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Sunday, January 23, 2011

plan, plan, plan.

I'm a planner. It might not seem like it when you first meet me or in fact, it still might not seem like it if you have known me for 10 years, haha. But, I DO like to plan. I'm not opposed to things "just happening"either, but in most cases, I like to plan things. Now, party planning is not my forte, in fact, I hate it. Weird? Yeah, I know. I used to carry around a planner and write in it everyday. Some how, I lost that planner or I'd like to think that I misplaced it. Everytime I'm in Target I stop by the planner section intending to buy another one, but somehow I talk myself out of it every time.

So now that I am pregnant, you better believe I'm starting to plan for things. This might be pre-mature but I really like to get my ducks in a row for such a life changing event. I can start looking now right? Well, too late for your approval, I've already started. My parents, Brandon and I went to Babies R Us the other day. It was so fun to go with all of them. We just walked around, went down each aisle, "ooooed and ahhhhed" at every cute thing, smiled like we were kids in a candy store and dreamt about how cute baby barron will be. We got a very good idea of what things we will register for and how we will choose gender neautral items like stroller/carseat, high chair, swing, etc. I do plan on having more than one child, God willing :) So it only makes sense to go with neutral items.

This Saturday, my parents and I ( Brandon was at a sports show with my brother) went to Baby's First Furniture in Sugar Land and to the Chimney Rock/Richmond location. Talk about pure baby bliss! I was in heaven. What amazing things they have for babies now a days. My parent's were just so suprised with all the things they offer for babies and mama's today. For me, since I've been babysitting since I was out of my mothers whomb, I've seen a lot of these items but it was great to look at them for me and baby barron! It was very surreal :)

Remember how I mentioned I was a planner, like 30 seconds ago? Well, I put my planning skills to use. I already found the baby crib/furniture that I want for a boy or a girl. Yes, I'm only 10 weeks along, but planning doesn't hurt does it? I hate last minute decisions, especially with being pregnant, you can go into labor at any time and certainly not be prepared for it. I also found the glider/recliner I want for the babies room which once graduated from the nursey, it can be transitioned to the gameroom in our house. It's all about lifetime furniture, haha.

We've also picked baby names. I won't disclose the names quite yet, but I will say they both start with the letter B and both names pay homage to our grandmothers, which is the best part. Some of my readers might know the names already but I'll expose those a little bit later.

In pregnancy news....

I go to the Doctor this Friday for my 10 week appointment. I can't wait to see baby barron! I know he/she has grown so much since our first ultrasound. Two more weeks and I am done with my first trimester, wahoo! I'll be talking with my doctor about a slow release prenatal vitamin. I've been having some difficuly in some areas and I need to change things up for my vitamins. I really have been blessed with not throwing up like some of my other pregnant friends have been. I've just had the NAGGING queasy feeling, constant tiredness and going to the bathroom quite often. I wake up about the same time every night to use the restroom, exactly 2-3 times. I'm getting used to it by now. I take a nap everyday after school from about 4-5:30. I'm sick of eating and I'm worn out on water, propel and every thing else. I had a diet coke today for the first time all pregnancy. IT WAS GLORIOUS, JUST GLORIOUS!

One last thing, my blog is getting made over by the wonderful and talented Marina from Penny Lane Designs. I can't wait for my new layout!

Stay Tuned!