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Friday, February 4, 2011

ketchup and snow.

(Leavenworth, Washington)

I am so behind on everything! Laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, school work, bills ( bad, I know) but motivation is lacking BIG time. Brandon constantly says how the house is so dirty,well guess what? It is. I feel horrible that is is dirty and trust me, he IS helping around the house, but the guy can only do so much. He works 9-10 hour days ( he's a teacher and stays late everyday, so dedicated) trust me, he pulls his fair share of work around the house but I can't let him do it all. I really hate hearing him over and over again saying how big of slobs we ( actually me) are. But all I wanna do when I get home from wrangling 15 4 year olds is take a nap with my pups. But after next week, I am going to make a true effort to get motivated and help pull my weight around the house because I HAVEN'T, at all. I gotta play "ketchup" especially with house work and school work. I have 18 more hours left and I will be graduated! It's been such a long long lonnnnnnnnnnng journey.

How about the snow in Houston? Oh, that's right, we didn't get any. Wow weather guys, let's not hype it all up and then BAM! it's not going to snow. What a bummer. I'm like a little kid when it comes to snow. If I had my choice, I would be living in a place where it snowed. Afterall, I was born in Wisconsin and lived there till I was 4. That might not sound like a long time, but I have fond fond memories of playing in the snow, making snow angels, sledding and snow ball fights. I have begged Brandon since we've been together ( going on 6 years in July) to move to a place where it snowed. I think he's a scaredy cat to relocate. But we won't open that bag of chips right now. Speaking of snow, when the baby is about 4 months old, we are taking a trip to Leavenworth, Washington Dec 16-24. It's a little German town in Washington and if you know anything about my momma, she is all about her German heritage. She speaks fluent German and goes to Germany every other summer for 5 weeks. In fact, we were supposed to go to Germany as a family this summer but baby barron has other plans, which I am totally O.K. with :) Back to Leavenworth. It's a small town that pays homage to the German culture and is the cutest town ever. It's known for its tree lighting ceremonies, ski slopes and anything German. We have started to buy baby stuff ( warm clothes, neutral - of course) for baby b. It's been fun finding things. So come December 2011, the Schrock/Barron family will actually get to see snow! Wahoo!

(Leavenworth, Washington)

I'm having a hard time with uploading pictures on blogger and adding text, too. It's a little frustrating. Any help or ideas?

Well, I'm off to clean the house a little and do some school work. We are having my parents and brother and his g/f over for the superbowl on Sunday.

I'll be 12 weeks pregnant on Monday!


Julie said...

You will have more energy soon. In the mean time, the house can wait :) If baby Barron wants to nap, you nap! It's hard work growing another person inside of you. Really. Love y'all.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

We have spent a ton of time in Leavenworth ..... most darling city. Have you been???

Dana said...

12 weeks is a good place to be! I hope you see your energy pick up... with Justus and Lexi I had more energy during the middle trimester. My first trimester with Justus was RIDICULOUS. I taught P.E. at a private elementary/middle school. I'd come home and go to sleep, Jeremy would wake me up for dinner, and I'd hibernate until morning! So, I feel your pain. Hopefully, you'll feel a little more normal soon.

Jenn Kubinsky said...

Tell your husband you are pregnant and now need a house cleaner. We got one shortly after I got pregnant and it is the best thing ever! It is an extra expense but we worth it to come home from a long day of work to a clean house.

The Accidental Bavarian said...

Next time you are going to Leavenworth, drop by our site first to see what is happening in town. We've built a site with a whimsical tone from a tourist's point of view. We have a blog of our travels and things we've found there that we like.

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