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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bibs and drool

Bristol is about to get some teeth. When? I don't know. I hope soon though. I say that because she has been teething for about a month now. She drools like crazy ( has to wear a bib EVERY SECONE OF THE DAY - expect when she takes a nap and goes to bed for the night), fussy, swollen gums, irrability and anything else associated with teething. Which by the way, I want to talk about bibs for a minute. Bristol has a crazy amount of bibs, some good and some bad. We prefer the ones with the plastic backing so her drool doesn't soak through her clothes. Since she has to wear them ALL the time I really wish that they had clear bibs. I am really crazy about Bristol matching from head to toe and when she is wearing a cute outfit I tried to get a big that matches but that is VERY RARE. Like for instance, she had on the CUTEST outfit on at church on Sunday. It was light pink with a tutu around the whole onesie, socks matched, bow matched and she wore a little white knit cardigan. And then there was the ugly bib. Seriously, they need clear bibs.

Back to teething. Any momma's out there have anything they used to help their little one with teething?


The Willyard Gang said...

Try using a cool or warm wash cloth and letting her gum it. When they are teething there really isn't much you can do. I gave tylonal if she was totally uncomfortable. Kelbie has 11 teeth now and she still loves the wash cloth and teething rings. Unfortunitly the molars are way worse then the regular teeth. That is the stage we are in now.

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

oy I totally agree with you on the bib thing, and boy bibs are the worst, I finally found some solid color ones that match some outfits but yeah they totally ruin really cute outfit...he wears a lot of polo shirt/button up shirts and the bib totally ruins the outfit :( Landon did that for a long time and I would check daily for teeth and finally on halloween day he busted a tooth out, I guess he wanted some candy or something. and beware once they get one it never stops...the poor guy has two more coming in now :(