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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TV shows and wedding tid-bits

From my last post I shared with you all I told you about a show that I am in love with, " Tori and Dean- Home Sweet Hollywood". I was suprised to see anyone comment on that post because well, I talked about a TV show that I didn't think anyone really watched. ANYWAY..... I wanted to share with you all another show that I am much more in love with than Tori and Dean. I am suprised that I have never shared this with ya'll because I am border-lined obsessed with this family and their show. Brandon makes fun of me for it, but that's a whole other story in itself :) Now, on to the show I L-O-V-E.....Jon and Kate PLUS 8 !!!! I can't be the only one in blogger world who watches this show. I absolutely love this family, their kids, their parenting, their sense of humors- just everything about them. I can't fathom how they go through a day with 8 children, let alone 6 of them being the same age! Kate is a go getter, organized freak - not to mention a control freak, and Jon is laid back, dry sense of humor guy who gets bullied around by his own wife, Kate. I seriously don't know how he deals with Kate sometimes, but you can't help but laugh at him as he sits there and takes it, but hey, he loves her I guess, haha. When Brandon and I had our couple shower back in May we played the Engaged game, kinda like the newlywed game. They asked us questions about each other and we had to answer truthfully. Well, one of the questions was.... " If your fiance could be anyone famous who would they be?" When they asked Brandon this question about me, I really had no idea who I would want to be that's famous, everyone I could think of is messed up in some sort of way, so I went with a default answer and I think I said Oprah ( even though I don't like her anymore). Brandon gave his answer and this is what he said... " If Kellianne could be a famous person she would want to be Kate from Jon and Kate PLUS 8"......I laughed and laughed when I heard what he said. It was actually cute that he said that because truthfully, I can't wait to be a mom, now to 8 kids? maybe not.... but being a mommy is something I look forward to. :)

This is sad, but I know each kid by name and I can identify who is who. They kids are so funny and all so different! I absolutely LOVE this show and recommend watching it to anyone, especially you baby momma's out there! You need a little Jon and Kate PLUS 8 in your life, yes you do! :) OH! by the way, it comes on TLC @ 8pm, I believe.
On to other things........ wedding planning is full speed ahead. I am in the stages of getting all the little things done. Right now I am picking out music for the ceremony, tougher than it looks. You have like 25,744,788 songs to choose from and little time to do it in - this has definitely given me a headache! Without music, I can't start the programs which has become another headache. I have my first dress fitting July 26th, KINDA NERVOUS about that, I am really worried my dress won't fit! EEEEEEEEEEK! WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS? Say a Prayer! I have another shower this weekend on Saturday, my dads side of the family is hosting it, I am super excited about that!Invitations will be sent out in a week or so...... REALLY excited about that! Everything is set up at the reception venue, gotta talk with the wedding coordinator at church, and like I said before, finish little things.
Yep, I'M BUSY! Anyway.... that's it in my world. Hope everything is doing well!
I want to make a little SHOUT OUT TO......JAXON DOTY who turned 1 years old July 6th! Uncle Brandon and Aunt Kellianne wish you a very happy birthday!