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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 months

Bristol Elaine, mommy loves you to the heavens and back. I never thought I could have a love for you like I do. You make my heart smile each and everyday I get to spend with you. You become more fun everyday with discovering new tricks. You continue to amaze me with how much you change on a daily basis. I am so blessed to be able to get to spend the first year of your life at home with you. You are my little sidekick and go with me everywhere. I enjoy your company and love knowing that I can make one quick look in the backseat and see your sweet sweet face. It feels like yesterday that you were born. How did we make it to 5 months already?

Mommy loves taking your monthly picture in your onesie and tutu ( which they still fit because you are a little peanut). Sometimes you wear a bow in the picture and sometimes you wear a flower. We like to change it up :) I could take pictures of you every second of the day so I can capture each and every move you make but if I did that we would get nothing done during the day and Daddy wouldn't be to happy with a dirty house.

Bristol, you love to chew or suck on anything. Those teeth are going to come in any day now. You have been teething since 4 months old and I can tell its made you fussy and upset, but rightfully so my dear. Your paci is still your friend. You prefer to have your paci when your tired, fussy or right after a bottle. Speaking of bottles, you love to hold your own which makes me so sad because that's supposed to be my job. In fact, when mommy is drinking a water bottle, you think it's yours. You try and grab it and when you can't get a hold of it you get upset. Mommy just laughs because you're so silly.

We started to give you oatmeal this month. We did this because everytime we were eating you seemed very interested in what was going on. Mommy got out your highchair and of course you are soo tiny and can barely see over the tray. Mommy and daddy got a kick out of that. You didn't mind oatmeal. You loved holding your spoon and wanted to feed yourself. You are quite the independent one ( I'm still trying to accept that ). Mommy is going to start you on more stage 1 foods once you turn 6 months. I am also going to take a stab at making your food. I'm very excited about that. It will be a new adventure for the both of us. I love adventures with you. :)

You rolled over for the first time this month. Mommy and Daddy couldn't believe it. We've been trying to get you to roll over for awhile now and when you actually did it, it was so easy for you. You only do it when YOU feel like it, which is typical Bristol fashion. We are also practicing you sitting up by yourself. You haven't mastered that yet but I know you soon. I think it's because you are soooo tiny. Well, I just keep telling myself that anyway. You have enjoyed playing on your playmat and grabbing the little birdies and other toys that dangle above you. You can roll over 1/2 way from your back to your side but you always roll right back. I get a kick out of that.

Bath time is still your favorite and it always has been since we brought you home from the hospital. We love to kick your legs and talk to mommy as I bathe you. I can't wait till you can sit up in the tub, it will make bath time even more fun. You also love your changing pad in your bedroom. There is just something about it that makes you happy. Bristol, you haven't always liked your carseat but you have made great strides over the last month or so. You don't fight getting in it as much as you used to, praise the lord. That was very stressful for mommy. We can take care rides without crying fests which also makes mommy happy. You LOVE to be in the baby bjorn when we go shopping or head up to school to take pictures. You're quite nosy and want to see what is going on around you.

You got your second cold of your life this past week. It breaks my heart to see you sick. I wish I could take your sickeness away. You've loved to cuddle and snuggle with me which I've loved.

Your eyes seem to get more and more blue everyday. You have long fingers, long arms and long toes. Your ears aren't even and I love that about you. I call you pug nose pete because your nose is just too cute. We can't decide if your hair is red, strawberry blonde, blonde or brown. Really, it looks a different color everyday. Some people say you look just like your mommy and some people say you look just like you daddy. WE say you are a good combination of both of us. You're absolutely beautiful. And no, I'm not just saying that because you are my baby. You were featured in the Sugar Land Magazine in the Sugar Land Sweeties page. We sure were proud when we heard the news. We have about 16 copies of the magazine :) I always say that God outdid himself when he created you. He chose daddy and I to be your parents and we couldn't be more blessed.

I'm looking forward to seeing what month 6 has in store for you ( and us ).
I love you Bristol Elaine, forever and ever. To the heavens and back.


JD said...

Look at those marvelous cheeks!!!!! I just looked for you on FB, well I wanted to look at her pictures and couldn't find you :( So...I'm glad you have the blog going. Miss you lady!