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Sunday, January 1, 2012

this my friends, is what you call ....

a massive picture dump.
ok - i realize that sounds gross, but it totally made me laugh. i'm not gonna lie, i like to be gross sometimes and say weird things like that. oh whoa... did i just admit that? back to what i was saying. this post will be nothing but pictures. in fact, this might be part 1 of the massive picture dump, i might have a second installment tomorrow. that's if you lucky.

Bristol was one happy girl playing with her great mamie.

out cold.

this rarely happens. bristol falling asleep without being rocked, swaddled or being held.

Bristol with her 2 grandma's and 2 great grandma's. very special picture!

I am reading to my little cousin Shayn. I am 23 years older than him :)

all of us being silly!

sweet pea hanging out on the kitchen table.

much needed bottle. she's a princess, spoiled little princess.

uncle ste-ste hanging out with bristol. pretty sure they were watching football or basketball?

4 generations. we are looking a little rough but that's ok.

i love to chew on my hands. i'm teething!

see, i told you i was teething! grandaddy is giving me something to chew on.

hmmmm, let me think. yes, yes, i was on the nice list this year, thank you very much!

how can you not kiss those cheeks?? she looks so much bigger in pictures, she is only 12.6 lbs - 18th percentile

i love mickey mouse clubhouse!

i'm only 4 1/2 months old but i know how to old a present and open it!

christmas eve with grandaddy at church

love my little family!

grandaddy and his favorite christmas present ever!

Great Grampie and Great Mamie with their first great grandbaby!

Great Grampie made Bristol a toy box from scratch, it's so pretty! more pics later

love these 2 people so much!

i love this picture so so much! everyone adores bristol!

rollercoaster ride! :)

Ok - so blogger is being very weird so i apologize for the lowercase and uppercase craziness, random underlined words, etc.