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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well it's official.

My photographer lost my bridal portraits. She told me to give her a couple days ( which means 2) and she would get back with me. That was over a week ago when she said that..... I emailed 2 times, called 8 times. 2 times Tuesday and 6 times today. Yes, you read that right. I called her that many times because she had never contacted me back.....why? Because she knew she lost them and didn't want to contact me and tell me the news. I called and called today and finally on the last call she answered.

I am beyond belief upset. I feel so bad for my co-worker Leslie, I vent to her everyday about some sort of mis-happening my life. I am sure she is so sick of hearing all the mess. I just want to know how someone can lose bridal portraits? REALLY? My mom, of course, is telling me to get over it and take new ones. I don't want to. Well, some part of me does but the other part doesn't. I don't even want this photographer taking pictures are my wedding. I am so disguisted now. Unfornately, we have already paid her in FULL. No turning back. I wish I could. Just the thought of wearin my 7,000 lb dress in the DEAD HEAT OF AUGUST make me want to cry. No thanks, I'll pass. I totally want to go to another photographer but like I said, we already paid her in full and I don't think I can afford to pay for another photographer. No anyone who will do it for free? :)

So there is my second blog for the day. I hate to sound selfish but say a little prayer for me, I really have been emotional, frustrated, mad, sad, happy, excited, pissed, and many more feelings lately. I really just need a sense of peace and comfort right now. Thanks ya'll.


Haley said...

Just curious so I don't run into the same problem in the coming months, but what photographer did you use?

Lynn said...

I AM SO SORRY that happened. Why won't she refund any of your money? You need to call small claims court and take her big booty to court. That is NOT right.