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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

59 days

These pictures would not go to the bottom of my post. They are connected with # 11 .... later in the post. ( I swear, I hate blogger sometimes, they make it so difficult)

These flowers are very similar to the colors of the bridesmaids bouqets along with the flowers at the reception. I really like the 2 big arrangements on the altar, we are looking into those for our ceremony.
In this picture are the same white resin chairs were rented and I want the same effect with the flowers on the medium height candle operas down the aisle ( not in these colors of course)

This picture as the "arch" that I like and want for our ceremony if we do not go with the 2 big arrangements. I like how the branches form an arch but not a distinctive arch.

Only 59 days till I'm a married woman! I seriously can't believe it! It feels like yesterday that I just looked at the countdown (courtesy of facebook) and it said 130 days. Where has the time gone? I feel prepared but yet not prepared at all. I have been trying to get all my ducks in a row the past couple of weeks. Here is a little low down on what's been going on with wedding planning.....

1. My first dress fitting is this saturday @ 4:30pm.....say a little prayer that it fits because I will be one embarrassed bride if it doesn't.
2. Invitations are being addressed and will be sent out Monday or Tuesday of next week...... cross your fingers!
3. I ordered our white resin wooden chairs for the ceremony.
4. My mom, her sister, and I are going mother-of-the-bride dress shopping this Saturday before my dress fitting.
5. I'm almost done picking out the music for the wedding along with scriputres to be read during the ceremony ( Brandon wanted to pick the scriptures, isn't that cute? It totally suprised me when he said that)
6. I have my last shower this Sunday hosted by sweet ladies from my church, I am super excited about it!
7. I had an appointment with my photographer Monday , finally ordered some engagements ( I know.... looooong overdue) and picked out a picture for the tent cards for the reception and picked out a picture for our sign-in picture frame, instead of a guest book we are having the guests sign a matte board with our picture framed... they can write a little message, etc.
8. This next sentence will shock you just as much as it did me........... are you sitting down , if not, I suggest that you might. MY PHOTOGRAPHER LOST MY BRIDAL PORTRAITS! Yeah, you read that write. She lost ALL of my bridal pictures. How? She had some story as to why they might be missing. She then proceeded to tell me that it has NEVER happened before( while she is saying this I thought, Oh! I'm the lucky canidate for pictures to be lost) She has the low resolution pictures that are posted online but she can't print any of them b/c they are in low resolution. She said to give her a few days to look in all of hard drives, files, etc to see if she can find them. She offered to pay for my make-up, hair, and flowers if we have to re-take them. My mom and I sat their quiet- didn't say a word, totally shocked. The whole point of our appointment was to see my bridals. My photographer asked if I had anything to say. (OH DID I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY...YOU BET I DID! - apparently she doesn't know my personality) Instead of going crazy and yelling, I cried... lol. By no means did I wheep with sorrow, but I was upset. I had every right to cry, I mean HELLO... you lost my f-ing(totally necessary to put that word in this situation) pictures. I just told her how I was upset and it's 2 months before my wedding and I'm emotional and stressed and this is something that I DIDN'T need on my plate. ( more was said, but I will spare you) Now I am waiting to hear back from her with either a yes, I have them or no, I don't. Those bridal portraits are important to me but more important to my mom and dad. She was very sorry about what happened, as she should be, and offered those things above along with extras if we have to re-take them. We'll see.... it just might not be the same? Anyway... that's my story about that.
9. Everything is pretty much set for the rehearsal dinner, Brandon's mom is taking care of that. I think I would go nuts with ONE MORE thing on my plate.
10. I am still trying to decide on the song for the father-daughter dance. Any suggestions?
11. Brandon and I are in the middle of making a decision of whether or not we should move the ceremony from being outside to inside. The ceremony is @ 2pm on a Saturday, it's going to be H-O-T and the chance of rain is high since it will still be hurricane season. If we move it inside, our worship center at the church will need some vast improvements which will be done with beautiful flowers.
12. Food, drinks, cake, favors, decorations, DJ, videographer, and photographer are booked and picked out.
13. All the bridesmaids have their dresses and hopefully shoes....flower girls will be getting their dresses soon.
14. Honeymoon is booked (has been for a lonnnng time). We are going to an all-inclusive resort in Cabo!!!!
15. Our slideshow for the rehearsal dinner is being made as we speak. My cousin is making it, she is so talented at stuff like this. We are not sure if we can show the slideshow at the reception because of how the Richmond House is set up.
16. Brandon and I have a townhouse and we get to start moving stuff in August 22nd.....super excited about that!!!!! We now have to start packing our things up at our parents house.... not looking forward to that.

I think I've gone overboard with this post, sorry! I keep trying to think of everything that has already been done, booked, completed, etc. and to be honest, it's hard to think of everything! There is more I know, but can't think right now. Yeah, I'm on brain overload. So there is some inside scoop on the wedding. I wish I had more pictures to post but they are all on my personal laptop, not work laptop. If any of ya'll have suggestions, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT and let me know! :)


The Doty's Dish said...

k i feel like i haven't looked at your blog in forever! so first comment...picture of you two in previous blog, where you are in chicago at a wedding, you're all in black with the straight are incredibly hot in that picture...of course you are beautiful all the time...but really when i saw that picture i thought, "wow...she's rockin it in that pic"...anyway, I can't believe you are almost done with the wedding planning! and a final WHAT THE F (totally appropriate) that she lost your bridals...i'm glad i was sitting down. Is she the same lady who took forever to contact you in the beginning about the bridals? I could possibly kill her right now...i'm so sorry...if there is anything i can do to help, with anything...just let me know...i am a phone call away!