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Sunday, January 30, 2011

there really is a baby in there!

Baby Barron at the end of 10 weeks

Disclaimer: Blogger is being a brat right now. I can't post pictures under my text. I don't know where the underline came from? I can't remove it. FRUSTRATING!

The title speaks for itself. After Friday's appointment, it really became surreal that I have a baby growing inside of me. Going to the first appointment I got my first ultrasound which the baby was sooooooo tiny that you could barely see he/she. But when I went this Friday ( ending my 10 weeks) the baby had grown so much in the last 4 weeks! It was unbelievable to see how big the baby was!

When we first walked into the patient room, I didn't see the ultrasound machine. I thought, ok, well maybe they have another room for ultrasounds. As the nurse walked in, I asked if her I was going to get another ultrasound today. She said no, and of course, my heart sank. I was so dissapointed to hear that I wasn't going to see baby barron today. She said insurance doesn't cover but 1 ultrasound. How stupid. Doesn't insurance companies know that this is the most exciting time for mommie's and daddie's to-be? WE WANT TO SEE OUR BABY!

The nurse was telling me what I was going to get done today which was a "well-woman" exam. OH JOY! Just what I wanted to do. Have someone looking up my address when I am totally not prepared for it, haha. We were also to hear the baby's heartbeat. The nurse grabbed the handheld machine to listen for the heartbeat. After 5 mins, she coulnd't hear it. The doctor came in and she couldn't either. So that meant I got to have ANOTHER ULTRASOUND! Wahoo! God really knew I wanted and needed to see my baby. So off to the ultrasound room we went....

Ultrasounds are so amazing. What I mean is, its incredible that a machine can show you your baby. It's unreal. Do you agree? The minute the baby popped up on the screen I started to smile so big. I wish I could see Brandon's reaction but the screen is to my right and he is standing on my left. I would love to see the smile on his face. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Baby Barron which is now named "blob" and you'll see why in the ultrasound pic, was so big! We got to see the heartbeat, but didn't get to hear it, we will next appointment. The heart was beating so fast. On the screen it looked like a little lightening bug flickering on and off. Too cute. We also got to see the arms/legs, aka, nubs. The doctor measured the baby and she said everything is right on track which was music to my ears. So the doctor paused the screen so she could measure the baby and of course, she captured the WORST shot of the baby. He/she looks like a blob. I mean, the doctor really could of gotten a better picture for us to take home, especially where we saw the arms and legs. Oh well, I just have to be thankful I got an ultrasound when it wasn't planned.

Speaking of doctors, I am actually going to change mine. I will stay with the same practice, but I am just not meshing with my current doctor. Brandon and I both agree that we need to find someone who is more on our level and has a good bedside manner. The doctor I have now is very " matter of fact". Which is great and all, but everytime we ask a question, we feel that she is pretty rude with the way she answers. I already have 2 other doctors in mind that I've heard great things about. So for now, I am going to pray about it and see where God takes us.


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

how exciting!! I love the ultrasounds they really are so amazing!! Hopefully yall find a dr you like and mesh with it really makes a world of a difference having a dr you can relate to and feel confident and comfortable with.