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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

got pictures?

I do! I have finally some pictures to share with you all..... I know I know..... it's been a long time without personal pictures. So here they are.........

Some of these pictures are from my dad's side of the family's annual reunion in Baytown, Texas. We have this reunion every year and sometimes I wonder why we have it every year because we see the family members quite often, more than one would think. My Nannie was the last "Albright" living until 2 years ago. So we no longer have any " original " Albrights in the family, just kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. But we keep the legacy going.....that's what family is all about, isn't it?

Every family reunion we always get family pictures together. In this case..... this picture is of some, not all , of my dad's family ( ie, brother, sister, kids,, neices, nephews, etc) This is Nannie's family picture that gets taken every year. This year's theme was Baseball. My cousin Jana did a great job of decorating the hall and making it very baseball-like.

My sweet daddy and me standing next to Nannie's name, Elaine. We were the only ones from my immediate family that could come to the reunion. Hey, I just noticed, we are matching :)

Sweet little cousin Owen was getting in on all the candy from the baseball pinata. He went crazy after all the candy that flew everywhere. He kept saying..." candy, candy, candy", it was too cute! All the the little kids got to have 2 swings at the baseball, Owen wanted nothing to do with swinging the big bat, he just wanted candy!!!

My daddy with his older sister Rena and his younger brother Bill. My dad and Aunt Rena are 13 years apart while my dad and Uncle Bill are 13 MONTHS apart. Quite the gap eh? Besides my cousin Jana who is years older than me, lets say 20 something, I am the only girl in the Schrock immediate/extended family. I grew up with all guys cousins and I was quite the tomboy at one point in my life. I have a happy balance now :)

Now, on to my most recent shower hosted by my Aunt's and cousins in Baytown. We didn't have a big turn out due to one of my family members being in the hospital. But we had fun , got some good stuff, and enjoyed being around my family.
Kim - one of the hostess and I at the shower. She is married to my cousin Brandon, so that makes her my cousin! Love her to death! She's my sweetness!

Lisa - Brandon's mom, me, and my momma. This is my first picture to have with both of my mom's. Love them both dearly!

All the hostesses and myself. Aunt Janine, Jana, Kim, Aunt Rena, and Susan. They did a great job with decorations, food, and making it a simple shower, which is what I wanted. I am so grateful for them doing this for me. I have the best family ever!

I opened my first gift from my momma. She gave me a napkin holder with a monogrammed "B" on top with matching monogrammed napkins. I absolutely LOVE monogrammed stuff, I don't care what it is.... I just love monograms!

Brandon and I's dishes!!!!!!!! I am obsessed with my dishes from Southern Hospitality. My mom and grandma in Florida both gave me a set of dishes, minus the salad bowl, they didn't have them for some reason?

OK- I'm pictured out. I have a lot more but it's pointless to post them, they are all pretty much the same pictures. I have one more shower July 27th, it's the church shower. I am looking forward to that one a lot! I have been so busy the past 2 days with wedding stuff I am about to pull my hair out! We are fine tuning the guest list- invites will be sent out next Monday. I am reserving chairs for the ceremony, working on programs, and always writing things down " not to forget" before the BIG DAY. :)

Hope everyday is having a great day! I'll be in Dallas starting tomorrow till Sunday. 2 days for work and the rest for softball. I'm looking forward to a little getaway!!!!