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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

beauty queen in the making

Total beauty queen in the making. Actually, she's a softball player and golfer in the making. Forget this beauty queen crap. She's an athlete!

She loves her daddy so much. It's so cute to see Brandon interact with Bristol. He is in love, that's for sure.

Here she is being held by my brother, Aunt Ste-Ste ( stephen ). He was just talking to her like crazy and she kept staring at him. Uncle Ste-Ste loves her so much. In fact, my brother is going to be a daddy too. His baby is due May 8, 2012. Bristol will have a cousin less than a year apart from her, how cool!

Can this be any more precious? Bristol loves when daddy wears a hat. She could stare at it all day long. I love this picture so much of Brandon and our girl.

Look at those cheeks! Her momma and daddy both had chunky cheeks when they were babies. Looks like she is taking after both of us.

This is one of my new favorite pictures of Bristol. I had placed her in her boppy for a minute to grab my camera and she was smiling away. I wish the paci wasn't in the picture, but then again, it's fitting because she always has her paci with her.

I got a new lense this past week. It's the type of lense that creates the blurry background shots, that's if it's set manually on the correct settings. I've been playing with it and it's amazing! All these photos were taken with the new lense, I didn't photoshop the blurry background, the lense gave it to me! How awesome right? I love photography and I'm hoping to enhance my skills in the next year. :)

Gotta go, baby is crying!


Anonymous said...

Such precious pictures!! I love photography too and am pretty much obsessed with taking pictures of our Aedan--and obsessed with our lens that blurs the background too. :) Bristol is just getting cuter and cuter--that little smile is too much!!