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Friday, October 14, 2011

today's list

First on today's list......I wanted to say thank you to my "friends" who confessed about reading my blog! I know there are more you... fess up! Only because, I want to get to know you and read your blog, if you have one. I will be adding you lovelies to my friend list on the side of my blog, if you aren't there already. Can't wait to start stalking, I mean reading your blogs!
Second on today's list.... my brother is getting married this Sunday! Holy Moly! I didn't think this day would come, well, kinda sorta, maybe, not really. I don't know. My brother has had several girlfriends - ok that sounds bad. He's had like 4 or something annnnnnnd I hated every single one. Ok, hate is a strong word. Sorry, I'm tired this morning and that's the first word that came to mind. You see, I start off liking the girl and then they cross me and well, I stop liking them. I try really hard to like them, I promise I do. But he just hasn't picked the "best" candidates for a girlfriend. He has been engaged for about 5 or so months, actually, I really don't know how long, I just threw 5 out there because it sounded good. Her name is Margaret. I like her. No, I love her. Really I do. She is sweet, caring, outgoing, nice, funny, fun... the list goes on. They really are perfect for each other and for that, I am happy he has found Margs.

So the nuptials are this Sunday at a park in Houston followed with the reception at my parent's lovely home. It's a small affair, only close close friends and immediate and some extended family invited. About 60 people in total. This wedding was put together in 3-4 weeks because Stephen and Margs are expecting a baby. They planned on getting married this coming Summer, but due to the little bambino, they bumped the wedding to this Sunday. I will be the "photographer" that day and I am super excited about this. I've told you before about my love for photography. I know by photographing their wedding, it will only help me improve my skills.
Third on today's list is..... my Bristol will be 2 months old tomorrow!!!. I mean really, where the heck as the time gone? I thought my days would be soooooo long and boring being a stay at home mom but goodness, everyday is the same but different at the same time. The mornings and afternoons fly by so fast! This momma is going to be wreck on Monday because baby girl will be getting her shots. I know she is going to scream and cry her eyes out. I just know it. Prayers would be apprecaited for my sweet baby to be ok and not feel icky afterwards.
Fourth on the list..... It's still not too late to show your face on my blog! I'd love to hear from you! Really, I would.

Ok, that's it! Have a great weekend my friends!


Bethany Freede said...

I must confess, I'm an avid stalker of you and little B!