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Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 years.......already?

Brandon and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary July 16th. Well, it really wasn't much of a celebration to be honest. I had to go to Dallas for business July 16-17th and then continue my trip through the 20th for softball. I also missed my brother and mom's birthday today, they have the exact same birthday.... cool huh? I can't believe it's been 3 years for Brandon and I. Time has flown by SOOOOOOOOOO fast! Now the next big venture is getting married September 20th! I so can't wait for that day! :) Since it's our anniversary I wanted to share some pictures through out the past 3 years. Some are old and some are new. So here's to 3 years with the most amazing man ever! I LOVE YOU BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!

At our couple shower....most recent picture of us!
At the beautiful beach of Galveston.....haha!

The Late Show!!!

Sitting on the Brooklyn Bridge

Our very first picture taken in New York City!

Snow, Snow, Snow all around....Cooperstown!

Brandon's first time in Snow! Cooperstown, NY

One of my fav. engagement pictures!

Annual trip to Lake Somerville

At my cousins wedding last June

He gave me the "final rose" at the rose ceremony! This was my 23rd birthday last year at Wild West!
Brandon's 22nd birthday -last year

July 4th 2007 at Lake Livingston

At the good ole' Astro's game together

In Chicago at our good family friends wedding....we went to grab a drink before the reception.

In Sears Tower in Chicago.... the most amazing view!
We were in Dallas visiting Lisa and Brandon Gililung. We went bowling that night...gotta love bowling!:)

This is Brandon and I's very first picture taken together. We went to our first Astro's game together and of course had to get a picture! I was pretty happy that day:)

This picture was taken in Dallas at a softball tournament. We had just gotten Rocky, he was still a lil baby then. Brandon was REALLY skinny then, not like he is fat now, but its kinda funny to see how little he was :)

Our first Christmas together at my house.

At Brandon's little sisters birthday dinner with our families.