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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Blogger is really making me mad with the uploading picture process. And now, it underlines everything I type....grrr!

Anyway.... Bristol has started to really enjoy play time. I'm going to be honest, she hasn't had much interest in it. She doesn't like tummy time- usually cries about 1 min into it and then when she is on her back, about 10 mins later she wants nothing to do with it. But, she is getting better, as long as I put toys and books in front of her.

It's been fun to play with her and watch her grab things. I love watching her use her hands and grab things, pick up toys, touch her books, pull her paci out and put it back in. She is right on track with all that - which makes me very happy! I am working on her sitting up by herself, she can do a good job with some help from me. But I really don't have to hold her tight. She is getting strong!

I feel like lately I have been slacking on taking pictures of her. So the past couple days I have snapped a few shots of her playing with her stuff.

Really mom, you're just going to leave me here?

Love her cute little feet! She still doesn't fit into any shoes she has.

i absolutely love her baby blues.

i love my new purse, it tastes so good. she is teething by the way!

oh hey mom.

of course i can suck on my paci and put my lollipop in my mouth!


Wendi said...

Sweet girl! Jake didn't like tummy time either, but now we find him sound asleep on his belly at night. :) Hope things are going well.