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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6 months of sweetness

I have a 6 month old baby? What? How? When did this happen? Bristol turned 6 months old today, February 15th. I know I have said it every month, but time sure does fly by. It kind of makes me sad to think how fast time as gone. But on the other hand, I thank the Lord above for allowing me to stay home with my lil "brittle". I am not sure what I would of done if I had to put her in a daycare of some sort.

So yeah, Miss Bristol is 6 months old.

Here are her stats...

13.08 lbs - in the 10th percentile
25.(something) inches long - in the 33rd percentile

We still have a little bit on our hands and I love that she is soooo tiny.
I took these pictures on Monday for Valentine's Day and her 6 month photo shoot. I love photographing my sweet girl. It really is one of my favorite things to do. I took these pictures in her bedroom and in the guest bedroom upstairs. Each month it's more fun to capture sweet moments of Bristol. She changes everyday and I love getting to freeze a moment in time get it on camera.
Bristol's eyes get bluer everyday. I love it. I love her. She still has no teeth but I know ANY DAY now, they are going to pop through. She has been fussy lately and I know its because of those darn teeth. Bristol sleeps pretty good. She is sleeping in her crib sans swaddle. I find her sleeping on her right side a lot, it's precious. I've caught her many times on the monitor rolling on her side, just precious. Although sleep has gotten better, there have been some rough nights but I know that's because your mouth is hurting you. Falling asleep on your own has become a lot easier. I can put you in your crib and you will fall asleep within a few minutes. Crying is to a minimum (other than right now, you are screaming so loud). You are quick to find your paci when it has fallen out. It's so sweet to watch you figure things out like that. Self-soothing has become a breeze for you.

Bristol my dear, you absolutely love butternut squash. It's your favorite. I introduced baked apple sauce to you today and you really enjoyed it. You kept ooooing and ahhhing while you ate it. I love making your food. I find such job in knowing that you love it and that I made it. I was disapointed when I had to stop breastfeeding you so this is kind of my way of bonding again with you. We haven't taken you to the church nursery yet. You still go to "big" church with us. I am not sure when I am ready to send you to the nursery, you do so well the whole hour.

No sitting up yet. In fact, you struggle with that. Next week is a big week for you. We start physical therapy. Your torticollis isn't getting any better and momma knew that therapy is what you need, not just momma doing your exercises with you. I am excited to get you started to strengthen your neck, back, arms and tummy. This is going to help you a lot! You were such an angel baby on your VERY FIRST road trip this past weekend. Although you weren't 6 months old, I must document it. I didn't get many pictures of you on the trip because it was a VERY busy, jammed pack day and a 1/2. But needless to say, you truly proved that you are growing up. The car ride was amazing, filled with a few naps, watching mickey mouse, talking and smiling. You held up during graduation like a champ. When we went shopping at the outlet mall, you slept THE.ENTIRE.TIME. A total of 3 hours. You have never slept that long in your stroller, ever! I was so impressed, so was daddy, omi and grandaddy. We now know that you are a great traveler and we can't wait to take another trip with you.

I am looking forward to what this month has in store for you and I. You're my little sidekick and I wouldn't have it any other way. We are quite attached to each other. I can't be away from you more than a couple hours. Well, I can, but my heart hurts when I am. You are on my mind 24/7. You are the most precious gift that I could have ever received.

I love you sweet Bristol Elaine, to the heavens and back. Forever.


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

these pictures are gorgeous, she is such a beautiful baby! I especially love the white one her eyes look so pretty. So good to hear sleep is getting better!!