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Saturday, October 8, 2011

the tale of the missing camera charger

oh me oh my. i'm losing it people! seriously, i cant keep track of anything anymore. before being pregnant i considered myself a put together person when it came to remembering things, writing things down, staying organized and other things of that matter.

well, bristol sucked more brain cells out of me than i thought was possible. love my baby but her momma is officially nuts. on a daily basis i lose my phone, tv changer, mylicon, bristol's paci, misplace my camera.... need i say more? my recent casuality? my canon camera charger. i gotttta find this. for one, they arent cheap and replacing it would mean my husband would kill me for buying a new one and second - i work at my old job from last year as the school's photographer. umm.... my battery is dead and i have a big week at school for pictures.

please lord, help me find my charger!!

in other news.... we have a big weekend coming up. my brother is getting married next weekend, the reception is at my parents house. we are going to be busy this next week preparing for that event. bristol will be the belle of the ball.

and lastly, i'm so happy ut lost.

have a good weekend!