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Saturday, July 5, 2008

my favorite holiday turned into the lamest holiday

I'll be the first to admit (before Brandon does), I was totally lame yesterday, especially on my favorite holiday. Quite pathetic to be honest. Let me give you a run down of my 4th of July.....

1. Slept in till ...... I'd rather not say the time....haha.
2. Went to lunch with Brandon and Brandon's dad to Salt Grass........yuuuuum!
3. Went shopping with Brandon for furniture for our Townhourse - we will be moving into August 22nd.
4. Went to every furniture store in the city of Houston!
5. Brandon and I purchased a sofa, love seat, kitchen table and 6 chairs!
6. Came back home and took a shower then sat on the couch all night long.

Let's just say that my favorite holiday turned out to be the lamest holiday. My mom is STILL in Germany ( gets back this coming Thursday) and my daddy-o is in Colorado coaching softball, which I couldn't go and then realized I totally could of gone........ really bummed out about that. The reason why July 4th is my favorite holiday is because its a time for everyone to come together, BBQ, swim, lay out, drink a little, laugh a lot, and see some good ole' fireworks!!! But NONE of that happened what so ever for my 4th of July. Yeah, maybe I'm throwing myself a pitty party right now, SO WHAT! I'm just a little sad I didn't have my family here with me to celebrate, even Brandon's family is out of town too.

Moving on to other things............ my wedding is 77 days away.......WOW! Everything is coming together except for the little things that are about to drive me up the wall. Since my mom has been gone for 5 weeks I have been trying to get things done and I am so used to having my mom by my side either agreeing or disagreeing with the choice being made. When she gets back we are going FULL-SPEED ahead come September 20th.

Brandon and I got a townhouse in Pecan Grove and will be living there for a year while we save money for a house. Like I said earlier, we just bought some super nice furniture for our place. So all we need is a coffee table and end table and our house will be fully furnished! I have been shopping around for tid-bits for the house to decorate with. HOBBY LOBBY is my BFF :) Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Max are also great places to get stuff. Brandon and I are really excited to be on our own and have a place to call "HOME".

Well, I am going to enjoy the rest of my 4 day weekend, next week, back to the salt mines. :( Hope everyone had a great 4th with your family and friends!!!