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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my little foodie

Bristol LOVES food. She loves her bottle ( always has ) and now LOVES solid food. I first started with oatmeal and she liked it. I mixed it with formula so if she didn't like it, I would have been surprised. Once she got the hang of the oatmeal, I introduced avocado. She wasn't too sure about it. She would eat it but make a sour puss face once it hit her mouth. Avocado is hard to keep fresh, so I just decided to finish the rest myself, haha. I haven't made it since then. I'm not willing to buy the lemon and make a lemon wash to keep the avocado fresh. Bad mom award goes to me.

Following avocado, I made butternut squash. The minute it hit her mouth she fell in love. She would grab the spoon out of my hand so she could feed herself. Of course, the squash got everywhere. When she would finish, she would scream and cry for more. Bristol would throw a serious fit. Obvisouly, she wanted more so I gave her more. No more tears. ( I ran to the store today to buy more squash so I could have a lot in the freezer. Butternut squash is a winter veggie, so I would hate to not have some when I needed it) I've also made carrots. She hasn't tried them yet but I'm thinking she will like them.

Today, I made more butternut squash and baked apples. I wanted to try another fruit and thought apples would be the best bet. My dr. told me to steer away from banana's because they cause constipation. This momma does not want to go down that road again with Bristol. Been there, done that. I bought 2 gala apples in hopes that Bristol would like them. I really enjoy making her food and love knowing that there are NO additives in this food. It's not from a shelf, a bag or from the freezer section of the store. It's completely fresh and sometimes organic
(depends on the price and selection). It's also very gratifying when I see Bristol really enjoy something I made.

I get all my recipes ( which right now, are SUPER basic) from this amazing website. I am so glad I came across it while researching baby food. I highly recommend going there and checking out what they say and have to offer to momma's who make their child's food. I am so happy I am going this route. It's another way for me to feel closer to Bristol. Annnnnd it's SOOO much cheaper than buying prepared food from the store. And more healthy. :)

I took pictures from today's baking session. Here is what to do…

1. Core apples and leave peel on (without the peel, the apple will turn to mush)
2. Place a wee bit of butter (8 months + if baby is ready for or has had dairy) on the inside of the cored apple (8 months+ - sprinkle a bit of cinnamon in the apple if your desire and if baby is ready for or has had cinnamon)
3. Place in a shallow baking or roasting pan with a bit of water – about an inch or 2 of water
4. Bake in a 400-degree oven for 30 minutes or until tender; be sure to check on the water level.
5. Once baked, allow to cool and then slip off the skin if needed. You may either cut apple into little bits and serve as a finger food or mash as directed above in the Apples/Applesauce recipe.

After everything was finished, I actually ate the apple peels. They are sooooooo deliciously. The peel is very good for you and I swear, I thought I was eating apple pie.