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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

who wants a cupcake?

I love sweets. Oh my goodness do I love sweets. Did I mention that I love sweets? Ok, I know you get it. Anyway, I am baking some cupcakes today. Ever since I had the best cupcake of my life, no not sprinkles or crave cupcakes, but a cupcake that was baked by our super duper room mom for my class ( it was her daughters birthday) I have had the urge to bake, especially cupcakes. So while at the grocery store, I "accidentally" picked up a box of yellow cake mix and milk chocolate icing and called my shopping trip "officially" over, haha.

I told Brandon I wanted to bake some cupcakes for his team at work and he didn't want me to. Quite frankly, I think he would be embarrassed to bring in homemade cupcakes from his wife. He works with all women on his 4th grade team and I just wanted to do something nice and whats a better way to a women's heart ( not that he is wanting to win over their hearts, you know what I mean) than sweets! Well, I ended up not baking them that day and I think he was happy to find that out when he got home from work. Little does he know, I am baking the cupcakes as I type this. Round 2 is in the oven. I've also started to bake right when I get home so I didn't take a nap. I'm going to try and not take a nap and see if I sleep better at night. Poor Brandon, he hasn't been sleeping either. I feel horrible, since all I do is get up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom.

I totally wish that my cupcakes would look as good and as cute as the ones pictured above, but I'm not trying to get fancy here. I just want a cupcake that tastes good :)


Ashley Lauren said...

awww I LOVE cupcakes!! I have some awesome sugar free recipes kell... I got a mixer for Christmas but haven't baked a lot with it since I started training for my marathon.

Roxanne said...

nothin like a good cupcake to soothe the body and soul :) i think they're really good for babies. maybe i made that up... um, yes i totally did. :)

love you k'annabanana! AND love your bedding options. i think the top one might be my fav. but that's just more my style. they are allll beeeeautiful!

Julie said...

Love the new layout!