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Saturday, October 29, 2011

littlest pumpkin in the patch

Bristol is a tiny little girl. Everyone always comments on how little she is. I really didn't think she would be this small at 2 1/2 months but she is quite the petite little girl. When I was her age, I was a chunkster and so was Brandon. So naturally, I thought she would take after her parents and pack on the lbs fast, but that isn't the case. We are praying that she gains weight every week and will make strides with her weight.

But, in light of Halloween(ie) on Monday, I thought I would do a little photo shoot of our little pumpkin. Quite frankly, I would do a photo shoot of Bristol every day for the rest of her life if I could. Can you just see me now dressing Bristol up at age 18, asking her to sit in the glider and snapping away photo after photo? Ha, in my dreams!

Brandon's parents had bought Bristol some 3 month pj's last weekend and one of them was her Halloween(ie) ( yes, I call halloween, halloweenie) pj's. Since Halloween is Monday, I thought she could dress up in her pj's Saturday, Sunday and Monday and get the use out of it while we can. Who knows, we might be sportin' our halloween gear for a long time. After all, she is still in all newborn clothes - 0-3 month outfits are too big and 3 month outfits are toooooooo toooooooo big. But she has gotten a little longer so the newborn sleepers are too small. Ok- sorry, I totally got off subject. Back to the halloween outfit. Brandon's parents got it for her and they came over today so I dressed her up, put a bow on her head and sat her in the glider for a mini halloween(ie) photo shoot.

Bristol's eyes get more blue every day. Love love love! I was hoping ( and praying and wishing) that my baby would have blue eyes like me. So thank you Lord for granting me my hope, my wish and my prayer! :)

Posing with her pumpkin we got her from the patch. It really looks big in this picture, but it's no bigger than the size of a softball.

My little pumpkin - I love her so!

She looks so sleepy in this picture but I love it because of her eyes!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys this weather!


JD said...

Hey girl hey!! I just wanted to remind you that I am no stranger to tiny babies. Neither of my girls packed on the pounds and everyone always reminded me of it. But, I conceded and would just smile and nod. It was true. My girls were small, but PERFECT TO ME!! So, it really didn't matter. Look at your baby girl, see the smile on her face, and know that she is happy.

Bristol isn't worried about her weight or what others think. She's just loving on the two very people who brought her into this world. You are doing great things! Don't you ever forget it.