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Monday, October 10, 2011

all smiles

My baby girl loves to smile. It's her new trick. Sucking her hands is so last month. I love to see that sweet gummy grin of hers. It's so precious. When she is smiling, she tries so hard to laugh, it takes her breath away. I remember when we brought her home from the hospital and I thought " I want her to stay this way forever". Boy, am I wrong. I LOVE seeing her change everyday, learn new tricks, become a little woman. What a joy it is to get to see her and be with her everyday. I won't miss one new trick, for that, I am so grateful.

I would hate to leave her with a child care provider and miss all the cute "firsts" she will have. I think I would be depressed if that were the case. Again, I am so blessed and lucky to be a stay at home mom.

Bristol's smile melts my heart. When she smiles, I get all giddy inside, like she is doing for the first time, each time. I love the way her eyes get squinty, her noses scrunches up and her lips curl. Each smile is different every time and I love that. Whether her smile is as big as the state of the Texas or a little smirk..... it will always melt my heart. Oh, how I love my sweet girl.

Another thing Bristol is doing lately is is drooling. The amount of drool that this girl can produce is CRAZY. It's so cute, when she is happy, she drools up a storm. Today, I picked her up out of her nap nanny and her whole mouth and neck was covered in her drool.

Playing on her jungle mat. I don't want to every forget these days of simplicity with my baby girl. The joy that she brings me everyday is unimaginable.

Helllllllo drool! She was is mid "coo" in this picture.

Her smile is precious in this picture. It makes me want to cry. She was so happy, and what for reason? Who knows... but the song " the joy of the lord" comes to my head when I see this picture. That song always makes me smile.

I mean really? Seriously? Can she be any cuter? Goodness gracious, this girl melts me. I love her squinty eyes, long eye lashes, uneven ears ( one sticks out more than the other) her chin like her momma, little rolls on her body, and her soft brown hair.

soft sweet smile.

Oh Bristol, momma doesn't ever want to forget moments like this of you. You're innocent sweet smiles makes your mommas heart smile.

Playing on her jungle mat.