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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

trying to pass time

Saying I'm a little bored at work right now is an understatement. Like I have said in previous posts, my line of work is NOT busy in the summer. No where near busy.... slow.....extremely slow. Sure, somedays there is quite a bit to do but those days are over shadowed with the nothing-ness ( totally not a word) days, like today. I hate when my days go by slow - i.e. today. We had a conference call today @ 1:00pm with other markets (states) that are also in School Walk for Diabetes. California was one of them and if you are at home right now I'm sure you are watching the news because California just had an earthquake. So in the middle of the conference call one of the ladies from Orange County, CA yelled ..." IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE" (and in the background you could hear the grumbling, shaking, and other noises from the earthquake. The lady then said " I am going under my desk for safety!" All of us were in shock and were quite confused as to what was happening and the lady kept saying things here and there to keep us updated. She then had to get off the call because her building had to evacuate. Crazy huh? My brother lived in CA for 6 years and would tell me about the earthquakes but it was kinda surreal when you are on the phone with someone who is having to get underneath their desk to take cover from an earthquake.

Anyway! I'm supposed to be writing up a document for business donations BUT I don't feel like doing it. I know, I'm bad. I'm just so worn out right now. I work out in the mornings @ 6:30am on Tuesday and Thursdays and it kicks my butt around 2:00-4:00pm. I get so sleepy! I'm ready to go home now! 5:00pm can't come soon enough!

Brandon plays in a slow pitch league on Tuesday nights and I have been going for the past several weeks. I didn't go in the begining because I coach softball and it was on Tuesday nights as well. Brandon had always told me that everyone wanted to meet me on the team because he would always talk about me. He also mentioned how the other " girlfriends" on the team wanted to meet me. I kinda just blew it all off, I know how girls are. They don't want to meet me, they want to see me and then do what girls do best, be bitches ( sorry, had to use that word). You probably know where this is going. The first night I went to watch B I walked up to the bleachers and the other girls that were there - of course, turned around and gave me the girl stare down....not once....not twice.....not three times....but four times! I kid you not! I thought... WOW what a great way to start the night. Soon after I sat down one of the girls (the leader of the pack) whispered to Brandon " is that her" Brandon said yes and she turned around and gave me a 1/2 smile. Of course during this whole situation I am acting like everything is normal, you know, like the girls checking me out 4 times was normal. The first game was over and we moved fields, thinking Brandon would introduce me to some of his team during the break.... well I should of known better, Brandon is the WORST at introducing me to people. The 2nd game started and the leader of the pack kept cheering for Brandon. Over and over again, she went on and on, acting like I wasn't there( she has a boyfriend on the team that she doesn't even cheer for). I was starting to get really annoyed with this chick and wanted to hit her upside the head. All of the girls knew exactly who I was but didn't bother to say Hi or introduce themselves to me so I sat there by myself, which is totally fine with me. The game was over and I told Brandon those girls were about to drive me nuts! We walked to his car and sat down and the leader of the pack came over and was like "OMG BRANDON! I want to meet her!..... Hi my name is (blank)! I didn't know who you were! And I said, Yeah, I could tell. " I thought you were his sister! And I said... I look nothing like his sister. " Oh, well Brandon are you going to hang out with us tonight?" Brandon said, No, I have to study for finals. " Oh, well I'll miss you!" ................ is there something wrong with this girl??? Am I going crazy over something stupid? Is she really talking to my man like this? ..............That was just the FIRST night scenario. Wanna hear more? I will spare you a long paragraph and just give you tid-bits on what she has done each week after the first.

1. She cheers and cheers for Brandon and BRANDON ONLY at the games.
2. Her and her friends talk about me while I sit at the top of the stands thinking that I can't hear or read lips.
3. Stood up in the middle of the game and asked Brandon why he didn't hang out with them on July 4th. Brandon said- oh I was busy... and she said " Well I sure did miss you!"
4. Continuely looks back at me like I don't see her with the 2 eyes God gave me.
5. Gets her friends to look back and see what I am doing.
6. Brandon and I were leaving his last games and as we were walking off this is what happened..... " Brandon.. wait! ( he stops and so do I) I won't be there next week, don't miss me too much!" ( leans over and gives Brandon a huge around his waist from the side). Then she walks over to me and says this..." I'm sorry, I can't rememeber your name, I've heard it like 3 times but I keep forgetting and I don't want to call you Brandon's fiance" I say this, Oh- it's Kellianne I've already told you my name. " Oh, that's right, I remember now, Kellianne."

Brandon says I'm being stupid and over-reacting. But any person with a brain would realize what this girl is doing. She is trying to make me jealous and go after Brandon. Brandon can't stand her, she is annoying, etc. But the fact that she delibrately does this stuff in front of me is getting old and ticking me off. It's totally wrong what she is doing. I mean she has a flipping boyfriend on the team and is still doing this!

PS--Am I acting irrational? Please give me some feedback!


Haley said...

I know I don't know you at all, just what I read on your blog, but I would be the same way. I totally understand your perspective, my fiance and I are around your age, and I wouldn't stand for a bia acting that way towards my fiance. I think your fiance is the one who needs to say something or else this girl will never get the hint. Hope that helps a little.

Lauren said...

Overreacting? Are you joking me?? Absolutely not! Kellianne, I would have been talkin some sense into those girls when I realized they were talkin about me in the stands! He is your man, and she is just jealous that she will never have him. And of course she remembers your name, that's just silly. Girls are so dumb.

The Doty's Dish said...

Can I hit her please! seriously, please...i would love to hit her in her everytime she sneezed she would think of me...which would lead her to think of you...then brandon...then she would stop thinking about him, because she would be thinking about me hitting her in the nose again.

Valerie said...

you have incredible restraint.. i'm not sure what i would say.. but i don't think i'd be able to stand watching some ho-trash blatantly trying to flirt with my man.. yes, i am possessive.. but in a healthy way. :)

i don't think you're over reacting, k luv, you're actually a lot more controlled than you should be. i agree with the Haley girl.. brandon should definitely say something.. especially if the girl has a boyfriend on the team.. they may have an open relationship.. but you don't!

just my thoughts.. see you soon!