new friends! These 3 boys are just so cute I can't stand it!

Here are some more little friends. From the far left we have Hannah, Aedan, Maddie, Landon, Jake and Bristol. Maddie was a mover and a shaker, she didn't want sit still, she is such a big girl. Look at Landon, he is thinking about when he should take a nap for his mom :) ( hopefully he took a nice long nap for ya Katie!)

And on the far left we have little Parker. I believe he is 8 weeks old. I said we have 2 little peanuts on each end of the couch ( Parker and Bristol). He was so sweet the whole afternoon. He slept pretty much the whole time. He is so tiny and precious. Moms always told me that when Bristol was a newborn they said " wow, I never remember when my baby was that little" and I always thought, ok whatever, I will remember Bristol when she was that little. Well guess what? I don't. Insert foot in mouth. I really can't remember when she was so tiny. I mean I do to an extent but they grow up so fast and time passes by. I'm sure all the moms agree that time does not stand still when you have a little one. In fact, it passes so quickly you wonder where it went. I'm still trying to figure out how Bristol is 5 months old already.

Sweet babies. They all 3 were quite tired. Bristol had been awak since 7:15 am, no nap. She held up like a champ too. I always worry about taking her in public with no morning/afternoon nap. I always anticipate a meltdown. She has been proving me wrong lately, which is a nice surprise. Now, if she could start sleeping through the night again, I'd be ohhh so happy. :) But I must remind myself that it could be worse. I could have a baby that doesn't sleep at night. I count my blessings everyday.

Bristol and I are completely wiped out. She took a nice long nap once we got home. I took a little snooze too. Tomorrow is another action packed day for my little sidekick and I. I have to do my final tomorrow for my accounting class and my parents will be babysitting Bristol. After that, we are headed to our first family. Say a prayer that she will get at least 1 good nap in.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Wendi said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for coming today. We had a great time and Bristol is adorable!!! :)

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

Love the pictures, they are so cute!! We really had such a great time! Landon most definitely did NOT nap except for a little in the car but i had to stop at babys r us and he woke up not long into that trip lol crazy boy just doesnt wanna miss anything I guess...oh well we will continue to work on the nap issue :)