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Thursday, January 26, 2012


(collage made in picnik)

Have you ever heard of the FREE PROGRAM called picnik? If not, it's pretty much awesome. And by the way, I didn't spell picnik wrong, that is how "they" spell it.

It's a free photo editing program that lets you edit your photos, make collages, print photos, add text to photos....etc. Like I said, it's pretty much awesome. I've used this program on and off since 2009. It's quick, easy and FREE.

But I have some sad news. Picnik is closing. I just got an email saying that they will be closing their services April 19, 2012. My mouth dropped when I read that because I know how many people use this program and LOVE IT, myself included. Since they are closing, they are offering their "premium" services and regular services for FREE ( love that word ) to EVERYONE. I would suggest you go sign up and start using their stuff.

Right now I am in the process of making fun collages of Bristol and all the fun things she has learned, saw, people she has met, milestones etc so I can display them for her 1st birthday party in August.

So go now, hurry!