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Friday, October 28, 2011


Lots going on, little time to post about it. But while my sweet angel baby is swinging away in her swing, I thought I'd post about some random things that have happened lately. So here goes...

This beautiful life planner arrived on my front door step today. Ohhhh happy day! If you dont know about erin condren then you are missing out! Go check out her website, I know you will find something lovely for yourself. Here's a secret, head on over to plumdistrict to snag a voucher ( $25) worth $50 for anything on her website. Plumdistrict is like groupon but geared towards moms. I got my planner for only $25.00 because i waited and waited annnnnnnd waited for a deal to come my way. No way could i justify buying a $50 planner. Brandon would have filed for divorce. No joke. I took a pic of my planner today and sent it to my friend ashley. She hadnt heard of erin condren before, so i told her about my planner, she loved it but likes her planners small. She went to the website anyway, watched the video of the life planner and she ended up buying one. :) The deal on plumdistrict expires in 2 days, so hurry on over and get your voucher!

My sidekick and I at the pumpkin patch. sweet baby had the hardest time opening her eyes, it was quite bright outside. Apparently we live in a bat cave. In fact, I know we do. I need to take her outside more so her little blue eyes can adjust to the bright light. She did a great job while we were there. We couldnt really get a good picture of her with the pumpkins but thats ok, we will next year. I just love making sweet memories like these so we can look back and see how much fun we had.

Bristol got her 2 month shots today. Boo hoo hoo. Poor baby cried but did so much better than I expected. She cried more getting her ears checked last week than getting her shots. She is still super tiny, we are working on the weight gain. We gotta plump her up! Overall, she is very healthy and most of all happy. She loves to coo and talk to mommy all the time. Her smile melts my heart and I wish I had her eye lashes :) I love her to pieces. She makes my heart smile.

I made chicken and dumplings last night for dinner. OH.MY.STARS. The recipe I used was amazing! This is Brandon's favorite meal and so I thought I would try to make it, crockpot style. LOVE ME MY CROCKPOT! It took 8 hours to make and worth every minute of those 8 hours. I snuck about 10 small bites towards the end. I couldn't help myself. Brandon loved it. Wife of the year right here. I used the recipe from crockpot girls . Their site is amazing, has anything you can think of when it comes to your crockpot. I WILL be making this again and again and AGGGGGAAAAIIIINNNN.

Here is my new camera lense. Let me just say, it's fantastic. I've been teaching myself how to use it and it's been very fun to say the least. I have gotten some GREAT photos with it and can't wait to take more!

Well friends, that's it for now. I am off to pump my little heart away. Yeah, I just said pump.

See ya later!


Ashley said...

Yes, thank you for introducing me to Erin Condren. I am SO excited about my "life planner". I will let you know AS SOON as the UPS man drops it off :)