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Friday, July 25, 2008

say a little prayer ......

As I type, Brandon is in the middle of his 3rd interview with Mazda Corporate. He called me yesterday to tell me they called him to have a 3rd interview on the phone. All of his interviews have been on the phone, kinda weird if you ask me but hey... we'll take what we can get at this point. Finding a job now a days is rather hard, would you agree? Brandon has applied several places but he REALLY wants this job at Mazda working in the business office. So PLEASE PRAY that Brandon will get this job. Once we get married the financial side of life is going to kick in hard core, most of you can atest to that, I'm sure. Although I make pretty decent money, we need another pay check coming in. It's really been weighing on my heart a lot lately about Brandon finding a job. He is VERY capable of getting one, it's just finding the right one is hard. Say a little prayer for my love today!


Everyone have a gggggggrrrrrrreat Friday and an even better weekend!